I Got Reincarnated as a Weed

I Got Reincarnated as a Weed Chapter 49 Buying Zhou Ye for healing


The next day, in the early morning.

“Um…” Lu Xiaoyuan woke up from her sleep, raised her little hand, and rubbed her eyes before standing up.

Zhou Ye had been cultivating by his side, and when he stood up, he accidentally stepped on Zhou Ye’s roots with one foot.

“Ouch! Can you watch your step.”

Zhou Ye woke up and roared helplessly in his heart.

He slapped Lu Xiaoyuan’s shoes with his leaf and tried to pull out his roots from under Lu Xiaoyuan’s shoes.

“What happens?”

Felt something strange, Lu Xiaoyuan looked down and saw the struggling Zhou Ye, and she suddenly a little embarrassed.

She quickly moved her feet, then picked Zhou Ye up and observed him.

“You are just fine.”

Muttered, Lu Xiaoyuan took a deep breath of Zhou Ye’s body and threw him back to the ground.

Zhou Ye despised this kind of bad behavior.

But there was no way. He was still frail and couldn’t give Lu Xiaoyuan a lesson.

However, he was looking forward to the day when he can “teach” Lu Xiaoyuan what was equality and respect are.

Lu Xiaoyuan ran to Jin Xiaoer and prepared breakfast with Jin Xiaoer.

Zhou Ye saw that Yao Yao was cultivating.

She sat cross-legged on the ground, and her pair of small hands formed the Dharma seal, and strands of heaven and earth’s spiritual energy were continuously sucked into the Dharma seal, started by the Dharma seal then circulated into the meridians.

The pink spiritual energy surrounded Yao Yao and formed a circle of different sizes.

They were continually rotating, and while rotating, they exuded a tender breath.

Although the breath was weak, from Zhou Ye’s view, it was like to be facing the sea.

Don’t talk about whether I can do it or not.

Yao Yao’s unreserved release of breath could press Zhou Ye to rub against the ground.

“Power…” Zhou Ye said silently in his heart.

Now, he was increasingly craving strength.

Suddenly, Zhou Ye felt that the aura exuding from Yao Yao’s body had strengthened.

Immediately afterward, he saw Yao Yao finish her cultivation and ran towards Lu Xiaoyuan.

She ran to Lu Xiaoyuan and said happily: “Sister Lu, after a night of cultivation, my cultivation level has improved again. I feel that I can break through soon!”

“You just cultivated in the human world, don’t be too happy.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at her carefully, then shook her head.

“The spiritual energy in the human world is relatively thin, and that makes cultivation improvement is much slower than that of the wood realm. You now feel that you are about to breakthrough. It is just like an illusion. In fact, you are still far from a breakthrough. If you break through the realm forcibly, it will be damaged your foundation.”

“So, it’s better to take it to step by step, compressing the cultivation base, and when the time comes, a breakthrough will be as simple as a matter of course.” Lu Xiaoyuan warned.

“Ohh.” Yao Yao was a little lost.

I thought I was about to breakthrough, but I didn’t expect it to be an illusion, so I was so happy.

“Then Sister Lu, why is there such an illusion? It’s too confusing!” Yao Yao was very dissatisfied when the illusion deceived her.

“That is normal. You are used to cultivating in the wood world. Naturally, your cultivation level rises quickly, but when you first arrive in the human world, you are not used to the spiritual energy here.” Lu Xiaoyuan explained.

“Oh.” Yao Yao nodded, seemingly understanding.

She didn’t continue to ask. She just needed to know the confusing method.


After breakfast, the three continued on their way.

Zhou Ye was looking at the status panel.

Bloodline: Spiritual Weed (High-Grade Spirit Plant).

Bloodline Ability: Quick Recovery, Strengthening, and Fast Healing.

Cultivation Realm: Mystical Sea Intermediate Stage.

Physical Realm: Mid-Grade Spirit Stage 2.

Cultivation Method: Refreshing Emptiness (Consummation).

Martial Art: Ten Thousand Wind Leaf (Consummation). Cloud Step(Consummation).

Universal Point: 465.     

Draw Ticket: None (+).

My Universal Points are so pitiful, and the cultivation base cannot be improved, this makes me a little sad.

“It’s better in the wood world…” Zhou Ye muttered, then closed the status panel and started cultivating.

Although the gain of universal points is slow, it is better than nothing.

At noon, Lu Xiaoyuan and the group came to a forest.

