Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 102


Lin Fan was acting, and Xi Xi didn’t know, she really thought the demon was still after them, so she took Lin Fan and fled right away.

Xi Xi was pretty fast, but of course, she was nowhere close to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was willing to give her a chance to show off.

Lin Fan realized that girl tried was trying her best.

At that time.

It was very difficult for Lin Fan to pretend to be injured.

“What happened to you?”

Xi Xi found something was wrong with Lin Fan.

Lin Fan pretended to be sick, his face was pale. He fell in Xi Xi’s arms, Xi Xi spontaneously held him.

Xi Xi looked so worried, “Hey, are you alright?”

“Please wake up.”

At that time, Lin Fan couldn’t wake up. If he woke up, everything he did would end up in vain. But before he pretends to faint completely, he suddenly remembered some plots in the movies. The people who were on the verge of death will always say something important.

Like every time the villain died, he would tell the protagonist that he was the protagonist’s father…

Some emotional protagonists may cry.

“What’s wrong with me?” Lin Fan opened his eyes slowly, he looked confused, and then he saw Xi Xi, weakly said, “Xi Xi, did you get the spirit grass?”

“Here, I got it.” Xi Xi nodded hurriedly. “Hold on. I will take you back to the sect now. My Senior Sister is very powerful, and she can save you.”

“Thank you, I can’t hold on anymore.” Lin Fan looked at the sky, then slowly raised his hand as if trying to reach out to the sky, “I thought I could travel around the world, but in this state, I’m afraid I have no chance to do that.”

“You’ll be alright, please rest assured.” Xi Xi didn’t expect it turned out like that. If she knew that was going to happen, she would never let Lin Fan took care of the monster.

“Don’t talk too much, and don’t let yourself fall asleep.”

Lin Fan rejected her kindness, and it was the time for the finiXing touch.

“Listen to me, as we speak right now, it was like my life is flaXing before my eyes. Do you want to know why I want to enter the sect?” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi lowered her head and said nothing.

Lin Fan didn’t care what will Xi Xi say, he will tell the fake story he came up with earlier.

“My hometown is a very beautiful village located in a small mountain, where the residents are isolated from the outside world, my parents are hardworking farmers, and I am the only child, one day my family rescued an injured immortal, after the immortal left, he said that I have the talent to become an immortal, I was taught an immortal technique. My parents were delighted when they heard that I could become an immortal.”

“In order to make sure that I received enough nutrition, my family even cooked me a bowl of soup from the only one chicken we kept, and they didn’t even eat that soup, all of it was for me.”

“Later, my brother was bitten to death by a tiger when he tried to find a herb for me on the mountain. With his last breath, he dragged his bloody body to bring the herb back.”

Xi Xi looked at Lin Fan and said, “Didn’t you say that you are the only child?”

“Xit, she’s pretty sharp.” Lin Fan was shocked but continued his act, “That’s my neighbor’s brother, and they put their hopes on me.”

“One day later, my parents became sick due to overwork, they lied in bed, hold my hand and told me that I must strive to become immortal. The hope of our entire village rests on me.”

“I was still a kid back then, but due to my circumstances, I was basically mature mentally. After all the hardXips I went through, I finally came here. My only purpose is to join Immortal Sect. I will practice hard in the future. But it seems that there’s no hope for me.”

“But I think it no longer matters whether I am the only hope in the village or not.”

Xi Xi’s eyes were red, and it seemed that she was actually believed Lin Fan’s story and sympathized with him.

“There is hope, there must be hope, and I will ask my Senior Sister to accept you to be a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.”

“Oh, by the way, I have an elixir. I forgot that my Senior Sister gave this elixir to me. If you take it, you will be fine.”

Xi Xi hurriedly took out the elixir.

Lin Fan glanced, that was indeed good medicine.

‘Resurrection Pill: A six-level elixir, made from a hundred kinds of spirits, granting vitality and heals any injuries, and at the same time can store the qi in the consumer’s body.’

“You don’t have to…” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi poured the Elixir into Lin Fan’s mouth, “Don’t say anything, if it’s not for your help, I won’t get this spirit grass.”

For Lin Fan, that elixir was indeed potent, and as soon as it entered his body, a large amount of vitality suddenly spread out across his body and strengthened his body.


Lin Fan groaned.

Xi Xi looked at Lin Fan’s face intently.

Her Senior Sister left it for her in case of an emergency. Now she gave it to a stranger whom she just met. But she believed that she would never regret it.


Lin Fan’s aura seemed to intensify.

“What’s this elixir? I feel the power surging from my body.” Lin Fan pretended to be surprised.

Xi Xi saw that Lin Fan was getting better, and she was relieved, and then proudly said, “This is Resurrection Pill, my Senior Sister really adores me, she gave it to me for an emergency.”

Lin Fan looked at the girl and was a bit embarrassed.

He didn’t know what to say …

“You’re kind and generous, and I will repay your kindness in the next life even if it means that I will have to reborn as your mount.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi frowned, seemed unhappy, “What?”

“Miss Xi, what’s wrong?” Lin Fan froze for a moment.

“Well, I don’t know what you mean.” Xi Xi said.


What a special lady she was.

That kind of knowledge was supposed to be common knowledge.

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