Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 6 Shredder Muscle Sword


Lin Fan wanted to save them from the black fox when the veterans and the black fox were exhausted.

But things didn’t go his way.

He was aware that Young Master Chen was hiding his talents and told others to protect him.

The black fox was lying down on the ground, separated from Wang Zhou and others.

Li Zhiyong’s sword was pierced into the black fox, but he also got hurt by the black fox’s claws. He didn’t have the strength to deal the finishing blow to that black fox, and the others were in the same state as him.

The black fox dragged his legs and tried to stand up slowly, but fortunately, it also didn’t have any strength left.

“Young Master Chen, don’t be afraid, take your sword and cut off its head.” Wang Zhou shouted at Chen Zhong.

All the veterans were trying to get back on their feet. If the black fox recovered first, they would die for sure.

But Chen Zong hesitated to do that.

“Cut it yourself! I won’t move even for an inch from here.” Chen Zhong said.

Wang Zhou’s condition kept weakening even had a hard to speak, “We can’t move anymore, but you can. That creature is a demon. Its recovery speed is much faster than ours. If we let it recover, we will die together.”


They did not expect Chen Zhong to actually hold his nine-ring sword in his hand, swung it, and crashed the blade to the ground casually.

“I can’t do that kind of thing.”

At this time, Chen Zhong was sneering, and everyone was shocked by his behavior.

“What do you mean?” Wang Zhou had a bad hunch in his heart.

“What do you mean? I want to say thank you, thanks for your hard work to defeat the demon. Thank you that you are in bad shape right now, and I will use this chance to its fullest.”

“It was too painful for me to kill seventy-six people in my family in order to bait you.”

Chen Zhong was holding the sword, circled around them slowly.

“You …” Wang Zhou was shocked. His eyes were full of hatred, and he couldn’t believe Chen Zhong would do that.

“Yes, the seven veterans died by my hands, which is enough for me to enter the higher level.” Chen Zhong narrowed his eyes.

He kept teasing them while circling around them.


Chen Zhong approached Liu Ru, grabbed Liu Ru’s chin and raised her head, “Just now you bitch said that I’m a dirty and disgusting man? That’s good, I will let you feel what it means to be dirty and disgusting, and I will put you in a dungeon prison and torture you slowly.”

“What!” Liu Ru struggled and glared, “You despicable man, an animal, you will be dead if you dare to mess with us.”

“Hahaha …” Chen Zhong laughed.

“Dead? How will you kill me in that state? You will die along with the demon.”

Lin Fan has secretly observed the situation.

He wanted to help that woman, but he wasn’t strong enough to take Chen Zhong down.

Liu Ru desperately shook her whip to attack Chen Zhong.

“You are courting death.”

Chen Zhong was furious, grabbed the whip with just one hand, pulled Liu Ru, and kicked her.

Liu Ru has already been seriously injured, but her injuries worsen because of Chen Zhong.

“Sister Liu …” Li Zhiyong wanted to save her, but he had no strength at all, and could only stare at him with hatred.

Lin Fan couldn’t hold his anger any longer when he saw Chen Zhong hit that woman.

At this time.

Chen Zhong turned his back, and Lin Fan saw that as a chance to launch a surprise attack.

“This is my chance!”

Lin Fan prepared the stance to use the skill he got from the previous battle, wild boar crash, he was focusing his power on his head, and he charged toward Chen Zhong’s back.

“Here I come!”

When Lin Fan used that skill, he felt that his movements became faster.


Chen Zhong was shocked. Why was there a person besides them, and when he turned around, he suffered a severe blow on his lower back.

“My kidney …”

Chen Zhong leaned back, his kidney and his bones were crushed by Lin Fan

“Damn. It hurts.”

Lin Fan felt that his head was about to get crushed. But right now was not the right time for that.

Lin Fan drew a sword, and he slashed Chen Zhong with the sword.

“Shredder muscle sword.”

He raised the sword and slashed Chen Zhong from his crotch to the upper body.

Lin Fan looked at Chen Zhong’s dead body, the sword did a good job, Chen Zhong was bathed in blood and died on the spot.

“Master, sorry for interrupting your fight.”

Wang Zhou and others looked at Lin Fan in astonishment. This …

A little unexpected.

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