Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 114


“Where did that guy go?”

Zhao Xian looked for Lin Fan, but there was not even a silhouette on the dueling ground.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan to be that so strong.

“That Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple is not bad, even though Zhao Xian used that many artifacts, he still can not kill him.”

“He even had a spirit weapon too.”

They didn’t believe their eyes.

Even with so many artifacts, Zhao Xian still failed to kill his opponent.

Zhao Xian was discouraged when he heard the spectator whispered among themselves.

At that time.

Zhao Xian, who felt the impending danger, returned to his sense, he found out that Lin Fan was already in front of him all of a sudden. He was terrified, but he pretended to be calm.


Lin Fan was coming out of thin air.


Lin Fan didn’t even give him a chance to take a breath.

He had nearly five hundred years of mana.

He took a stance to use his technique, planted his feet deep on the ground with the Streamer Sword in his hand.

Zhao Xian’s pupils dilated as he sensed immense power coming from Lin Fan.

Zhao Xian couldn’t move.

The main reason was he couldn’t follow Lin Fan’s movement with his eyes, and he simply couldn’t react.


Lin Fan slashed his sword, aiming straight for Zhao Xian.

But the Golden Silk Armor shone, blocking the attack.

“Haaaaa…” Lin Fan screamed and increased his power output.


“How is this possible?” Zhao Xian couldn’t believe it. The Golden Silk Armor shattered, and he suffered great damage from Lin Fan’s attack.

He spat blood and unable to even move for an inch.

And at that moment.

Zhao Xian swung his sword toward Lin Fan in desperation, but before it reached Lin Fan’s body, Lin Fan managed to evade it by a hair’s breadth, and he grabbed Zhao Xian’s sword.

He covered his fingers with mana and caught Flying Smoke Spirit Sword.

In an instant.

Lin Fan’s hand was bleeding. Thanks to his strong mana, he could catch such a sharp spirit sword barehandedly.


Everyone was shocked when they saw Lin Fan caught the sword, including Meng Qingyao, who was watching their fight from afar.

Lin Fan felt that his hand was about to reach its limit, and the Streamer Sword in his hand repelled the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword.

“Come back.”

Zhao Xian covered his chest and screamed. He was really scared. He didn’t expect that Lin Fan was so well prepared.

The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword returned to Zhao Xian and protected him.

He spat out blood, he was seriously wound, and he was panicked.

“Dragon and Tiger Ruyi.”

He was struggling and released the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi, but he had insufficient mana because he was controlling the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword at the same time.

Lin Fan slashed him and blocked the Dragon and Tiger Ruyi right after.

“What do you think now? If you have something to say, just say it already. Because you will die soon.” Lin Fan said.

Zhao Xian stepped back with his hand trembling until his back hit the barrier. He wanted to retreat and but the artifacts he used blocked his way.

The disciples shouted.

“Zhao Xian, you are strong.”

“Don’t lose, if you lose, I’m finished.”

No matter what, Zhao Xian was Sky Peak’s disciple, he must win, he himself didn’t want to lose, but the reality Zhao Xian was in a tight spot.

Lin Fan frowned. The next moment was the most important part. The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword was protecting him, but he didn’t attack and just stood there cautiously

Was he waiting for the opportunity?

He was really worried that Ye Zhentian will save his sorry ass because he couldn’t do anything at that time.

He remembered the Golden Amulet that his brother gave him earlier.

As soon as he had the idea, he immediately made his move.

“Zhao Xian, I will send you to the afterlife.”

Lin Fan held his sword and flashed toward Zhao Xian, leaving a trail of aura behind him.

“You …”

Zhao Xian panicked and wanted to jump off the stage and fled. But he had already blocked his way out before the duel began.

At that moment, he remembered what Lin Fan said to him earlier.

He thought he could easily kill Lin Fan.

But it seemed that he was digging his own grave.

“Damn, I will fight with you till my last breath.” Zhao Xian shouted while pumping the mana in his body to enhance the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword’s power forcibly.

As a result, Zhao Xian’s injury worsened, and his body degenerate unbelievably fast that was visible to the naked eye.

The Flying Smoke Spirit Sword evaporated into smoke, and then solidified again, conjuring several long swords at Zhao Xian’s disposal.

“Even if I die, I will at least take you with me.” Zhao Xian roared.

Several Flying Smoke Spirit Swords rushed toward Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was not afraid, he took out the Golden Amulet, it turned into golden light.


Zhao Xian’s head was cut off by Lin Fan.


Everyone didn’t say anything.

Lin Fan stood in front of Zhao Xian’s body, and the Golden Amulet burned to ashes.

“Zhao Xian, thank you for your gift.”

Lin Fan quickly took the Dragon and Tiger Ruly and the Flying Smoke Spirit Sword lying near Zhao Xian’s corpse.

Those rightfully belonged to Lin Fan as of that moment.

No one could take it away.

It was a pity that he didn’t get the Golden Silk Armor.

No one cheered for his victory, which made him upset.

Lin Fan said to everyone, “Dear friends, you can chant my name now, maybe?”

He waited for the cheers.


“You ass hole … I bankrupt.”

“Damn Zhao Xian, I believed in you, dipshit!”

“How could this happen to me, my spirit stone…”

The disciples there were angry toward Lin Fan because they lost their bet.

Lin Fan frowned, No one expected him to win.

What a group of guys with no dreams.

So sad.

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