Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 5 Stop This Useless Fight


Chen Family was indeed one of the most successful businessmen in Jiangdu City.

They had a huge mansion.

But the sound of the battle was so close even though the battle took place quite far from that place.

Lin Fan’s movement was so fast because he didn’t want to be stabbed by a random flying sword.

In the courtyard, Lin Fan hid in the garden while watching the veterans from Hunter Guild fought against the black fox.

Lin Fan’s eyes couldn’t keep up to their movements.

And Lin Fan saw someone was dead, that was the Young Master Chen’s servant.

Chen Zhong, who seemed panicked, his eyes flashed with anticipation and excitement.

“Wise man don’t show their trump card easily.” Lin Fan stared at the status above Chen Zhong’s head.

‘Chen Zhong: Second-Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop: Corpse Demon Finger (Third-Stage), Tonic Method (Fourth-Stage), Two or Three Hundred Silver, Demon Palm (Second-Stage), 10 Years Worth of Cultivation’

Lin Fan was disgusted with what Chen Zhong could do. He had enough strength to fight alone. If that guy wanted to beat the black fox, he definitely had a chance.

“But this guy is watching from the sideline, is he waiting for both sides exhaust their strength?”

“I will watch him closely.”

Wang Zhou was holding a nine-ring sword. A good quality sword and very sharp to boot. The sword already pierced the demon. However, the black fox demon was extremely fast. It tried to escape and killed Chen Zhong.

The black fox’s claws landed on Wang Zhou’s chest.

Wang Zhou’s face changed, even though the nine-ring sword managed to slash the fox, thanks to the black fox’s enhanced armor. If it was not for that armor, the black fox would have died on the spot.

“Demon, you have killed seventy-six people, what else do you want?” Wang Zhou said angrily.

But the demon was smart, it knew if that battle drew on it will lose. So the demon retreated while staring at Chen Zhong.

“Don’t kill me, I don’t want to die, Master Wang, you must protect me. As long as I live, I am willing to reward you half of the Chen family’s wealth.” Chen Zhong fell to the ground scared of the black fox.

Chen Zhong’s promise was tempting enough.

Even for Li Zhiyong and others who came from the noble family.

“Who wants your dirty money, you filthy and disgusting man.” Liu Ru glared at Chen Zhong, if she was not facing the demon now, she would have hung Chen Zhong up and beat him.

“Sister Liu …” Li Zhiyong said in a deep voice, then looked at the black fox demon, “Demon, how you dare you come to Jiangdu City and kill innocent people, and you still have guts to show yourself again tonight.”

At that time.

The black fox snarled, and the demon in its body became stronger and stronger, its throat changed, and he made a scary voice, “Human … Kill … Kill.”

“Please be careful.” Wang Zhou reminded. If the fox could shapeshift, they won’t have a chance to beat it.

Li Zhiyong knew that foxes had a deadly technique even though they haven’t entered the Immortal Gate.

And actually, the fox didn’t kill those seventy-six people of Chen Family.

It only wanted to avenge its baby and its wife.


Li Zhiyong focused his spiritual power to his sword and prepared to launch a powerful attack. Even the black fox knew of the damage potential caused by that sword.

Liu Ru leaped up, whirling around her wrist and moving, then the long whip in her hand like a spinning python. The whip wrapped around the black fox demon’s legs.

“I catch it!”

But it wasn’t long before she felt a huge power pulled her toward the black fox.

“This is bad.”

When the other two saw that, they immediately acted. If Liu Ru was in black fox’s attack range, the consequences would be unimaginable.

One of them held a giant ax, he slashed at the black fox demon.

The black fox demon kicked fiercely, and the long whip wrapped around his leg was loosened, and then the whip bounced back, hitting Liu Ru fiercely.


Liu Ru was severely wounded and sent flying by her own whip.


The giant ax fell, the ground cracked, and the black fox hissed, looking at Chen Zhong, and at the human who blocked its way, its eyes stared at them fiercely, he decided to kill these guys first, then came after Chen Zhong.

“That was an intense battle.” Lin Fan was in the garden hiding among the flowers and didn’t dare to move.

They were fighting very fiercely.

Lin Fan could feel the shock transmitted by the collision of forces even though he was hiding.

He didn’t dare to interrupt the fight.

He thought that battle may end up in a draw.

The black fox was very scary. It could stand on the same ground as the veterans.

Even though the black fox had severe injuries, the veterans were also in the same condition.

Wang Zhou’s armor cracked, and there were a few scars on his chest that spilled blood.

Even the most powerful Li Zhiyong bled on the corners of his mouth, his hands were trembling.

Lin Fan wanted to jump out and shout.

“Stop your useless fight.”

But he was afraid the black fox may kill him before he could talk if he dared to show up.

Hold on, maybe there was a chance.

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