Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 104


Yang Gang, who was eavesdropping behind the door frowned, he finally understood the reason why Meng Qingyao exploded in rage like that although he didn’t know the details, Yang Gang knew that that stranger must’ve deceived Xi Xi.

Xi Xi remained silent and listened to Meng Qingyao’s words.

When Meng Qingyao saw her Senior Sister seemed to regret her action, her anger subsided a little, and her tone softened a little, “Do you realize what your mistake is?”

“I do, Senior Sister.” Xi Xi replied softly, and then she looked up and said, “Senior Sister, as long as you allow him to become a disciple of Greatest Martial Sect, then no one will be able to argue with your decision.”

Meng Qingyao couldn’t say much when she saw that her Junior Sister realized that she was wrong. After voicing all her concerns, she just remained silent.

“Are you mad at me?”

Xi Xi said pitifully, “Senior Sister, you don’t know, he has been leading a miserable life. Like I just said, he almost died trying to distract a demon while I picked the spirit grass. Although the elixir is really valuable, I don’t mind giving it to someone else if it meant saving their life.”

“What’s more, he was injured because of me, to begin with.”

“If I don’t save him, then it means I’m just a heartless woman.”

Meng Qingyao was speechless.

Seeing that her Senior Sister was no longer angry, Xi Xi thought that was the perfect opportunity, so she approached her Senior Sister and held her arms intimately and said: “Senior Sister, please help me, I promise I will handle the rest.”

“And I think he is quite promising. Our strength of Mysterious Sword Peak is weaker than other groups. Let’s make Mysterious Sword Peak a lot more powerful by recruiting him.”

“Alright, but you’ll be the one responsible for him.” Meng Qingyao just couldn’t say no to her adorable Junior Sister while shaking her head, “I’m used to trouble anyway, but I will go to see this person myself because I have to see what he is capable of, that you even went this far and asked me a favor personally.”

Xi Xi smiled and said with joy, “I knew I could rely on you, Senior Sister.”

Inside the house.

Lin Fan followed Xi Xi’s advice. He was in an unfamiliar place.

He had to keep his head down.

Since he had nothing to do anyway, he decided to take a look at the items he got earlier.

‘Earth Root Fragment.’

‘The ancient beasts poor grade bloodline.’

He got two items.

It wasn’t particularly good, but that bloodline piqued his interest.

‘The ancient beast poor grade bloodline: One of the ancient beasts, the fierce power of the world, have a good speed. After countless generations of inheritance and crossbreeding, the weak blood vessels flowing down, the fusion of human blood vessels was heavier, and the ancient beast was light.’


Lin Fan thought that he could become stronger, but that item didn’t seem to be useful.

‘Demon Tiger Whip: Monster’s organ, not very useful. The hidden effect can be used to brew wine, and it can be brewed into Yin wine, which can be adjusted to achieve Yin and Yang combination.’


Just as Lin Fan was checking the items he got, Xi Xi’s voice was heard from outside.

“Come out.”

Xi Xi was in a good mood, and her Senior Sister couldn’t refuse her request, so she was glad that he didn’t have to disappoint Lin Fan.

When Lin Fan came outside, he saw Xi Xi walked happily.

“Good news. You were accepted as our Sect’s disciple. As I said, there shouldn’t be any problem as long as I ask my Senior Sister. With this, the people in your village finally have hope.” Xi Xi said.

“Miss Xi, thank you so much.” What else could Lin Fan say?

Xi Xi was a bit unhappy when she heard Lin Fan said that, and she said, “Why do you still call me with miss? you have to call me Sister Xi from now on.”

Lin Fan looked at Xi Xi and was shocked.

However, he had to make sure that he laid low while he was there.

Before Lin Fan could say anything, a voice was heard.

“Are you the one who tricked my Junior Sister? Tell how you fooled my Junior Sister!” Yang Gang’s angry voice was heard from afar.

He ate melon casually.

Lin Fan looked up.

“That’s not it.” Lin Fan shouted, and suddenly felt a strong killing-intent overwhelming him.

Yang Gang was about to go on a rampage.

He came to Lin Fan and said nothing, but he didn’t expect that boy to say that.


Yang Gang’s face was extremely red.

“Not good.”

Xi Xi opened her mouth and hurriedly said, “Senior Brother, this is just a misunderstanding.”

Lin Fan said, “Yes, it is a misunderstanding, let’s not be hasty.”

It didn’t take that long after joining Greatest Martial Sect for Lin Fan to offend someone around him.

Yang Gang held back for Xi Xi’s sake, but he looked in Lin Fan’s eyes to show that Lin Fan will regret it later.

“Senior Brother, Lin Fan has joined us in Mysterious Sword Peak as a disciple. How can you fight with your brother?” Xi Xi said.

“I don’t accept him as one of us.” Yang Gang said, and then he continued to say, “Junior Sister Xi, you are still young, and you have to set your eyes on the future.”

Xi Xi felt so helpless and didn’t expect the sudden turn of the situation, “Senior Brother, it’s not what you think.”

Yang Gang knew that it was no use no matter what he said to Xi Xi at that time, “Boy, I’m talking to you. You better not piss your pants.”

That was a warning.

Lin Fan suddenly found that he’ll have a hard time dealing with the people there, Xi Xi may be the only exception.

He did not think about sabotaging when he came to Greatest Martial Sect.

He was just going to have fun with Ye Zhentian.

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