Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 1 Beat That Pig


“Where am I?” The first thing he had in his mind.

Lin Fan was confused when he looked at the furniture and decoration in the house.

“Am I hallucinating because of playing games for five days straight? What’s with decoration and furniture in the house? it looks like from ancient times.”

“No electricity, no internet, no cellphone… Where the hell am I?”


Someone knocked on the door and shouted, “Come out quickly, Master Wang wants us to gather in the training ground, don’t be late!”

Suddenly, someone’s memories popped up in Lin Fan’s mind. After he learned the memories, he understood who he was and what he did for living and who was outside.


There was nothing wrong with the memories, his current job was hunter, but he was just a cannon-fodder. He only had one task to do, that was to not die.

“No, I can’t do this, I must run away.” Lin Fan didn’t want to risk his life for others.

Training Ground.

Lin Fan stood in the first row of the team, wearing a uniform, and tried to act normal.

A middle-aged man with traditional clothes was standing there with a serious face, his eyes were as sharp as a sword, looking at everyone.

Lin Fan felt uncomfortable when that person’s eyes glanced at him.

“Very well, after a month of training, you have already qualified to capture the demon, now it is time to show your future enemy.” Master Wang’s voice was strong and powerful.

“Our main task in the future is to protect the citizens in Jiangdu City, to cut off the demons and kill them.”

When Master Wang said those words, the crowd was scared, including Lin Fan.

Lin Fan didn’t expect he would fight demons.

Master Wang dared everyone who wanted to quit to speak up.

“Sir, I want to quit. I worry about my old man and my little one. When I come to this place and decide to become a hunter, I just want to have a high salary. I don’t want to die.” The voice came from a man standing next to Lin Fan.

“Okay, if you want to quit, I will let you go. Oi! Come here!” Master Wang shouted.

Soon, there was two discipline committee coming up, “Yes, Sir.”

“Take him down to whip him, let him go if he survives. If he can’t, then just let him die.” Master Wang said.

The man who wanted to quit was sweating like a waterfall screamed for his life.

There was no escape for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was worried about his days there and trembled.


“You want to quit?” Master Wang asked Lin Fan.

Lin Fan cleared his throat, a bit nervous, but he shouted loudly, “Master Wang, I don’t want to quit. When I entered this door and became a glorious hunter, I already threw my fear away. What I want to say is… Whether it’s a demon or something else, as long as it threatens Jiangdu City’s safety, I will march forward without hesitation, take up my sword, and never back down.”

Yeah, so crazy, he wanted to quit, but he said the exact opposite.

Everyone’s attention focused on Lin Fan. He said that because he didn’t want to be whipped by the discipline committee.

“Very good. If you have that kind of determination, you are very suitable to be a hunter.” Master Wang’s voice calmed down a bit, and he was delighted.

“Bring the demon!” Master Wang commanded.

After that, several senior disciples lifted an iron cage contained the demon boar.

The teeth of the boar are black and glisten, and the hair on its body was like steel needles. The eyes were red, terrifying, and so fierce.

“This is a demon boar, which is also the demon for your next test. Pick up the sword and cut him. You must cast away your fear when you’re facing the demon.”

“You first.”

Master Wang stared at Lin Fan. He was looking forward to how well Lin Fan will fare in the test.

Because Lin Fan showed courage and determination.

Jiangdu City lacked nothing but courage.

Lin Fan was stunned and stood in place, not because he saw the demon boar, but because the hunters could lift the demon boar.

Suddenly a voice sounded in his mind.

‘System Activated’

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Spirit Root: None’

‘Realm: None’

‘Cultivation: None’

‘Martial Art: None’

‘Talent: None’

‘Notes: There was a specific function in the system, you must find it yourself, the unknown and interesting skill or ability’

Lin Fan was dumbfounded. The system did not help him at all.

Lin Fan saw there was something on top of the boar’s head.

‘Boar demon: A Low-Class Demon’

‘Possible Item Drop: Earth Roots (Shards), Thick skin and Thick meat (Black Iron Grade), Demon Blood (Fake Black Iron Grade), 1 Year Worth of Cultivation, Boar Crush, Wild Boar Hair Needles.’

“What does this mean?”

Then he looked at Master Wang and others, and they all had the same kind of information to the demon boar.

Lin Fan asked Master Wang for a spear to fight against that boar, the demon boar realized Lin Fan ran toward his back, but he was in a difficult condition to move because of the chain.

“Little boar, bear it, I will end this quickly.” Lin Fan ran around the cage, looking for the chance to attack.

The audience panicked while looking at him, he didn’t get a chance to attack.

But he realized there was one spot for him to launch a critical hit.

The demon boar struggled, “What is that human doing behind me?” The boar thought.


The demon boar heard Lin Fan’s roar behind him, and the demon boar got chill down his spine.



The demon boar’s body became stiff, and its eyes widened, “This guy is crazy, to think he actually stabs my ass hole.”

Lin Fan’s fighting style was a bit barbaric.

Lin Fan pulled out his spear and frowned. Why didn’t the demon boar drop any item or something? He defeated the demon boar, but he didn’t get the item.

“Okay, good, next …” Master Wang was very satisfied with Lin Fan’s capability. Even though his fighting style was not elegant at all.

Lin Fan stabbed the demon boar again until his spear pierced its mouth.

‘Successfully killed the boar demon.’


The system sounded, and indeed there were rewards for him.

Lin Fan was overjoyed that he couldn’t wait what kind of prizes he would get.

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