Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 105


Note: Shi Mei changed to Xi Xi again lol

Yang Gang walked away grumpily. He had a bad impression of Lin Fan. He just couldn’t bring himself to trust him and will make sure to keep an eye on him.

“Lin Fan, don’t worry about it, Senior Brother is not a bad person. But don’t ever say that word to brother again. There’s a reason for that.” Xi Xi said.

Her brother was depressed for quite a while once after someone said that his face looked like a toad’s.

Therefore, everyone in Mysterious Sword Peak avoided saying that word to him.

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Fan embarrassedly said that his words were too straightforward and harsh.

Xi Xi was helpless, “Just don’t ever do that again, Brother might look scary, but he is actually a very sensitive person, but don’t tell others, I once secretly saw Brother sitting alone crying near the river.”

“I had something else to attend to. Someone will aid you with official registration later.”

After Xi Xi said that to Lin Fan, she left in a hurry.

Lin Fan came back to the house with nothing to do, he was wondering what to do from now on.

His purpose coming to Greatest Martial Sect was to kill Ye Zhentian.

Fighting Ye Zhentian with his current strength was definitely impossible.

He wondered if it was possible to get close to Ye Zhentian’s inner circle, and then Lin Fan suddenly realized that the people he currently was associated with were not part of Ye Zhentian’s inner circle.

When Yang Gang went back, he was depressed, and his anger already hit the roof. He was really mad at Lin Fan.

“That bastard, how dare he insult me! I will fight you to the end.”

He was offended by Lin Fan’s lack of respect.

At that time.

Someone came in.

“Senior Brother, what makes you so angry? I heard that Senior Sister Xi brought a random man from outside, and Senior Sister Meng accepted him too as a disciple. What is the origin of that person?”

Yang Gang looked at the fat Junior Brother and said, “Stop mentioning him, I’m so pissed just hearing about him.”

“Senior Brother, tell me about it, I will teach him a lesson in your stead.” Chen Zhiyu, who was so fat that he basically looked like a pregnant woman.

Yang Gang was reluctant to talk about it at first, but when he thought about it again, this might also serve as an experience for his brother.

And then he told everything to his Junior Brother.

When Chen Zhiyu heard that, he instantly looked angry and said, “That’s too much, how dare he dares treats my Senior Brother like that and trick Senior Sister. You can rest assured, leave this to me, and I will teach him a lesson.”

Yang Gang nodded in satisfaction. But knowing how his Junior Brother was, especally since his body was really huge… “Just be sure not to go overboard, he is technically also one of us now, it will be troublesome if he died.”

“Senior Brother, rest assured, you don’t have to worry about that.” Chen Zhiyu promised.

“I’ll leave it to you then.”

Yang Gang waved his hand, dismissing Chen Zhiyu. Since he didn’t have to dirty his own hand to teach Lin Fan a lesson, he didn’t have to worry about anything.

Lin Fan wandered around the Greatest Martial Sect and saw many masters. He was thinking that if he could kill them, then he wilil be invincible.

He saw Sky Peak.

It looked much more luxurious than Mysterious Sword Peak, which clearly stated that Ye Zhentian’s status as a core disciple was much higher than Meng Qingyao’s.

There was a place in Greatest Martial Sect, which looked like a bazaar, selling all kinds of things.

Some ordinary things, such as wine, clothes, etc. could be purchased with silver money.

But there were some items that were only purchasable using spirit stones.

Lin Fan bought some material to make wine, who knows, it might prove useful to brighten the mood, he could drink it with someone else too.

Greatest Martial Sect had their cafeteria, but most disciples took Diet Pills so they could use their time more efficiently.

For example, alchemy, refining, cultivating, and so on.

Because those without special talent will eventually hit a wall even though they had no problem when they first learned something, meanwhile those who had will had a hard time to learn something at first, but they’ll have no problem later on.

Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciples’ residences all have simple kitchens.

Maybe it was for disciples who preferred to be alone, and they could stay in the house and cook for themselves.

In the courtyard.

Lin Fan cooked his own food, he made chicken soup, braised pork, and barbecue. Because he used more spices, they tasted more delicious.

He ate his food while watching the sunset.



Chen Zhiyu looked very angry. He came all the way there, just to give teach his new brother a lesson.

Chen Zhiyu pushed open the door of the courtyard and said, “Lin Fan, where are you? Come out now!”

Lin Fan, who was enjoying the food, raised his head and looked at the person who was coming in.

And Chen Zhiyu also saw Lin Fan was sitting in the courtyard while eating foods, and their eyes met.

“I’m Lin Fan, what’s going on?” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Zhiyu glanced at Lin Fan and wanted to say something, but his eyes looked at the dishes on the table, his mouth was watery seeing those foods.

He cleared his throat.

“Nothing, I’m just a little hungry.”

Chen Zhiyu couldn’t resist the temptation of foods, and his nose was more sensitive when it came to foods.

Lin Fan thought maybe there was a misunderstanding when he heard that man’s words.

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