Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 413


The Kirigakure Genin stood in the distance, controlling the Nuibari in his hand and stabbed Sasuke.

With Sharingan’s aid, Sasuke was able to see Nuibari’s movement trajectory and evade the Genin’s attack.

“Hahaha! As expected! Sharingan is strong! But can you evade this attack?” The Kirigakure Genin split into two water body clones.

With Nuibari attacking from 3 directions, Sasuke glanced at Naruto on the stand with a regretful expression and sighed. Then, his silhouette disappeared.

“This… Ryo? Kakashi, did you teach him that?” Asuma asked quickly.

Shaking his head, Kakashi spoke. “I planned to teach him that, but I haven’t taught him yet. I didn’t expect him to learn it by himself.”

“Learning it by himself? Is that even possible? Isn’t Ryo’s Body Flicker Technique difficult?”

“I don’t think Sasuke learned it overnight. He and Naruto had known each other at the Ninja Academy for years. After graduation, they were a team. Maybe he secretly watched Naruto and learned this Jutsu.”

Hearing Kakashi’s words, Kurenai was amazed. “If that’s so, then Uchiha Sasuke is basically a genius!”

The Kirigakure Genin was also surprised by Sasuke’s sudden disappearance. He quickly moved his Nuibari.

But unfortunately, Genin’s movement was too slow for Sasuke. Sasuke appeared behind him before he could react, Sasuke’s Kunai was already on his neck.

The Kirigakure Genin sighed and admitted his defeat.

After Hayate Gekko announced Sasuke’s victory, the audience gave a warm applause.

The next three games were Naruto, Kiba, and Tenten vs. three Genin from Iwagakure.

Because of Hatake Sakumo’s secret arrangement, Naruto’s opponent was the Iwagakure Genin he encountered from the Forest of Death.

The enemy’s eyes were wary. Naruto noticed his gloomy eyes. As soon as Hayate Gekko announced the game to start, Naruto created dozens of Shadow Clones Jutsu. The poor Iwagakure Genin had no time to respond and was quickly beaten by Naruto’s clones.

Seeing the Genin was dying, Hayate Gekko and the Anbu Ninja next to him quickly rescued the Iwagakure Genin and declared Naruto’s victory.

Sakumo saw Naruto’s grin from the stand, and Onoki stared at Naruto with a gloomy expression.

“Hokage-sama, your village’s Kyuubi Jinchuuriki is powerful! He can use Kyuubi’s Chakra to create that many Shadow Clone Jutsu at such a young age.” Ao smiled.

“Ao, you’re mistaken. Naruto used his own Chakra to create the clones.”

Hearing this, Ao frowned. “His own Chakra? Is it because of the Uzumaki Clan’s Kekkei Genkai?”

Instead of answering Ao’s question, Hatake Sakumo laughed and turned his attention towards Kiba in the arena.

Konoha’s Genin had performed well in front of the audience, so they had high expectations. But they didn’t expect Kiba to lose.

Because the Iwagakure Genin used Doton to separate Kiba and Akamaru, and trapped Akamaru with Yominuma.

Kiba’s Ninjutsu was released with Akamaru’s aid, so Kiba was beaten when he wasn’t around. It didn’t take long to admit his defeat.

Later, Tenten appeared very passive. Her fighting style mainly relied on the use of Ninja Tool.

But her Ninja Tools were useless against Iwagakure Ninja, who was good at Doton. He only needed a simple Doton Ninjutsu, Earth-style Wall to block Tenten’s Ninja Tools attacks.

She didn’t want to admit defeat. After a moment of hesitation, she took out a Kunai with Explosive Tag from her pouch.

Behind the Earth-Style Wall, the Iwagakure Genin saw the Kunai with Explosive Tag in her hand and laughed. “Haha! Girl, just give up already. A Kunai with Explosive Tag is useless against me. Even if you blow this one, I can make another one.”

“Who said I was going to blow up your Earth Wall?”

Tenten threw the Kunai on Earth-style Wall. And just like he said, only a small part of the wall crumbled with dust flying everywhere.

The Iwagakure Genin smirked, thinking that he should defeat her right away after the dust dissipated.

But suddenly, Tenten appeared in front of him, sticking the Explosive Tag directly on him.

The Genin’s face changed, realizing what Tenten’s words meant.

“I will drag you even if I had to die!” The Explosive Tag was about to explode, and Iwagakure Genin restricted Tenten’s movement.

The Genin and Tenten were blown away by the Explosive Tag.

The dust-covered the arena; neither Hayate Gekko nor Anbu Ninja could see the situation inside.

After a while, the dust dissipated, and they saw Tenten and the Genin were dying. Hayate’s expression changed. He immediately called medical Ninja and carried them to the Konoha Hospital.

Seeing their teammate was injured, Neji and Lee were worried. They had the two last numbers order of duel, so they rushed towards the Hospital with the medical Ninja.

Kurenai whispered. “Guy, won’t you come along?”

“There’s no need. Tenten is a tough kid; she’ll be fine!”

“Hey! There’s no need to hold it back. Your hands’ all sweaty from worrying. The game is still going, and Iwagakure won’t do anything now. Just visit her if you’re worried.” Kakashi advised.

After some hesitation, he shook his head and kept his eyes on Onoki and the Ninja beside him.

At the same time, Morino Ibiki had been interrogating Kurotsuchi at Konoha prison for three days. He used all methods but still couldn’t get any information from her.

When Yamanaka Ryo handed her to Ibiki three days ago, he boasted he could get some useful information. In the end, Ibiki sighed at Kurotsuchi’s stubbornness and gave up.

Then, he told Ryo the result.

Ryo sighed and recalled that Orochimaru had brought her to him about four days ago. Actually, he wanted to use Yamanaka Clan’s Secret Jutsu to read her memory.

But unexpectedly, she had a special seal on her brain so he couldn’t do it. He tried for a long time but couldn’t successfully open the seal.

So he could only give her to Morino Ibiki, hoping that he would succeed. But now it seems his method was useless against Kurotsuchi.

Ryo reluctantly spoke. “If she’s that stubborn, then let’s forget about asking her.”

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