The official road was winding with no end in sight.

As they walked, Jin Xiaoer frowned.

In his observation skill, he felt someone was approaching quickly.

“Senior Lu…” Just as Jin Xiaoer wanted to say something, he was interrupted by Lu Xiaoyuan shaking her head.

“I know.” Lu Xiaoyuan turned her head to the right.

“Sister Lu, what happened?” Yao Yao asked with some confusion.

“Someone is approaching here, and I smell blood from him.” Lu Xiaoyuan explained.

Then, her aura surged like ocean waves, sweeping away.

“It’s Qin Yi?” Jin Xiaoer also felt it.

“Why did they get so badly injured?” Lu Xiaoyuan was a little strange, but she didn’t decide on action yet.

The three still sat on their horses and stopped in place. They were waiting for the wounded guy to appear.

In less than a quarter of an hour, someone’s voice heard. It came from the forest on the right.

Old Man Lu helped Qin Yi to run towards the official road. When he saw the three of them riding on horses, he suddenly became vigilant.


The long knife pulled out from its sheath, and there were traces of blood on that bright long knife.

“You… So you guys.” After saw Lu Xiaoyuan and her group, Old Man Lu breathed a sigh of relief, but the vigilance still existed in his eyes.

Although they had known each other, Old Man Lu still didn’t trust them enough, and vice versa.

Lu Xiaoyuan looked at Qin Yi and asked with some curiosity: “What happen to you, and why are you suffering such a serious injury?”

Zhou Ye also looked at Qin Yi.

“Fuck, how many times has he been cut?”

Qin Yi’s face was pale and unconscious. The brocade clothes that he was wearing had been dyed dark red with blood, and his body had a pungent smell of blood. His clothes were a bit torn. It seemed he had been cut with a sharp blade.

Old Man Lu was not much better. His whole body was covered with incisions.

In a few moments, they were getting better, both of them stopped bleeding.

Old Man Lu panted heavily and looked at Lu Xiaoyuan, “This is a long story.”

“Then make it short.” Lu Xiaoyuan looked at him.

After he heard that, Old Man Lu’s expression changed, and then he said, “We are chased by soldier behind. I beg to you guys to let us have a horse?”

“Although we had met two times, you are now so badly injured and chased by soldiers. If I give you a horse, I am afraid it will make us get in trouble?” Jin Xiaoer frowned.

Even though Lu Xiaoyuan and Jin Xiaoer could cut the soldiers with their strength, no one of them liked to get in such troublesome things.

Old Man Lu took a deep breath and pleaded: “I beg to you three, my son is in danger now, please give us a horse, and we can pay for it with anything you want!”

“Although we just get to know each other, I’m really sorry to make you guys get in my trouble.”

When said that, Old Man Lu took out a handful of shiny gold coins on his arms.

Zhou Ye just wanted to say one thing. He is wealthy.

The gold coin was glowed tantalizing.

Old Man Lu looked at Lu Xiaoyuan with pleading in his eyes.

“All right.” Lu Xiaoyuan thought for a while and finally nodded.

She jumped off the horse, walked to Old Man Lu and grabbed the handful of gold coins from his hand, and then said, “Go take the horse.”

“Thank you, little girl, if I have a chance to see you again, I will decide to thank you next time.” Old Man Lu carried Qin Yi and bowed to Lu Xiaoyuan.

But when he bent over, he saw Zhou Ye.

With his realm and such a close distance, Zhou Ye’s cultivation and bloodline could naturally be sensed by him.

He found that this spiritual weed could be used to heal injuries!

Old Man Lu suddenly turned his eyes at Qin Yi.

At this time, Qin Yi’s situation was getting terrible.

“Little girl, I don’t know if you can sell this spiritual elixir plant to us? I’m afraid that my son can’t be saved if I wait any longer. We are willing to pay ten times the price!” Old Man Lu asked, and pointed to the Zhou Ye around Lu Xiaoyuan’s waist.

Zhou Ye was taken aback.

Damn you, Old Man.

You are not drunk, right?

Even you get that horse because Lu Xiaoyuan only has pity you.

Isn’t it a bit too much if you want to buy me?

Zhou Ye breathed fire into Old Man Lu’s eyes. He was furious.

Lu Xiaoyuan was a little shocked.

What does this Old Man say?

It was not only her who get shocked. Jin Xiaoer and Yaoyao were also shocked.

Does he want to buy the little spiritual weed for healing?!

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