Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 103


Greatest Martial Sect, at the foot of the mountain.

“Wow! It’s awesome.”

He could only use such simple and straightforward words to describe what Lin Fan currently felt. He must act like that in front of Xi Xi as if he was really a guy who came from the stick and knew nothing about the Immortal World.

Xi Xi seemed easy to fool, but sometimes she was very smart.

“That’s natural. Greatest Martial Sect is an Immortal Sect.”

Xi Xi’s face was filled with pride, she obviously had a sense of honor and pride for Greatest Martial Sect.

“I’m grateful that I can stumble upon you, Miss Xi, Greatest Martial Sect will straight out reject me without your help.”

Xi Xi smiled triumphantly and then said in a dignified voice, “Actually, it is not as hard as you imagine. The assessment is not difficult, as long as you have Spirit Root and enough cultivation.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything as soon as he heard that.

To put it simply, it was really difficult for him to meet that condition. Although for some people, that was really not difficult at all.

Xi Xi was really happy that she could bring the spirit grass back, although she lost a precious elixir in the process.

“Please wait patiently when we enter Greatest Martial Sect, don’t wander around, don’t talk to other people, I will take care of you, I will tell my Senior Sister about your circumstances, rest assured, you will definitely become Greatest Martial Sect’s disciple.” Xi Xi said. She was impressed by the hardship that Lin Fan went through.

“Senior Sister Xi.”

“Senior Sister Xi…”

When Xi Xi took Lin Fan into the Greatest Martial Sect, all disciples greeted them respectfully while passing by.

“Miss Xi, it seems that you are really respected here.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi held her head high, like a white swan who thought that she was the most beautiful creature, “That is, of course, because I am a core disciple, they respecting me is a given. Do you feel honored now?”

“It’s an honor for me. It’s a wonderful gift sent by heaven for me.” Lin Fan said exaggeratedly.

“Alright, I know that you are a smooth-talker, but don’t even try that in front of my Senior Sister.”

“My Senior Sister is a very serious person. If you offend my Senior Sister, even I can’t save you.” Xi Xi reminded him, she knew her Senior Sister’s personality.

“Please rest assured.” Lin Fan said, and at the same time was very curious, what kind of person Xi Xi’s Senior Sister was, it seemed that in the future he will need her Senior Sister’s power.

The disciples of Greatest Martial Sect passed by while looking at Lin Fan curiously, “I wonder who this person is.”

Xi Xi took Lin Fan to a place with a certain symbol imprinted on the ground. The symbol emitted light, after stepping on it, they were teleported to the other place.

That was a teleportation magic circle.

Greatest Martial Sect was too large, and it was very inconvenient for disciples who cannot fly if they wanted to go somewhere.

When he arrived at the mountain peak, Lin Fan found that the aura there was much stronger than outside. It seemed that there was a large magic circle under the mountain peak to absorb the aura and concentrate the aura there.

The more he saw, the more he discovered that there was a big gap between Nine Heavens Sect and Greatest Martial Sect.

By the way, he only infiltrated Greatest Martial Sect because he had a business with Ye Zhentian he will leave once he was done with it.

“This is Mysterious Sword Peak, this is where my Senior Sister cultivates. We usually live here. I will arrange a place for you first. Please wait for me there, but before I return, Don’t go anywhere, don’t make any trouble.”

Xi Xi warned Lin Fan assertively.

“Relax, I understand, I won’t move even for an inch.” Lin Fan promised.

Xi Xi nodded her head, arranged a house for Lin Fan, and set off to meet her Senior Sister.

Zixia Pavilion.

“Junior Sister Xi, when did you come back?” At the door of Zixia Pavilion, a masculine male disciple saw Xi Xi coming and asked with a smile.

“Just now, is Senior Sister inside?” Xi Xi said.

“She is, you should’ve mentioned that you went to pick the spirit grass, I would tag along if you did.” Yang Gang smiled, he was not serious.

Xi Xi walked in with a smile.

Yang Gang watched Xi Xi as disappeared, and his expression gradually returned to usual, focusing on his job as a gate guard.


It didn’t take too long.

He heard a yell from inside the house. He was so shocked. He thought about what had happened, and when he listened, it turned out the Senior Sister was angry.

He was very curious.

What was going on?

What made the Senior Sister so angry with Junior Sister Xi?

He didn’t go in and asked, he quietly eavesdropped instead.

Inside the house.

Meng Qingyao, a core disciple in Greatest Martial Sect, was looking at the girl in front of her.

“Xi Xi, not only did give the elixir to a stranger, you even asked me to approve him to become a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect.”

Meng Qingyao knew that Xi Xi was a bit hot-headed, but she didn’t expect she will even go that far.

That elixir wasn’t just a common elixir, cultivators would pay a fortune to get their hands on one of those.

“Senior Sister, I have a reason for this, he helped me a lot. He took the initiative to lead the demon away and almost died so I can pick the spirit herb, so …”

Xi Xi explained the situation to her Senior Sister.

She found her Senior Sister was angry like a tiger.

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