Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 109


Lin Fan didn’t expect Chen Zhiyu’s arrival. Fortunately, Yang Gang was as hard-headed as he thought and admitted his mistakes. He properly apologized for his behavior and harsh words. In the end, it was a misunderstanding.

Outside the courtyard.

“You don’t have to give it to me, I will remember your kindness.” Yang Gang was feeling so grateful.

“Senior Brother Yang, you can come back anytime. At this rate, it will not take before all your acne disappears.” Lin Fan said.

Yang Gang looked at Lin Fan, his eyes were filled with kindness, then he grabbed Lin Fan ’s hand and said, “Thanks, Junior Brother Lin.”

Lin Fan wanted to pull his hand away, but he had no choice.

In the end, Yang Gang left with gratitude.

Chen Zhiyu looked at the back of his Senior Brother and looked at Lin Fan again, giving a thumbs up to Lin Fan, and he said, “Junior Brother Lin, you really are something, you even befriend that infamous Senior Brother Yang.”

“Let’s go in.” Lin Fan smiled lightly.

Meng Qingyao hasn’t come to meet Lin Fan, maybe she didn’t think much of Lin Fan, so she couldn’t just use her precious time to meet Lin Fan.

Those two walked down Mysterious Sword Peak.

“Senior Brother Chen, I heard that Ye Zhentian is very powerful. Is that true?” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Zhiyu said, “Yeah, he is very powerful, but he is not the strongest in Taiwu Sect, but you have to remember that there’s bad blood between Sky Peak and Mysterious Sword Peak.”

“Oh? What’s the story behind it?” Lin Fan asked curiously. He also wanted to know who was more powerful than Ye Zhentian.

Chen Zhiyu suddenly looked angry when he recalled about what happened between Sky Peak and Mysterious Sword Peak, and then he said, “Everything began three years ago. Senior Sister Meng once found a cave full of spirit stone cave in the secret realm. But because she was alone, she could only take a few backs, but while she did so, she heard the news about our disciples being attacked, and she rushed back to help them.”

“After she successfully repelled the enemy, Ye Zhentian came out of the cave and got as much spirit stone as he could ask for.”

” Senior Sister Meng didn’t do anything about it?”

Chen Zhiyu smiled bitterly, “He took a lot of spirit stones, but he said he only got a few. Because Senior Sister Meng is a female disciple, she wanted to avoid any kind of dispute.”

“Senior Sister Meng, of course, was so furious, she even coldly smashed the spirit stones she got in that cave into pieces.”

“So, our mortal enemy in the sect is Ye Zhentian.”

It didn’t take too long before those two arrived at the mountain foot.

“That’s Sky Peak over there. After Ye Zhentian found the spirit stones, his power skyrocketed. He is expected to become one of the richest disciples in the sect.”

Chen Zhiyu was very worried and then seemed to think of something, and then he said, “But I heard that one of their disciples had not returned yet, and it was rumored that he died. That may be the only good news.”

Well, the culprit was Lin Fan.

At that time.

They heard voices.

Three disciples came from afar while mocking Mysterious Sword Peak, and when they saw Chen Zhiyu, they showed ridiculing smiles on their faces.

Chen Zhiyu saw those guys and said, “Junior Brother Lin, let’s go, no need to deal with this group of trash.”

“Stop, who is trash again?” The leader of those guys shouted.

“Your Senior Sister is not even as good as our Senior Brother Ye. She’s only a woman who cries and asks for help, unlike our mighty Senior Brother Ye.”

“Even the goddess of luck sides with our Senior Brother Ye, we’ll start mining the Spirit Vine soon. Meanwhile, Mysterious Sword Peak is in such a pitiful state.”

Zhao Xian mocked both Mysterious Sword Peak and Meng Qingyao in front of Chen Zhiyu.

“You … ” Chen Zhiyu was angry. But he will suffer a huge loss if he fought them.

Those disciples knew the dispute between Sky Peak and Mysterious Sword Peak.

So they may be able to goad Lin Fan and Chen Zhiyu, so they could come up with a reason to fight them.

Zhao Xian turned around and said to the disciples around him, “Look at them, those two guys …” But before he could finish his words. But he was kicked to the ground.

Lin Fan was very fast, he kicked Zhao Xian so hard that he fell to the ground and then slammed Zhao Xian’s head.

Zhao Xian was flung into the air and fell down. Lin Fan grabbed Chen Zhiyu and ran towards the distance. It suddenly became quiet.

The battered up Zhao Xian barely saw what happened, and the only thing he saw right now was the ground.

“Damn …”

“Senior Brother Zhao, what happened to you?”

Everything happened so quickly. Zhao Xian was kicked and fell to the ground in the blink of an eye.

Just in a blink of an eye, Zhao Xian was beaten to a pulp.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan and Chen Zhiyu ran away.

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