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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 69 Is My Cousin That Cruel


Tranquil City, Dongjiao Forest.

For Tranquil City citizens, that place was dangerous and hid many secrets.

There was a rumor someone entered the forest but never came back, when someone was approaching Dongjiao Forest at night, they heard a terrifying roar from the forest. They thought was came from demons.



Two figures appeared, they landed in the forest, and the night was trying to engulf them.

“Master, the demons are awake, it will be dangerous.” Wu Lao said.

“Dangerous? I will teach them what dangerous means is.”

“If they threatened me twenty years ago, I would only laugh, but now I have to make them regret it.” Master Lin was really angry.

Wu Lao knew what Master Lin said.

Two decades ago, he had no children. It doesn’t matter if he died.

Now that Master Lin had a son, he couldn’t afford it if someone tried to mess up with his family.

“That thing can’t scare me.” Master Lin glanced at his surroundings, stomped the ground, and shouted, “COME OUT!”

After Master Lin shouted, demons came from every corner of the forest.


The demon screamed and appeared like a burning flame.

“Your way to call them out is unique.” Wu Lao hadn’t seen Master Lin shouted for a long time. That was nostalgic.

In the dark forest, the demons were furious.

“Master Lin, what do you want?” A somber voice came closer.

“It’s useless to talk to me right now. Let us kill each other.” Master Lin replied, and the fight was begun.

Master Lin launched an elemental attack, like a tornado flame it burned out the demons in a blink of an eye.

The demons hidden in the depths witnessed it and got terrified by Master Lin’s power.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan got up early and took a breath felt so refreshing.

Such carefree days made people’s hearts comfortable.

But that doesn’t matter to Lin Fan.

The demon who got caught by Lin Fan was suffering all night long, he almost lost his lower part. Zhou Zhongmao guarded it Right now. Last night, that demon was confident that his comrades would save him, but right now was almost dawn, but no one came for him.

Lin Fan ate his breakfast in the backyard, and the menu was bird’s nest soup.

That menu was not meant to fill your stomach.

“Are you hungry?” Lin Fan held the spatula and looked at the demon.

In the morning, it was not good to treat the demon with too rough methods.

Be gentle. As time goes by, the weather changed.

The demon did not speak anything.

He looked at Lin Fan with hatred.

“Did anyone die in the city this morning?” Lin Fan asked.

Two villagers from Wang Village died overnight. That must be done in a group. Lin Fan wanted to catch the other demon.

“No, Young Master.” said the servant, and then the servant said something else, “But last night there was fire broke out in the Dongjiao Forest. They heard people screaming in the forest.”

Lin Fan frowned.

He knew the forest was a bit scary, but people screaming?

He thought maybe there were just animals.

“Is it a natural disaster or because of humans? Is the village fine?” Lin Fan asked.

“I don’t know if it was a natural disaster or humans doing. I only know the fire suddenly breaks out.” The servant was puzzled. He didn’t know the details.

Lin Fan felt something was missing, how could a fire break out without any cause?

“Young Master, are you planning to go out?” Zhou Guangyi asked because Lin Fan was always itching to go outside.

“Let’s talk about that later. I want to have a little chit-chat with this guy first. You can go back to the kitchen and heating the oil. I want to experiment with something.” Lin Fan ordered.

The demon was shocked when it heard about heating the oil.

‘Rage point +111’

Lin Fan received rage points and was quite happy. He got up and took a spatula to scare the demon.

“Cousin, do you say the body structure of the demon is different from ours?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao nodded.

Lin Fan’s question was too obvious, and the demon even more scared.

“Cousin, should I cut it into two?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

He was willing to save trouble for his cousin.

If his cousin has something he didn’t understand, he will find a way to make his cousin understand.

The demon was scared to death, hearing those words from Zhou Zhongmao.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Fan said to the demon.

The demon prayed that other demons came to save him.

The servant came with a pot of boiled oil.

The demon looked in the servant’s eyes, its heart trembled.


Lin Fan took a spatula and slapped it on the demon’s face, and he asked, “Are you afraid?”

The demon looked at Lin Fan.

A human being was so humiliating him, and his heart was burning with hatred.

Lin Fan pushed the spatula to its mouth.

“Cousin, his fangs were so great, let’s pull it out to research it.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao didn’t hesitate, he concentrated his spiritual power into his fingers, and in a flash, he pulled the demon’s teeth out.

“It smells so bad. Maybe it’s been a while since it washed its teeth.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan took the pan with the boiled oil inside of it, and then he put the demon’s teeth into it.

‘Rage point +222’

“Cousin, why are these teeth white? These teeth suppose to be black.” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment.

“Maybe the oil is purifying it?”

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Cousin, why don’t we try it on the demon too?”

Oh, my God.

Is his cousin that cruel?

Why didn’t he realized it before?

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