Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 113


Zhao Xian had a good talent.

Lin Fan thought how kind Ye Zhentian was, he even sent that artifact as a gift for him to take.

At this point, he didn’t care if he offended Ye Zhentian, as they were already inside the dueling ground.

At that time.

Zhao Xian has been trying his best to put up with Lin Fan’s arrogance for a while, but he couldn’t hold it anymore. The only thing in his mind was how to kill Lin Fan.

“Just die already.”


Zhao Xian showed his invincible Dragon Fist. That technique was from an imperial dynasty, which was a martial art that required imperial blessing to master it successfully.

And because Zhao Xian was a descendant of the imperial family, he could master that technique.

Six golden dragons encircled Zhao Xian’s body, his cultivation mainly learned about the technique of the six dragons. That technique packed quite a punch, but he didn’t know how strong Lin Fan was.

Lin Fan hesitated to use his Earthen Fist because that was a common martial art, Lin Fan doubted that technique could stand toe to toe with Zhao Xian’s Dragon Fist.

After that battle was over, it seemed that he had to go outside to obtain more martial arts.

Because of his strong mana, he could even produce a tremendous amount of force just by using common martial art.

A fist technique with surmountable power.

Lin Fan’s fist technique was extraordinary, It was as if it was fueled with the power of the world itself. The stronger the momentum, the stronger his power will be.

“I didn’t expect that you would have such strong mana, this shouldn’t be possible.” Yang Gang said. After seeing Lin Fan’s strength, he could not help but relieved.

Zhao Xian has not yet shown the ace up his sleeve.


At that time.

Zhao Xian kept dodging. He was continuously dodging after being beaten once.

“Good boy, I thought you’re just bluffing confident, it turns out you’re not too bad after all.”

Zhao Xian used his Imperial technique, and a powerful magic weapon floated up.

Yang Gang saw that thing and said, “That is the Dragon and Tiger Jade Ruyi, a top-grade magic weapon, you must behead the Black Python and the Tiger King to get the materials, that weapon was forged from their bones, and then sealed their souls in it, although it’s just a top-grade magic weapon, but it can become an artifact.”

No one knew how many artifacts Ye Zhentian lent to Zhao Xian.

Lin Fan was in danger.

Lin Fan was standing with the Streamer Sword and stayed calm. He even smiled and said, “Zhao Xian, I’ve been wondering why did you act so high and mighty. It turns out someone is backing you up, huh?”

“But, you disappoint me.”

I, Lin Fan, as a disciple of Mysterious Sword Peak will kill you here with a middle-level Streamer Sword, a present from my brother. I don’t need those artifacts to defeat the likes of you. No matter how many artifacts you have, you yourself aren’t any stronger.”

The audience was silent, they still hoped for Zhao Xian to win that duel.

“Cut the crap.” Zhao Xian didn’t care what Lin Fan said, he raised his weapon into the sky and rushed toward Lin Fan.

“Hahaha, a worm dares to call himself a dragon.” Lin Fan screamed, and he sprinted with an unbelievable speed, creating after images, and went straight to Zhao Xian.

His speed wasn’t as fast as when he used Breaking Sound Magic Sword, but it was still fast enough nonetheless. Lin Fan’s opponent stared at him, they clashed, followed by a loud sound.

Lin Fan blocked his opponent’s attack with his mana, causing immense aftershock.

In a blink of an eye.

Lin Fan appeared in front of Zhao Xian and swung his sword, but that was a feint, Lin Fan planted his feet on the ground to gain explosive momentum, and he suddenly appeared behind Zhao Xian and swung his sword toward Zhao Xian’s neck.

Everything happened so quickly.

He knew that Zhao Xian wore gold silk armor, but there should be no problem if he aimed for Zhao Xian’s head.

But he didn’t expect it.

Right before Lin Fan’s sword reached Zhao Xian’s head, Zhao Xian’s body suddenly shone, blocking Lin Fan’s attack.

“Damn it.” Lin Fan cursed. He didn’t expect that the golden silk armor will be a hindrance.

He quickly backed away in response.

But Zhao Xian managed to cut Lin Fan with his sword, although it was pretty shallow.

Lin Fan looked down. A shallow wound was cut through his chest, thanks to his ability, his body didn’t cut in half.

“Hahaha, how about it, do you think you can kill me?” Zhao Xian pretended to be very calm, but he was panicked deep inside.

Lin Fan was too strong.

If it was not Zhao Xian’s brother lent him those magic artifacts, he would die for sure.

The Golden Armor blocked Lin Fan’s attack, but Lin Fan’s magic weapon was quite powerful, so it wasn’t like Zhao Xian didn’t receive any damage.

A long sword surrounded Zhao Xian, it evaporated into smoke and solidified into sword shortly after.

Xi Xi looked at the long sword near Zhao Xian and said, “Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, that spirit weapon belongs to Ye Zhentian. Ye Zhentian must’ve lent it to him. This is no longer a fair duel!”

“Sister, there is no fair or such in this duel, I knew I shouldn’t let our younger brother duel him.” Yang Gang clenched his fist.

Lin Fan’s wounded chest recovered instantly.

“Great, it’s the first time I see the spirit weapon that really packed quite a punch.” Lin Fan smiled, and at that time, he still laughed, which made many disciples a bit confused.

Normally anyone would’ve scared the moment they saw a spirit weapon.

They did not expect that Ye Zhentian even lent his spirit weapon to Zhao Xian.

“Huh, I wonder how long you can keep that bravado of yours, I will make you regret it. How will you deal with this flying smoke spirit sword?”

Zhao Xian was so confident that he never thought he would lose, although his cultivation is unable to draw out the true power of the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword, he thought it was enough to deal with Lin Fan.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve been playing around since the beginning, but it’s getting boring, so just die already.”

Zhao Xian looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at an ant.

He rushed toward Lin Fan at an incredible speed.

Lin Fan held the Streamer Sword and waited for his opportunity.


When the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was about to reach Lin Fan, it vaporated again, of smoke spread around, slowly blocking Lin Fan’s sight.


In the thick smoke, a sword suddenly headed straight toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan evaded it.

“Breaking Sound Magic Sword.”

Lin Fan disappeared instantly.

The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword seemed to have seen through Lin Fan’s camouflage, and it flew toward a place with no one was seen there.

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