Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 111


Note: I removed senior/junior, just use brother/sister instead.

“Don’t panic.” Lin Fan said. After all, they underestimated him. Lin Fan saw that as an advantage.

“Brother Lin, be on guard.” Yang Gang said.


Several figures approached from afar.

They were Sky Peak’s disciples led Zhao Xian. Although his face was swollen, but when he saw Lin Fan, his expression suddenly changed.

“Mother f*cker, it’s you.”

Although he couldn’t react when Lin Fan kicked him earlier, he knew it was Lin Fan who did it.

“Hey watch your words, are you some uneducated bum or what? Is there nothing but a bunch of lowlife in Sky Peak?” Lin Fan said.

Zhao Xian was furious, his face showed how furious he was, “Oho, you sure are good at running your mouth, I will make you pay the price.”

After Lin Fan beat him, he went back to tell Ye Zhentian, and he was scolded by him instead, and he couldn’t back to Sky Peak because losing against Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple was unforgivable, so he must make it even.

“Oh, so confident, it seems you guys are ready for everything.” Lin Fan stared at Zhao Xian.

Zhao Xian stared coldly, without fear, Lin Fan got quite some numbers behind him, and they could attack him anytime, and they decided not to act recklessly in the enemy’s base, they acknowledged that their enemy was quite strong.

He was afraid that he would be killed, but when he remembered that his brother got his back, he suddenly became so brave.

Zhao Xian took out a piece of paper, and tossed it to Lin Fan, when Lin Fan picked it, turns out it was a duel to death challenge.

Zhao Xian prepared it for Lin Fan.

“Brother, don’t accept it.” Xi Xi tried to stop Lin Fan, and then looked at Zhao Xian and said, “Zhao Xian, you already crossed the line, I will tell my sister about this if you insist on pressing on this matter.”

“What?” Zhao Xian smiled slightly. “Be my guest. I don’t mind.”

Xi Xi wanted to prevent that duel before it was too late.

But since Meng Qingyao didn’t even bother to mediate the current situation, Xi Xi figured out that her sister was avoiding in trouble, but if she went ahead and prevented the duel, her sister might be dragged into this matter, so she hesitated.

“No, I’ll accept this duel.” Lin Fan wrote down his name using his blood, and then he threw it to Zhao Xian, “Let’s not waste both our time, just get to it already.”

“Brother Lin!” Xi Xi glared at Lin Fan, she was upset because her younger brother was too impulsive.

“Haha.” Lin Fan smiled, and then looked at Yang Gang, “Brother Yang, I didn’t expect that the gift you just gave me will come in handy this quick. Let’s see how this streamer sword cut him into pieces.”

“Yes, if I cut him to death, everything is on him is mine, right?”

Yang Gang and others blinked and shouted in their heart, “What are you doing Brother Lin?! Can’t you see that the enemy was fully prepared?”

“Also, it’s all yours. On the death stage, everything belongs to the winner.” Yang Gang explained.

It has been so long since the last death stage was held at Taiwu Sect.

The main reason was that it was too cruel.

“Wait, you really think you can kill me?” Zhao Xian sneered again and again.

Lin Fan urged, “Come on, don’t waste our time. Hurry up so I can kill you.”

“You …” Zhao Xian was very angry because of Lin Fan and looked at Lin Fan fiercely.

“Okay, let’s go. Let’s see what you got.”

Xi Xi was anxious, she didn’t know what she should do. Zhao Xian was fully prepared. The only one who could stop this was her sister.

“Brother Lin, hold on, I’ll be right back.”

She ran as fast as she could to her sister’s house.

It has been a while since the last duel was held, and just like the past duels, the spectator placed a bet on which of them will emerge victoriously.

Sky Peak versus Mysterious Sword Peak.

Odds were 0.8 to 2.

Most of the disciples bet on Sky Peak. After all, everyone believed that Ye Zhentian was much more powerful than Meng Qingyao, and they believed that Ye Zhentian would never take on a challenge that he couldn’t win.

Zhao Xian should’ve had enough preparation.

That Mysterious Sword Peak’s kid was finished.

That was what most people believed


“Sister! Sister! Please save Brother Lin, he and Zhao Xian are about to duel till death.” Xi xi ran in and saw her sister sat while reading a book without a care in the world.

“Xi Xi, you’re joking right?” Meng Qingyao said.

“Sister, I’m not messing around, Lin Fan is our disciple of Mysterious Sword Peak. No one can help Brother Lin now other than you, sister. Zhao Xian must’ve had Ye Zhentian’s support. Brother Lin will go against him.” Xi xi said. She was not strong enough to help Lin Fan.

Meng Qingyao closed the book and looked at Xi Xi, “Sister, he must clean after his own mess. If he doesn’t want to duel, he can admit defeat, and since he agrees with the duel, that is his problem alone.”

“Sister, you can’t say that. It’s because Zhao Xian insulted us Mysterious Sword Peak and you too, sister.” Xi Xi didn’t understand why her sister was so cold, even if she hated Lin Fan, at least she should stand up for Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple.

Mengqing Yao said, “Xi Xi, he had to resolve this matter by himself.”

An irresistible force shrouded Xi Xi’s body and sent her out of the house.

The door was closed.

Xi Xi couldn’t open it even if she pushed it from outside.

Meng Qingyao shook her head and sighed, looking at the words of an ancient book.

“Life and Death.”

This matter could only be resolved from the root.

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