Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 112 Everything You Have Will Be Mine


Duel to death was held in the most terrifying site in Taiwu Sect. There were four stone pillars at each corners of the ring. The pillars with demon’s head carving on top of it were stained with blood.

As the time passed, the blood coagulated and blackened, and it was unknown how many people has died in the middle of death stage at Taiwu Sect in the past years.

“They are here!”

“Lin Fan must lose. If he wins this, I will be bankrupt.”

The dueling ground was already full of disciples even before Lin Fan and King Zhao Xian arrived there.

They were discussing who will emerge victorious.

As they talked about what happened three years ago between Ye Zhentian and Meng Qingyao, Lin Fan and King Zhao Xian finally stood on the life or death duel ground.

King Zhao Xian was so calm, he looked around, jumped up and down on the dueling ground and taunted Lin Fan, “You ass h*le, I will beat you to a pulp.”

Lin Fan was a bit nervous, but he was not afraid.

“Brother, be careful. If things get bad, just jump off the ring immediately.” Yang Gang grabbed Lin Fan’s shoulder.

Lin Fan said, “Why don’t you put some faith in me.”

“Brother, we believe in you, but you can’t be too careful.” Chen Zhiyu said, then glanced left and right, and quietly stuffed something into Lin Fan’s palm while standing in front of Lin Fan to cover what he did, “Brother, this is a Talisman, it can protect you from a curse, please use it with care, and seize the opportunity once you see one.”

Chen Zhiyu gave it decisively, he was rooting for Lin Fan.

Lin Fan glanced down, and the item’s description was shown in his mind.

‘Golden Amulet: Amulet made of gold, drawn from the unyielding spirit, consumed a lot of mana, and could resist the fourth realm’s technique’

“Thank you, Brother” Lin Fan said.

He got additional protection in case he slipped up.

Chen Zhiyu patted Lin Fan’s shoulder, he was very honest, “It’s okay, you should be fine. I will be counting on you, brother.”

“Hey, don’t tell me you got a cold feet, you better kneel and apologize to me right now if you want to change your mind!” King Zhao Xian shouted.

“Are you really in such a hurry to die?” Lin Fan said.

King Zhao Xian took a deep breath to stabilize his spiritual power.

“Brother, I’m on. Those disciples seem to make a bet over there. If you bet on me, you’ll win. I’ll make sure that you will not lose money.”

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu looked at Lin Fan’s back worriedly.

“Brother, you got any spirit stone?” Yang Gang asked.

Chen Zhiyu was stunned, “Brother, do you want to bet on our junior brother?”

Yang Gang said, “Hey, it is difficult to choose. In fact, to be honest, King Zhao Xian is more likely to win, Brother Lin’s chance to win is slim, but he is our brother.”

“Brother, don’t worry, I will bet on Brother Lin, let’s pray for his victory. I will bet this fourth grade amulet.”

Yang Gang looked at Chen Zhiyu’s eyes, and thought how generous his younger brother was, but how did he get something that good? He didn’t even have any, nor did Meng Qingyao

On stage.

With a smile on his face, Lin Fan looked at the disciples around him and clenched his fists, “I know you guys bet on him to make some quick money. But I will make sure you guys regret that decision.” Lin Fan said with confident tone.

The disciples in the audience seat mocked him, “Bullshit, you will lose miserably.”

“King Zhao Xian came prepared and i’m sure he’ll win.”

“Brother, just admit defeat already so we can earn some extra spirit stones.”

King Zhao Xian stood up, he looked Lin Fan on the stage while sneering.

He was absolutely sure that he will win.

When he raised his hand, four flags were inserted in the four corners of the ring, and suddenly, the flags formed a line and expanded into a barrier, and completely blocked the ring.

“Now, even if you admit defeat, i won’t show any mercy.”

King Zhao Xian borrowed that artifact from Ye Zhentian, he told his brother that he wanted Lin Fan died on the ring.

So Brother Ye gave him a Sealed Land Flag.

It had not offensive power, its sole purpose was to restrict enemy’s movement.

Yang Gang from the audience sit was worried, “Ye Zhentian gave King Zhao Xian a good thing.”

At that time, Xixi hurriedly ran.

Yang Gang immediately asked, “How is it? What did Sister say?”

Xixi shook her head without saying anything, she just looked at Lin Fan on the stage worriedly.

“How come?” Yang Gang did not expect that his Sister will not help Lin Fan. Didn’t that mean letting her brother die?

But at that time Lin Fan was already standing on the duel ground, even if Meng Qingyao came to help, it was all too late.

They could only hope that their junior brother will win.

“Zhao, to think that you even cut off your own escape route, how foolish.” Lin Fan said with a smile, that attitude, that expression, anyone who saw it couldn’t help but getting frustrated.

Zhao Xian was originally a prince of the dynasty, titled Yin Wang, so when he came to Taiwu Sect, he always called himself King Zhao Xian.

“Such a confident, ass h*le, I will annihilate you here.” King Zhao Xian said.

Lin Fan only smiled.

‘King Zhao Xian: Second stage destiny of longevity’

‘Possible item drop: Golden Spirit Root Fragment, Earth Spirit Root Fragment, 322 years worth of Mana, Sealed Land Flag, Gold Silk Shining Armor, Dragon Tiger Jade, Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, Kowloon Undefeated Imperial Boxing, Dragon Breathing Technique, Xiang Fu Mo Sword, Etc

King Zhao Xian learned quite a lot of skills and common martial arts, but Lin Fan was most concerned about the artifact he got.

Sure enough.

He was well prepared.

Ye Zhentian must have lent him the artifacts.

It will be a fierce.

But …

Everything you had will be mine.

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