Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 4 Wake Him Up


Not long after that, Wang Zhou came with some people. Four of them looked so cold. At first glance, Lin Fan already knew that they were not an average hunter.

Those two of those four were scarier than Wang Zhou, they gave immense aura around them.

But the other two of those four caught his attention.

That was Young Master Chen and his servant.

How could a mere fox cause that much trouble?

“It looks like something big will happen tonight.”

Lin Fan thought Wang Zhou used Young Master Chen as a bait for the demon. And he also thought there might be a chance that the culprit was not a demon but a human instead.

Chen Zhong stayed in the same room with his servant. Usually, he was already asleep at this time, but now he was still awake, he couldn’t sleep because he was worried.

And his servant also panicked.

“Young Master, they say something might happen tonight.” The servant said.

Chen Zhong said, “Shut up. The Hunters will protect us. Are you still worried? I want to see that demon fox beheaded in front of me.”

Chen Zong looked at the outside through the window, and he found it was so quiet outside.

Outside the House.

Lin Fan hid under a booth, and a piece of long curtain covered his body perfectly.

He sneaked into a corner.

There was no one on the street, quiet and gloomy, and even if the demon didn’t come, it still felt a bit scary.

“I hope those boys listen to my advice.”

Lin Fan had planned if the demon indeed showed up and killed one of his men, he would fight that demon.

When Lin Fan was about to put down the cover, his hands stopped, his eyes rolled around.

In the distance, a black fox was running on the roof in human form under the moonlight.

“So, it really is a demon.” Lin Fan tried to catch up.

He tried to calm himself down and kept following the demon, but he lost track of it.

The gate.

“Well, tonight is a full moon.” Wang Bao looked up, admiring the moon.

The two around him also looked up, indeed.

It was a beautiful moon.

Wang Bao said, “That dark cloud is slowly drifting, and the moon will be covered later. Which one do you think is bigger, the cloud or the moon?”

The people in the same group of Wang Bao were about to laugh when he talked like an idiot.

They suddenly felt their body gradually stiffened, leaving cold sweat behind.


A cold wind blew.

“Are you feeling cold?” Wang Bao said, and then he froze for a while, and he remembered what he should do.

Wang Bao suddenly lied down, play-dead.

The people around him looked at each other and quickly closed their eyes and play-dead too.

Not far away.

The black fox stood on the roof above Lin Fan, and its eyes stared at those people at the gate.

When it was about to attack, those people suddenly fell to the ground, which made the black fox confused for a moment.

“What the hell?”

Lin Fan lost the black fox’s track again, it was so fast.

And he patrolled around, but there was no sound of fighting, so that meant the fox didn’t enter the residence.

But when he relaxed for a bit, he saw a shadow entered the residence, that was the black fox.

“Oh, my God.”

Lin Fan looked at the roof above his head and almost pissed his pants.

Lin Fan immediately stood up and approached Wang Bao’s party.

“Get up!” Lin Fan stepped forward and kicked them gently.

“Leader, are you okay?” When they pretended to play-dead, their bodies shuddered because they were afraid, and they were relieved when they heard Lin Fan’s voice.

“It’s okay for now.” Lin Fan said.

But Wang Bao really fell asleep. What a magnificent boy, he could sleep in such a situation.

“Wake him up!” Lin Fan said.

Wang Bao woke up stupidly, “Leader, it’s over?”

“Why did you sleep?” Lin Fan said, knowing the situation was dangerous, and he could still fall asleep. To what extent his IQ has been reduced?

“Leader, At first, I wanted to play-dead, but as soon as I lie on the ground, I immediately fall asleep.” Wang Bao said while scratching his head.

Just then.

The sound of fighting came from within the residence.

“You guys watch this place, I will go in and see.” Lin Fan commanded. That was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

When push came to shock, he could lift up his game.

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