Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 8 The Accurate Analysis


Next day!

Government’s Building.

Lin Fan walked around, and he had a little expectation.

He contributed heavily in the last battle Wang Zhou may just reward him, but what was the reward he would get?

A wife maybe?

That was not good, women would make people lose things, could make someone exhausted, and eventually made someone’s kidney didn’t function normally.

“If I have children, that’s even worse.”

Lin Fan was aware of the treasure inside Chen Family’s residence, so he guarded it strictly.

He was in third-stage now, but he still didn’t know anything about martial art.

But Lin Fan knew from rumors there was an Immortal Gate in martial art’s world.

Otherwise, how could there be such things as demons?

“Leader.” Wang Bao’s voice came from outside.

Yesterday they blocked Chen Family’s residence.

That morning, the residence was taken over by the Jiangdu City Government.

Lin Fan pushed the door and found that not only Wang Bao who came, but also others.

Wang Bao said, “Leader, we heard that last night you saved someone from demons. That was a great contribution.”

“How did you know?” Lin Fan was surprised.

Wang Zhou was the one who told them that.

When they were rescued, the Doctor of the Hunter Guild was very surprised.

What kind of monster that could hurt some of the veteran hunters to that extent.

Wang Zhou was not a part of the Hunter Guild, but the leader who controlled Jiangdu City’s guards.

Although he joined forces with the Hunter Guild to deal with demons, he was from different departments.

The veterans could survive because of Wang Zhou’s ability.

Lin Fan cleared his throat, stood with his hands up, held his head upright, and said, “You don’t need to mention that again. If it wasn’t for the veterans, I can’t do such a thing. Thanks to Master Wang, who is much more powerful than the veterans in Hunter Guild. ”

Lin Fan wanted to boast himself but held the horses because he wanted to be in Wang Zhou’s good side.

“What are you doing?” Wang Zhou pretended not to hear and walked slowly.

He wanted to be praised by his comrades, but he didn’t want to show it.

The Hunters heard Wang Zhou and were shocked, then stood straight in a line, “Master, we didn’t do anything.”

Lin Fan stepped forward and asked, “Sir, why don’t you rest for a while?”

“I don’t need to.” Wang Zhou waved his hand.

“Walking around is very helpful for recovery. You contributed quite a lot in the recent battle. I have discussed with several veterans in Hunter Guild and decided to reward you. What do you want?”

Wang Zhou thought about what kind of reward he would give to Lin Fan, but the thing was he really didn’t know.

Lin Fan was overjoyed, he shouldn’t miss that opportunity.

But he couldn’t make a decision so sudden.

He didn’t know what he needed.


Lin Fan looked at the people around him. He was a newcomer too, like others. Now there was a group of people following him. He had to win their hearts.

“Master, I think the credit should belong to every brother in here who helps me a lot. Last night, they were working quite hard outside Chen’s mansion, and I think they should be rewarded.” Lin Fan said with a serious look, he did that to win their respect.

They looked at Lin Fan in a big shock.

They did not expect their leader to give credit to them.

Wang Bao was felt so ashamed because he bad-mouthed Lin Fan once.

Wang Bao couldn’t help but cried.


And everyone was also crying, right now they didn’t respect Lin Fan as a formality but a sincere admiration from their heart.

When Lin Fan said those words, he was about to vomit.

“Am I insane or something?”


“Okay, very well. They should be rewarded for their achievements.” Wang Zhou was in a good mood, a smile appeared on his face, and then looked at one of the hunters, “What do you want?”

Wang Bao couldn’t help but said, “Sir, I want a silver or two. My house is a bit shabby. I want to make a good room for my father.”

“Well, you have a good heart, you will go to the account room to receive fifty-two silver.” Wang Zhou said.

“What are you all still thinking about? Master asks you what do you want.”

With Lin Fan’s urging, they didn’t hide it anymore, they said what they wanted.

As long as Wang Zhou could buy it with money, that was fine with him.

After receiving the reward, everyone dismissed themselves, leaving Lin Fan and Wang Zhou alone.

“Master, can you teach me about your spiritual practice?” Lin Fan asked, and what he wanted to know now was that, although it was simple enough for him if he used the system.

Wang Zhou slowly said, “We are practicing martial arts. They are divided into first-stage, second-stage, third-stage, fourth-stage, fifth-stage, and sixth-stage. If you enter the Immortal Gate, you will enter the sixth-stage. But don’t get your hopes up.”

“If you can cultivate to the sixth-stage, you will be a master in this world.”

What he said was common knowledge.

The Immortal Gate was the final goal for all martial artists.

Seeing Lin Fan’s dignified expression, Wang Zhou came closer to pat Lin Fan’s shoulder and laughed, “Don’t overthink, just look at me. I’m doing just fine even without entering the Immortal Gate.”

“I don’t have the intention to learn about the Immortal Gate, and I don’t know if you have a spiritual root or not, but since you have an interest in martial arts, you can go to the place where Hunter Guild keep their books and scrolls.” Wang Zhou had the intention to train Lin Fan.

“Thank you, Master.” Lin Fan wanted to learn something new, he didn’t want to keep beating someone with only using his head.

Meanwhile, a Hunter reported, “There is something wrong with the veterans.”

“What is it?” Wang Zhou frowned.

Last night, they just fought against the Black Fox, and today there was another incident.

“A caravan was slaughtered ten miles outside the city.” Said Qun Kuai.

“Do you know who did it?” Wang Zhou asked.

“I don’t know. No one survived. It was Master Sun from the city clinic who went outside to collect medicine who found it. After returning, he reported to the government. According to Master Sun’s words, he found traces of fighting.”

“There are only two possibilities if I may guess. One, they meet a robber, and the other guess is they encountered a demon. But the goods were still in the caravan. If it was a robbery, the goods should have been taken by the perpetrator, so it is most likely a demon.”

Lin Fan thought maybe there would be a third possibility.

What made Lin Fan even more shocked was that Wang Zhou even praised that man’s analysis.

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