Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 108



Lin Fan was very surprised and did not understand what Yang Gang meant just yet.


He seemed to remember something.

Then he stared at Yang Gang’s face closely and found that his face looked somehow better than yesterday, and some of the acne on his face has already disappeared.

Demon Tiger Whip.

Yes, the description mentioned that the item could be used to make wine, which balanced yin and yang elements inside the body.


He understood.

The reason why there were those things on Yang Gang’s face was that his cultivation related to the Pure Yang Law.

It should have something to do with the five realms, which led to unknown dangers. In addition to the cultivation of Pure Yang Law, it finally led to yin and yang imbalance.

After thinking of various possibilities, Lin Fan knew that he just wanted to ask for something.

“Senior Brother Yang, most of your acne is gone.” Lin Fan said.

Yang Gang was stunned, “You already know this is gonna happen?”

Lin Fan laughed, “Senior Brother Yang, when I first entered the Mysterious Sword Peak, and saw you, I instantly knew what your problem was.”

“Even if I said that I want to help you, you might not believe me, so when you came here yesterday, I used that chance to pour a glass of medicinal wine for you, Senior Brother Yang.”

“That medicinal wine seems quite effective.”

Seeing Lin Fan’s expression, Yang Gang instantly believed what Lin Fan said.

Yang Gang thought that meant Lin Fan already knew the cause behind his worry and prepared something beforehand.

Yang Gang suddenly became desperate to get closer to Lin Fan.

“Junior Brother Lin, I …” Yang Gang grabbed Lin Fan’s arm and wanted to say something, but no words came out of his mouth. He didn’t know what to say. Ever since Lin Fan arrived, all he ever showed Lin Fan was suspicion and threat.

Lin Fan patted Yang Gang’s hand, “Senior Brother Yang don’t blame yourself. It can’t be helped if you’re suspicious of me since Senior Sister Xi suddenly brought me here.”

Yang Gang sighed, “That’s very kind of you, and I admit it was all my fault.”

Lin Fan accepted Yang Gang’s apology wholeheartedly.

What else could he do at that point?

Originally, Lin Fan just wanted to use the wine to trick him, but Lin Fan didn’t expect it will have such a magical effect.

Lin Fan said, “It’s already noon, since you’re already here, let’s have lunch together, I’ll prepare a meal for you to eat with the wine.”

“O… Okay.” Yang Gang was embarrassed.

He was so polite, if it wasn’t because of the wine, he wouldn’t change his mind and realized his mistake.

He found that Chen Zhiyu and Yang Gang were both good people, unlike Ye Zhentian.

After a while.

The table was full of delicious food.

Yang Gang wanted to help Lin Fan, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t cook, all he could do was stare, making him very embarrassed.

Lin Fan took the jug and poured wine to Yang Gang, “Senior Brother Yang, please enjoy the wine and food.”

Yang Gang looked at the yellow liquid in the glass, and he could not wait to drink it.

“Senior Brother Yang, why don’t you go ahead and eat?” Lin Fan waved his hand, “No need to hold back.”

Yang Gang took the glass and drank it. And when he put down the glass, he found that Lin Fan was staring at the glass.

“Junior Brother Lin, Do you want to drink it too?” Yang Gang asked.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “No, no.”

After a few bites of food, he asked, “Junior Brother Lin, what are the ingredients of this medicinal wine, is it made of rare materials?”

“No, not at all, that is just a common medicinal wine.” Lin Fan found Yang Gang’s eyes were fixed on him.

Yang Gang thought the materials were very precious.

If it wasn’t, how could it get rid of the acne from his face?

Lin Fan said, “Senior Brother Yang, in your case, there’s an anomaly when you cultivated the first and third stages of initial realms. And I could feel your body constantly emits Pure Yang Aura.”

Yang Gang nodded and said, “Well, yes, I ‘m surprised that you can see it. The technique I cultivate is indeed Pure Yang Law. Junior Brother Lin, is it somehow related to the acne on my face?”

Lin Fan said,” That goes without saying. The fact that first realm in the five realms does not affect the internal organs, and Senior Brother Yang has not cultivated it into perfection, leaving unknown dangers, and the fact that Senior Brother Yang has cultivated Pure Yang Law that is too strong for the body.”

“Simply put, it’s a disorder of your qi, which caused these acnes in the first place.”

Yang Gang could not exactly comprehend what Lin Fan said.

But it sounded reasonable enough when Lin Fan said it.

“Brother Lin, I’m here.”

“Wow, I can smell something good here from miles away.”

Chen Zhiyu came shamelessly again, but when he walked into the courtyard, he found out that his big brother was also there, and it seemed that he was suddenly closer to Lin Fan.

He had a wine glass in his hand.

What was happening?

What happened yesterday seemed like a dream.

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