Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 101


“Relax, let me take care of things. I’m pretty close with my Senior Sister. Leave it to me.”

“But I have to find some spirit grass first as that was my objective of coming all the way here in the first place. I can only take you back to the sect after I find it.”

Xi Xi was ready to take Lin Fan back to the sect, but she couldn’t afford to forget her task, that was to look for the spirit grass and take it back so her Senior Sister could refine an elixir for her.

“Okay, then I’ll help you out, it’s easier if you have more hands.” Lin Fan felt that his acting was quite convincing, so far it was according to plan.

“That’s fine, but you have to stay close to me. Otherwise, I’m afraid I can’t protect you.” Xi Xi said.

Lin Fan felt something wrong when he heard that. What did she mean by unable to protect him? She didn’t even know Lin Fan’s true power.

But Lin Fan let it slide and went with the flow.

After a while.

After a while, they found one, “You see, that is the spirit grass, but I need a lot of those, Senior Sister told me the location by the way.”

Xi Xi looked at the spirit grass and was excited to pick it up.

“Go pick it.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi shook his head and said, “No, that spirit grass is a second-grade spirit grass, once I picked it, we’ll be surrounded by monsters and beasts.”

Lin Fan pondered, demon? That was not something strange. But Lin Fan didn’t want to show what he was thinking to that girl. Otherwise, his plan might be compromised.

“If that is the case, I will draw the monsters’ attention, while I do, you can pick them up quickly. Although my cultivation is not high, I’m sure I could hold them for a while.” Lin Fan said.

When Xi Xi heard that she said, “No, you can’t go, it’s too dangerous.”

Lin Fan didn’t hear that girl and rushed toward, “Don’t hesitate, hurry up.”

Lin Fan suddenly felt a creature’s presence around him.

“I’ll take care of the demon, get your things done quickly.”

Lin Fan shouted into the distance.

Lin Fan didn’t want to kill that demon easily in front of that girl, so he said, “Come on, over here.”

The demon roared and chased Lin Fan.

Soon, Lin Fan disappeared with the monster.

“Lin Fan…” Xi Xi was anxious. When she got the spirit grass, she immediately rushed to assist Lin Fan. She didn’t think Lin Fan could handle the demon.

At the distance.

The demon was chasing Lin Fan while he was in a bad mood. Lin Fan looked back at the monster.

‘Demon Tiger: Destiny Immortal’

‘Possible item drop: Earth Spirit Root Fragment, 330 Qi, Ancient Beast Poor Grade Bloodline, Venom Sac, Demon Tiger Whip, Demon Tiger Claw, Demon Tiger Skin, Demon Tiger Eye …’

There was something that caught Lin Fan’s attention.

The ancient beast and poor grade bloodline, what was that thing?

Lin Fan stopped running away, and the demon was shocked when it saw Lin Fan stopped running. The demon was very curious.

“What happened? Didn’t he run away from me until just a moment ago?”


The demon was realized there was something off with Lin Fan, he saw Lin Fan was holding a dangerous weapon and slashed him.

The demon opened its mouth, releasing a dangerous-looking white gas. That gas was toxic. Even though Lin Fan was several levels above the demon, he will die if he inhaled that.

“Breaking Sound Magic Sword.”

Lin Fan, without hesitation, used his trump card, and he disappeared before the demon’s eyes.

The demon protected itself with demon qi.



Lin Fan appeared on the other side of the demon. The light of the green toad knife flashed across the demon’s neck.

“A demon without talents and magic skills, what can you do to stop me?”

For Lin Fan, that was a piece of cake.

The next step was the item drop.

He didn’t have time to wait for those, he had to go back quickly. He guessed the girl was coming. And he used the demon’s claw to injure himself, to make it look like he didn’t kill that demon easily. He quickly rushed to the place where he saw the spirit grass.

Xi Xi got the spirit grass and was very anxious.

It didn’t take too long.

Xi Xi saw a figure in the distance approaching.

“He’s okay.”

Xi Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Go, go quickly, the monster is so strong, I could barely kill it.”

“Don’t forget to bring the spirit grass.”

Seeing the bloodstains on Lin Fan, Xi Xi suddenly panicked.

“Let’s go.” Lin Fan pretended to be panicking. If he didn’t panic at that moment, he would be busted.

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