Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 3 What A Great Team…


Hunter Guild, Chamber.

Four people were standing in front of a square table, one of them was Wang Zhou.

From time to time, they looked outside as if waiting for someone.


A man was entering the guild quickly, he grabbed the teacup on the table, took a sip, and then crushed the cup barehanded, and angrily said, “Chen Family, they were annihilated.”

“What are you saying?” Wang Zhou asked, and Li Zhiyong, the chief of the Hunter Guild, who was often angry.

Chen Family was annihilated overnight, and only two of them survived.

One was Chen’s son, the other was a servant.

Demons that could stroll around the city and destroyed the entire noble family, not just attacked random people but the whole family.

Li Zhiyoing explained the reason why that demon attacked Chen Family. So when the servant and the young master of Chen Family went into the forest, they discovered a white fox demon’s nest.

They went into the nest and found a cute white fox baby, Young Master Chen was fascinated with the baby’s fur and took the fox baby back to his house.

Then… The entire Chen Family the rest was as the man said earlier.

“Men really are dirty and disgusting.” Said a woman sitting in that room.

The four men in that room were embarrassed.

Wang Zhou said, “They were lucky enough to survive, that demon will certainly not let them go, maybe it will come tonight, when the demon enters the city, we will take care of it.”

The only woman in the middle said, “Just let that demon kill those disgusting men, we don’t need to save someone like that.”

“Miss Liu, we can’t afford to let that happen.” Li Zhiyong said, then raised his hand. “No need to keep arguing, if the demon dares to come, we will slay them all.”

Liu Ru snorted and turned her face away, ignoring Li Zhiyong.

Wang Zhou looked at those four and was quite helpless. Those people have no intention to subjugate the demons, they were just there to earn more credits.

As long as their purpose was fulfilled, they would leave that place to take part in Immortal Gate’s assessment.

Government House.

When Lin Fan returned, the first thing he had in mind was man-power. He lacked man-power, both quantity and quality. But there was one of his men who asked why Chen Family didn’t hire bodyguards to protect them instead, and his team was scared to fight the demons.

But Lin Fan calmed and commanded them to move toward the scene.

Lin Fan was desperate. He felt the god of death always stood nearby him, sharpened the sickle, and preparing to take him away.

Chen Family’s Residence.

Lin Fan started to manage the guard as their leader.

“Come here, I have something to tell you.” Lin Fan said.

“Leader, what’s the order?” The guards gathered.

He gave them instructions before something bad happened.

As the leader, not only Lin Fan had to protect himself, but he also had to keep the men under his command. Otherwise, he would become the clown commander, who would run errands for his subordinates.

“You have to keep in mind everything I will say to you now. Don’t blame me if you get in trouble just because you are not listening.” Lin Fan’s tone was very serious.

Everyone listened carefully.

“When the full moon arises, dark clouds slowly cover the moon, and a cold wind blows. When you feel frightened, I hope you immediately play dead, don’t talk, don’t open your eyes, don’t bother.”

“If someone pats your shoulders, act as if it never happened.”

“If someone suddenly appears in front of you, don’t ask that person who they are, and you immediately play dead.”

“And if your subordinates suddenly want to urinate, accompany him, just urinate against the wall.”

“Do you guys understand?”

Lin Fan looked at them, he shared the experience that countless seniors had learned before their death. Now he was using it to impart his comrades. That was fine and all, but not everyone could understand.

“Leader, wouldn’t we be useless if we just play dead?” One of his comrades questioned it.

“What’s your name?” Lin Fan asked, and he already taught them the precious life experience. Why was there still someone who couldn’t understand?

“Wang Bao.”

Lin Fan hit Wang Bao’s head and said, “I’m just asking you, do you understand or not?”

“Yes.” Wang Bao rubbed his head, he felt a little pain.

Lin Fan said, “Remember! Pair up. Always go together.”

“Leader, you are wrong.” Wang Bao interrupted.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Fan took a deep breath and held his anger.

“You said to form a group containing two people, there are only fourteen of us, including you. Leader, should I follow you?” Wang Bao asked, and then looked with some expectations, “If I follow you, I will definitely learn something from the leader, my father said, I have to follow the alpha men to learn something from him.”

“What are you gonna do with me? I have to monitor the situations. You just have to form a three-man group. What’re the problems? Just wait for Master Wang to come and see that you are still here.”

Lin Fan raised his hand and hit his head.

Those guards returned to their post, frightened by the situation.


Lin Fan sighed, “What a bunch of clowns.”

A useless team.

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