Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 107


Yang Gang was still angry, but even though he hated Lin Fan’s guts, he understood that Mysterious Sword Peak would need his help too in case something major happened.

In the courtyard.

Chen Zhiyu said, “Brother Lin, since you’re new here, there should be many places that you haven’t visited yet, right? I’ll take you out sometime, we could grab a meal while visiting places.”

“What do you think?”

“Haha, okay, I’m glad Brother Chen is willing to come to my hut.” Lin Fan said with a smile.

He knew how to deal with Chen Zhiyu, just tame him with foods.

 When Lin Fan took a stroll with him later, Lin Fan could naturally ask many things he didn’t know to Chen Zhiyu.

Not long after, Chen Zhiyu took his leave after chatting with Lin Fan for a while.

At that time, it was still early.

Lin Fan lay in bed thinking about things.


He got a motivation to keep him going, that was to become stronger. And stood at the top of cultivation world of immortals. He could become one as long as he was the strongest.

Then he went to sleep.

The next day!

Early morning.

Yang Gang opened his eyes, not because he was no longer drowsy, but every morning, there was a flame burning in his heart, but at that time, that feeling was much weaker.

But he did not mind.

It was just something that happened by accident.

The most painful thing for Yang Gang to get up every day was to wash his face. If he washed it too hard, he might squeeze out the pimples, and some white stuff will flow out of it, which was very disgusting.

Yang Gang habitually picked up the mirror and looked at his face. Usually, he will be disgusted by his face, but suddenly, he found something was different.

There was far fewer acne on his face than yesterday.

“Huh! What’s going on?!”

Yang Gang, who was so serious when it came to that kind of thing, looked at the mirror again very carefully.

Then he put the mirror down, he was so shocked.

Yang Gang’s heart became hot again because he thought his face would get better.

What did he do yesterday?

Yang Gang tried to recall everything that he did yesterday.

“I was practicing yesterday morning when Junior Sister Xi brought a cunning newcomer back. I was very so angry toward him that I barely did anything.”

And as far as he remembered, he didn’t do anything unusual yesterday.


He realized something.

Yesterday he drank a glass of wine. That was the only unusual thing he did yesterday.


Yang Gang was confused. If that was the case, it would be really embarrassing, he would rather believe there was another reason for it.

After a moment.

“As long as I can be handsome…”

Yang Gang had acne all over his face. He usually pretended to be very confident, but he actually had no confidence at all.

Then he hurriedly ran toward Lin Fan’s place.

Outside the house.

Yang Gang was wandering back and forth while trying to simulate his opening lines.

“Junior Brother Lin, it was my fault for misunderstanding you yesterday. Please forgive me.”


If he said that, he would look like a man who had no pride.

“Junior Brother Lin, Do you still have the wine from yesterday?”

No, that was too straightforward. He acted all high and mighty yesterday. If he asked for wine, Lin Fan might think he was just cunning.


At that time.

Lin Fan pushed the door and saw Yang Gang standing outside.

Lin Fan was shocked, but Yang Gang was more shocked than Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was thinking just how bad Yang Gang hated him that he has been waiting for him ever since yesterday, he wanted to say something, but he decided not to as Yang Gang just left after he opened the door.

At noon.

Lin Fan was lying in his room lazily, Yang Gang has been there since morning, and Lin Fan knew he was staring at Lin Fan somewhere.

“Whatever, just stalk me if you want.”


Lin Fan heard someone knocking the door in the courtyard.

Lin Fan opened the door of his house and saw Yang Gang standing outside the courtyard door. Yang Gang’s expression was a little different than usual.

“Senior Brother Yang, even if I offend you, you can’t stalk me like this, at least give me some private space.”

Lin Fan was very helpless.

He opened the courtyard door directly and brought Yang Gang in, “Senior Brother Yang, why did you do this?”

Yang Gang stood in the courtyard with an awkward expression.

He wanted to drink that wine again to cure his face.

“That’s … Junior Brother Lin, please listen to me first.” Yang Gang took a deep breath and then smiled, thinking that he was friendly.

When Lin Fan saw Yang Gang’s smile, he was shocked. Did this guy had an ulterior motive?

“Junior Brother Lin, yesterday, my attitude towards you was really unbecoming, and I also misunderstood you. Last night, I could not sleep, so I came to apologize to you. I hope you can forgive me.”

Yang Gang said very sincerely.

That made Lin Fan was completely confused.

Yesterday he was so angry, and suddenly he was all apologetic the next day.

Never mind. Lin Fan decided to believe him.

“Senior Brother Yang, no need to apologize. Misunderstanding happens all the time.” Lin Fan said, “If that’s all, please excuse me, I have something else to do, and you must be busy too.”

Lin Fan wanted to push him away.

Yang Gang hesitated, and then he said, “Junior Brother Lin, can we drink some wine from yesterday?”

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