Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 110


Lin Fan took Chen Zhiyu away from the scene quickly.

Chen Zhiyu’s eyes widened, “Junior Brother Lin, you just beat him out of nowhere, you should’ve told me first!”

“Don’t worry about it, besides, isn’t it exciting?” Lin Fan was so irritated, his blood was boiling, and his heart beat faster, That was the first time he beat someone and ran away, which gave different sensation from just killing someone.

“Well, a little bit.” Chen Zhiyu didn’t expect that Lin Fan was so irritated, and Lin Fan’s speed was so fast.

Lin Fan said with a smile, “it’s gonna be all right. They start it first. Are you fine with them mocking Senior Sister Meng and Mysterious Sword Peak like that?”

Chen Zhiyu wanted to say something.

But after hearing those words, he decided to remain silent. Lin Fan beat those disciples for his sake, but he’ll be held responsible at this rate…

It’s not that Lin Fan and Chen Zhiyu wasn’t strong enough to beat them, but there will be consequences for what Lin Fan just did.

“Junior Brother Lin, we should go back to Mysterious Sword Peak first. I got your back, don’t worry.”

He must inform Senior Brother Yang about what happened.

He was afraid and so tired.

“Well, our teacher will believe us.”

Lin Fan knew that things weren’t that so simple. He couldn’t just kill them because they were Sky Peak’s disciples.

The Street.

Yang Gang was buying something for Lin Fan as gratitude.

“For only a hundred spirit stones, you can get yourself this exceptional weapon. A good deal, right? If you have enough materials, you can even upgrade it to a higher grade magic weapon. And if you’re lucky enough, it can become a spiritual treasure. You don’t want to miss this valuable weapon.”

The disciple behind the booth shouted vigorously, offering Yang Gang one of his merchandise.

“I know it’s not expensive. Just let me think for a bit.” Yang Gang said.

One hundred spirit stones for a piece of middle-grade magic weapon was indeed a pretty good deal.

But he only received ten spirit stones/month, and he has already saved up more than one hundred spirit stones. But if he bought it, almost none of his saved up spirit stones will remain.

“Okay, I take it.” Yang Gang took out the spirit stone, he just had to return the Lin Fan’s favor.

Yang Gang placed the sword in the box, he was making his way to Lin Fan’s house when he heard the conversation of the disciples nearby.

” Chen Zhiyu from Mysterious Sword Peak brought a new disciple near Sky Peak, and that new disciple beat the crap out of Zhao Xian. How will Sky Peak solve this matter?”

When Yang Gang heard that conversation, his expression changed, and then he walked away.

Wasn’t Junior Brother Lin with Junior Brother Chen?

How did they end up rumbling with Sky Peak?

Mysterious Sword Peak.

Xi Xi already heard about that, and walked around anxiously, “What should I do? What can I do? I will have to report this to Senior Sister Meng.”

“Wait.” Lin Fan stopped Xi Xi, “Senior Sister Xi, don’t panic. You don’t know anything. Just tell Senior Sister Meng that it wasn’t that big of a deal. And if they come here and look for trouble, we can turn the tables.”

“You are too naive. Sky Peak could easily manipulate the information, they are dangerous, use this opportunity to learn your mistakes.” Xi Xi said.

She was afraid that the enemy wanted Lin Fan dead, and she knew the sect wouldn’t do anything about it.

“Senior Sister Xi, it’s all my fault. If I didn’t take Junior Brother Lin to Sky Peak, this wouldn’t happen in the first place.” Chen Zhiyu said.

Lin Fan didn’t expect them to worry about that.

But it actually worked to Lin Fan favor, he thought he could use that chance to get some extra items

At that time.

Yang Gang hurriedly went to Lin Fan’s house with the box in his hand, “Junior Brother Chen, didn’t you take Junior Brother Lin to look around? How did it come to this even though you’re with him?”

“Senior Brother Yang, don’t blame Senior Brother Chen. This is what happened … ” Lin Fan told them what happened, including what Zhao said.

Yang Gang gritted his teeth and said, “those deceptive bastards!! How dare they insult Senior Sister Meng, I …”

He almost smashed the box in his hand due to anger.

But when he remembered what was in the box, he calmed down a bit.

What good will it be if what was inside the box was smashed into smithereens?

“Let’s calm down now, let’s hear what they have to say.” Yang Gang said, and then he handed the box to Lin Fan, “Junior Brother Lin, this is the gift that I just bought for you. What do you think?”

“Senior Brother Yang, that’s very kind of you.”Lin Fan said.

Yang Gang said with a smile, “What are you saying, please take it.” Lin Fan accepted it, he will be stupid not to accept it.

When Lin Fan opened it, he was immediately shocked and knew at first glance that thing was extraordinary.

Xi Xi said, “Wow, this is a middle-grade magic weapon, Senior Brother Yang, you are so generous.”

Yang Gang said, “Middle-class magic weapon sword, if Junior Brother Lin likes it, then it was worth the price.”



Xi Xi suddenly remembered something, staring with the confused eyes at Yang Gang and Lin Fan.

“Junior Brother Lin? Since when did you two get so close? I thought you hate Junior Brother Lin.”

Yang Gang was a bit embarrassed, and then said, “Junior Sister Xi, as you said, it was a misunderstanding, I’ve seen my errors, is it too late to make up?”

Lin Fan nodded and said, “Yes, what Senior Brother Yang said is right, please rest assured, and I will accept this gift as a token of our reconciliation.”

Lin Fan hid the toad sword because he was undercover.

At that time.

Someone was shouting right outside Mysterious Sword Peak.

“Meng Qingyao, how will you plan to take responsibility for this matter?”

“I asked my teacher personally to have a fight with that disciple who humiliated my Junior Brother. If he lose, he has to kneel to atone for his sin.”

Soon, that voice is gone.

Yang Gang and others looked confused.

They didn’t expect Ye Zhentian took this matter into his own hand. They suddenly looked at Lin Fan worriedly.

“Junior Brother …” But for Lin Fan, that was exactly what he could ask for.

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