Inadvertently Invincible

I.I Chapter 9 Use Your Common Sense


Lin Fan heard Wang Zhou’s conversation about the veterans being attacked. He wanted to avoid that problem and said, “Master, I will take my leave.”

He was a newbie with only eleven years of martial art cultivation, so he didn’t want to fight a serial killer.

“Wait.” Wang Zhou stopped Lin Fan.

The word wait Lin Fan heard meant bad news for him.

“You are still a newbie Hunter, you still lack experience. Take your men and go to the crime scene to investigate the situation. And Captain Zhao will accompany you.”

“Any questions?”

Wang Zhou hoped Lin Fan could grow faster, Lin Fan could gain cultivation either by fighting the demons or distinguish the deaths caused by the demons or not.

Lin Fan pretended to be thankful toward Wang Zhou and prepared to investigate the crime scene with his subordinates.

But deep in his heart, he was dissatisfied.

Lin Fan didn’t want someone expected him to achieve something great, he didn’t want that kind of burden.

Lin Fan left Wang Zhou to prepare his men and waited for Captain Zhao in front of the city gate.

After waiting for a while in front of the city gate, Lin Fan finally saw Captain Zhao arrived.

“Leader, will we meet demons?” Wang Bao said.

“Shut your mouth, if you really want to meet the demons, he is the one who will take you there.” Lin Fan scolded him, then Wang Bao returned to the line.

“Captain Zhao, why don’t you bring your people for this operation?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhao was also one of Hunter Guild’s leader. But that day, he couldn’t bring his men for some reason.

So Lin Fan was afraid if he encountered a dangerous enemy, no one would protect him.

Captain Zhao told Lin Fan his achievement while working as Hunter.

Captain Zhao has been a Hunter for 13 years.

When he was still a newbie like Lin Fan, he already led 23 Hunters to guard Jiangdu City, solved 138 cases, and killed 246 demons.

“You are their leader. They are your brothers. You have a responsibility to keep them safe. Remember, sometimes, demons are not the worst. The most terrible creature is humans.” Captain Zhao said.

“Such as?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Fan wanted to know for the sake of his safety.

“Don’t ask too much, you will become a real Hunter soon. It shows that you have the talent for this job, and Master Wang also values ​​you very much. He trained you, do not let Master Wang down.”

Their group finally left the city and entered the forest.

Captain Zhao’s mind was occupied about how much he wanted to have a child along the way.

He was longing to have a wife and children from long ago, that was an old single man’s complex.

They arrived at Ten Miles. Well, that was the name of that place, not literally ten miles from the city.

The three carriages were still there with the goods in it. As for the horses, it was gone.

“Be careful.” Captain Zhao was cautious of the surroundings. There was a chance he could encounter demons outside of the city.

Although there were not that many demons around Jiangdu City, they still had to be careful.

Lin Fan arranged his men to guard the surrounding area.

“Leader, do you want to look around for clues? Maybe there will be clues left unnoticed.”

“Do you want to die? If you walk around, demons will kill you.” Lin Fan scolded him.

Lin Fan felt so helpless, his men didn’t have a common sense, demons will absolutely kill them one by one if they were separated from the group.

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