Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 7 Abnormal Technique


“Why are you here?” Wang Zhou asked because he used to hide whenever it got dangerous.

“Master Wang, I heard a fight inside, to prevent the thief from escaping, I wanted to block the exit route, but I didn’t expect Chen Zhong to take advantage from your fight against the demon.” Lin Fan answered.

“Sir, the black fox is going to run. We’re going to stop him.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou and others stared at the black fox demon intently, and no one said a word, they were fighting against time.

The black fox’s eyes were full of anger, then it jumped up and disappeared into the darkness.

When they saw the black fox left, Wang Zhou and others were relieved.

“With our current condition, can we chase it down? Fortunately, it was shocked by Lin Fan’s presence. It didn’t know if we already recovered or not. So it didn’t dare to fight us.” Wang Zhou said.

“Lin Fan, you did a good job and saved our lives. You earn this credit.” Wang Zhou promised.

“This is my job, Master Wang.” Lin Fan said, seeing how well that was said, fully reflected his personal charm, and then he continued said, “Sir, wait a moment, I will call my men to escort you back to the infirmary.”

Wang Zhou looked at the back of Lin Fan’s when Lin Fan left, he turned his head and smiled, “What do you think? You used to say the men that I recruited were useless, do you still want to say such things now?”

“Is he just a newbie?” Li Zhiyong asked.

Wang Zhoudao, “Of course, but I paid close attention to him for a long time, and found that he has talent, and his excellent talent is blooming after I train him.”

If Lin Fan heard that, he couldn’t help but vomit.

“If he is born as a talented person, maybe he can enter the Immortal Gate.” Li Zhiyong said.

When the guards came, they saw Chen Zhong’s body and vomited.

The body was split in half, and even the most precious thing for men was also divided into two.

“What are you doing? You have to hurry up and help everyone back to the infirmary.” As the leader of the newbies, he must act like a leader.

Liu Ru’s condition was the worst among the rest.

Lin Fan muttered in his heart, “A woman was really fragile.” He compared her injuries with others.

He watched Wang Zhou and others being escorted away.

Lin Fan stood there and looked at Chen Zhong’s dead body.

Talent: Fourth-Stage Martial Art, Yin-Yang Technique, Shapeshifting.

Lin Fan swore to heaven if he found who created that technique, he will definitely slap that person’s face. That was an immoral technique.

He could get that technique from Chen Zhong’s body, but he didn’t want to.

View status.

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Spirit Root: None’

‘Realm: Third Class’

‘Cultivation: 11 Years’

‘Martial Art: Boar Crash (First Stage), Harvesting (First Class)’

‘Talent: Hardening Skin (Black Iron Grade)’

He was very satisfied with his current status. In a short amount of time, he could cultivate in a fast-rate.

Boar Crash was enough for the time being.

But he must have another technique because he couldn’t just ram his head every single time in battle.

“Wang Bao!” Lin Fan shouted.

“I’m here, what’s the matter, sir?” Wang Bao was pale because he saw the crime scene.

“It’s okay for you to be scared sometimes.” Lin Fan was a bit dissatisfied.

“Leader, I can do it.” Wang Bao shouted because he remembered what his father said, he must shout out loud to suppress the fear in his heart.

“Don’t let anyone enter this mansion. If anyone dares to sneak in, make sure to kill them.” Lin Fan commanded.

Chen Fu was a wealthy merchant family, they had plenty of treasure, gold, and silver.

Lin Fan a bit scared because if someone reported him, he would be in big trouble.

Lin Fan left Chen Family’s residence.

The rest were not his responsibility.

Chen Zhong’s cause of death was concealed.

And the rumors said it was the thief who killed Chen Zhong and the veterans killed the thief.

The people were skeptical, but there was no evidence.

After all, demons haven’t shown up for a long time.

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