Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 13 Run Away


Lin Fan pushed the rabbit demon away, took the carrot, and ate it.

“Such an idiot creature.”

The rabbit demon’s attack was very powerful, and thanks to the hardening skin from the boar demon, Lin Fan could survive.

‘Obtained: Surprise Attack (Fake-Bronze)’

‘Obtained: 20-Years Worth of Cultivation

Lin Fan was shocked when he saw the system.

“No way!”


He felt his body was about to burst, his body was processing the new power and cultivation he got from the rabbit demon.

‘Surprise Attack (Fake-Bronze): The third stage rabbit demon’s talent. This talent is also effective to escape from dangerous situations’

“Using this talent for escape is a bit of waste. I’m not the type who will run from the challenge.”

“Let’s see if you still can taunt me even in your death.”

If the rabbit rose from dead, it would punch Lin Fan in the face again.

The snake demon found the rabbit demon was dead at Lin Fan’s hands.

The snake demon ignored Captain Zhao and attempted to attack Lin Fan.

The snake demon thought, how could a mere human defeat them, demons.

The human race was the weakest from others, and just by twisting them gently, human’s bones would be crushed easily.

“Watch out!”

Captain Zhao realized the snake demon was out of his range, and the tiger demon blocked the way so he couldn’t help Lin Fan.

Tiger demon, wolf demon, and goat demon were all wounded.

Even though Captain Zhao’s sword technique was accurate, he couldn’t inflict fatal damage on them, because those demons always avoided his attack when it almost hit their vital spot somehow.

Captain Zhao’s situation was no better than Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was panting and wanted to treat his injury.


The snake demon slithered toward Lin Fan quickly. When it close to Lin Fan, it whipped its tails fiercely. Every time it whipped its tail, there was a sound of an explosion heard.

“Do you think you can beat me by doing that?” Lin Fan responded quickly, attacked the snake demon’s tail with his sword.

Lin Fan’s movement was faster than the snake demon.

Its tail was cut into two, and blood splattered from its wound.

The snake demon rolled on the ground, and its body was twisted. He could easily scare the snake demon in its current state at that moment.


Now, Lin Fan had 31 Years Cultivation, so he wasn’t afraid of those demons.

“I will kill you if you let your guard down.”

Lin Fan rushed quickly with a sword in his hand intended to chop the snake demon’s head.

The snake demon saw Lin Fan coming with a sword.

It didn’t expect Lin Fan to suddenly rush toward it because Lin Fan could barely hold his ground in his fight against the rabbit demon earlier.

“How could he be so fierce now?”

The snake demon was not weaker than the rabbit demon, so it shocked.

“Where are you going? I will stop you!” Lin Fan roared while running and swinging the sword, leaving a deep mark on the ground.

“Is that Lin Fan?”

Captain Zhao was shocked and speechless, how could Lin Fan become so powerful even though he didn’t stand a chance against the rabbit demon in the previous fight.

But in a blink of an eye, the situation changed.

When Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan, the goat demon used that chance and suddenly rushed toward him and stabbed Captain Zhao’s belly with its horns.

“Damn!” Captain Zhao frowned.

He grabbed the goat’s horn with one hand to stop its horns before it pierced his guts any deeper.

Captain Zhao chopped off the goat demon’s head with his sword.

He pulled out the horns, his blood flowed from his abdomen.

He stuck his sword to the ground while kneeling and covering his abdomen, stared at the tiger demon and the wolf demon with vigilance.


Lin Fan was chasing the snake demon in a high speed, but he failed to slash the snake demon because the snake demon was too fast.

“I will chase you down!”

Lin Fan kept chasing the snake, but when he found Captain Zhou was in a bad state after fighting against the goat demon, he stopped chasing the snake demon and rushed to Captain Zhao.

“I will make a bowl of soup with your head in it the next time we meet!” Lin Fan shouted to the snake demon who fled away.

“Captain Zhao! Wait for me.”

Captain Zhao looked at Lin Fan and did not say a word, but looking at his wound, it was clear that Captain Zhao was in a bad state.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Captain Zhao replied.

There were two demons left.

Lin Fan glanced at the goat demon’s dead body, he regretted why that demon didn’t die by his hands.

Because Lin Fan could obtain its ability or cultivation.

The tiger demon and the wolf demon stared at each other.

“The rabbit demon is dead.”

“The goat demon is dead.”

“The snake demon runs away.”

The demon’s conversation was relatively simple. The tiger demon yelled at the wolf demon, “Snake demon is traitor.”

“Leader, we are here.” Wang Bao and the others shouted.

They pulled their sword and shouted at Lin Fan.

The tiger demon and the wolf demon stared at each other again.



Those two demons ran away at high speed. They were both wounded by Captain Zhao. Even if those two didn’t have any injuries, those two didn’t have a chance to beat Lin Fan.

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