Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 106


Note: Shi Mei changed to Xi Xi

In the courtyard.

Chen Zhiyu was so fat that his even chopsticks looked like a needle in his hands, and he looked so uncomfortable sitting on such a small bench.

He stuffed the meat into his mouth, it really was an inelegant way to eat.

“May i know your name, senior?” Lin Fan asked.

Only the sound of him chewing was heard in the room.

“Mysterious Sword Peak’s core disciple, Chen Zhiyu.” The more Chen Zhiyu ate the brighter his eyes looked. “Brother, I didn’t expect your cooking to be this good.”

“Thank you for complimenting me, but it was nothing compared to the foods in the restaurant.” Lin Fan was very modest, and then asked, “May i know why Brother Chen come here? Did i do anything wrong?”

Chen Zhiyu was embarrassed when he heard that.

He wanted to say that he was going to beat the crap out of Lin Fan because Lin Fan insulted his brother.

But could he still say that?

At least not with all those foods stuffed in his mouth.

“I heard that a new disciple has just joined, so i came to see the new disciple, he’ll be our new family after all.” Chen Zhiyu said with a smile.

His mother once said that there’s no way someone who could cook a delicious was a bad person.

At that time he saw that Lin Fan definitely wasn’t like what his big brother said.

“Yes, Brother is right.” Lin Fan immediately nodded and agreed with his words. He was in the middle of infiltrating the enemy’s territory. In order to infiltrate Sky Peak, he might need the help from the people here.

Chen Zhiyu who was in a better mood asked, “Brother, I heard that there’s a minor conflicts between you and Brother Yang Gang, is that true? You can tell me if you want, there’s no need to hold back, we’re brothers now.”

“It’s just a misunderstanding.” Lin Fan said helplessly.

Chen Zhiyu was curious, “Tell me about it.”

Lin Fan told him what happened, including how he met Shi Mei. Aside from his intention of coming there and the story he told Shi Mei, he told Chen Zhiyu everything honestly because it might be dangerous if he lied.

“I know that it was because Brother Yang really cares about Sister Xi and he is afraid that sister Xi is just being deceived, but do you think I am a deceptive person? Lin Fan asked.

Chen Zhiyu hurriedly said, “i..i’m sure you’re not. When I saw you at first glance, I knew that you are not that kind of person, so I also think that it was all a misunderstanding.”

“But i had to remind you not to call Brother Yang a toad in the future, that was a delicate matter.”

“I’m thinking, if Brother Yang has a heart attack in the future, it will be probably because of this problem.”

“Relax, I’m not the kind of person.” Lin Fan assured him, and then continued said, “Brother, have some more, I cook more than usual today.”


Chen Zhiyu nodded, Lin Fan didn’t even have to offer him, he’ll eat all the food anyway. It was delicious, there was no way he’ll leave those foods alone.


Yang Gang was a bit uneasy. If his younger brother didn’t get things done properly, it will be troublesome.

Shi Mei will definitely be very angry.

And he will be hated by his sister, which was unacceptable for him.

And since he was worried, he decided to take a look.

When he peeked inside Lin Fan’s hous Yang Gang was so shocked in disbelief, yes, indeed, his hunch was right.

Chen Zhiyu came to find Lin Fan and teach him some lessons. Instead he was sitting down with Lin Fan talking and laughing, as if they were a close friend.

He couldn’t understand what he saw at that time.

Soon, Yang Gang’s heart was burning with anger, he pushed the door open and said angrily, “Brother Chen, what are you doing?!”

Chen Zhiyu, who was chatting with Lin Fan, was shocked when he saw his brother came. Then he seemed to recall the words he said to his brother earlier. But looking at the situation he was in, it indeed looked like a betrayal to him.

But it was just a misunderstanding.

“Brother, wait, listen to my explanation first.” Chen Zhiyu got up and tried to calm his brother.

“What else do you have to say?” Yang Gang said angrily and then looked at Lin Fan.

“So you finally show your true colors. You may be able to trick sister Xi and Chen Zhiyu, but let me tell you, you won’t be able to buy or fool me.”

“Brother Yang, it’s just a misunderstanding. Please have a seat, we should talk this out properly.” Lin Fan said.

“Like hell i’d do that” Yang Gang said with a cold expression.

Chen Zhiyu said, “Brother, please listen to him first. Have a seat.”

Yang Gang glanced at Chen Zhiyu without saying anything and sat down reluctantly.

Lin Fan returned to the house and saw the demon tiger whip wine. He was thinking to use it to lower the tension for a bit. After pouring it a little on the glass, he came out carrying the jug.

“Brother Yang, before we talk this out, let’s have a drink first.”

He personally poured the wine for Yang Gang. Yang Gang looked at the wine glass on the table, he was still mad but he drank it in one go and got up.

“Marks my words, since Sister approved you as the disciple here, it can’t be helped, I don’t want to harm any disciple here.”

“Brother, take care of yourself, and don’t jump into conclusion.”

Yang Gang left leaving only endless anger.

Chen Zhiyu looked at Lin Fan.

“Brother Lin, maybe your words is a big blow to Senior Brother.”

Lin Fan nodded silently.

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