Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 115


It was an upsetting victory.

Lin Fan saw Xi Xi, and his brothers were shocked as well.

He gave thumbs up to Xi Xi and others, then he smiled.

“Oh my God, our brother is amazing.” Chen Zhiyu jumped in happiness. He really didn’t expect that his brother was so powerful.

Lin Fan stepped down from the stage, “Are you surprised?”

Chen Zhiyu said, “Brother, you should’ve said it from the very beginning that you have this one on the bag, making us worried sick like that, geez.”

“I did say it earlier, but you don’t believe it, what can I do? “Lin Fan was quite helpless, he had no choice but to show what he got, only then that they may acknowledge his strength.

At that time.

‘Obtained Earth Root Fragment.’

‘Obtained 322 years worth of mana.’

‘Obtained Dragon Fist.’

When Lin Fan saw the item drop, he felt an intimidating aura was approaching, and it was coming from Ye Zenthian.

“Brother Ye.”

The disciples bowed to Ye Zenthian.

The core disciples were the most respected disciples there, other disciples were obliged to respect them.

Lin Fan looked at Ye Zenthian, but his eyes were hurt when he looked at Ye Zenthian.

“Is that what you want me to see?”

Ye Zhentian looked at Zhao Xian, who just died on the dueling ground expressionless, no one knew what he was actually thinking at that moment.

But Ye Zenthian was the representative of Sky Peak, of course, he was angry deep down.

Ye Zhentian said, “To think that Mysterious Sword Peak has such competent disciple. Well played Meng Qingyao. Zhao Xian is not a good man, he is so proud of dueling until dead, but I’m afraid the weapon I lent him doesn’t belong to you.”

“Even if that artifact looks like a scrap in my eyes.”

Then he looked at Lin Fan and said, “Hand over the artifact.”

Lin Fan frowned. What did he mean?

But Ye Zenthian looked so overwhelming.

But before Lin Fan could say anything, Xi Xi suddenly beat him to it.

“When Taiwu Sect built this dueling ground, they set the rules that the winner takes all, and my brother wins the duel fair and square, so that artifact rightfully belongs to him.”

“Why did you ask my brother to hand it over?”

Xi Xi was afraid of Ye Zhentian, but her obligation to stand for Lin Fan out shadowed her fear because she was the one who brought Lin Fan to Mysterious Sword Peak.

Xi Xi, who seemed harmless and cute at first glance, seemed dependable at that time.

Lin Fan stopped Xi Xi and clenched his fists, he said, “Don’t bring my sister into this.”

“This is my business, and I have to settle this myself.”

Then, Lin Fan signaled Xi Xi to leave it to him.

Lin Fan pondered for a while and clenched his fists, he said, “I’m still new here, I heard that the core disciples are so arrogant, turns out it’s not just a rumor.”

“Well, I’m just an ordinary disciple, I will obey your order.”

“After all, Master Ye is a core disciple. You can kill me easily.”

“Although this is a magic weapon, it might be a waste for us in Mysterious Sword Peak. Maybe it will be more useful in the hand of Master Ye. It can’t be helped, right? Here you go.”

The atmosphere at the scene suddenly changed.

The disciples around him didn’t feel anything at first, but after processing what Lin Fan just said, they realized there was a big hole there.

Lin Fan was not angry, but he set a trap.

The sect set the rules of dueling ground.

If Ye Zhentian took his artifact back, that meant Ye Zhentian’s word as a core disciple had more authority than the sect’s rules.

So if Ye Zhentian took back the magic weapon, he would put the dirt in the core disciples’ reputation.


Lin Fan felt that Ye Zenthian’s eyes were locked on him, and he felt uncomfortable.

But he didn’t care about that at all.

Meng Qingyao, who was watching from far away, laughed when she heard their conversation.

“Ye Zhentian, you really are as shameless as always. The sect has long decided the rules. As a core disciple, you couldn’t change the rules according to on a whim. Or are you planning to go against our sect?”

“Well, if you insist, so be it. I’ll let Mysterious Sword Peak have that one. After all, it is just an artifact. Even that Flying Smoke Spirit Sword is just a spirit weapon.”

“Mysterious Sword Peak is not that poor.”

Meng Qingyao’s reply made Ye Zhentian’s expression changed.

“Well, well, today is just a bad day, but at least I get to see an interesting sight here.”

Ye Zenthian clearly was at his limit.

Dealing with Meng Qingyao alone was hard enough for him.

But now there was an even more troublesome guy than Meng Qingyao.

Ye Zhentian glanced at Lin Fan, made sure to remember Lin Fan’s face.

Lin Fan saw Ye Zenthian left grumpily, he didn’t even bring back his brother’s corpse.

“Master Ye, Zhao Xian is your brother, the dead obviously cannot bring back their bodies on their own, right?” Lin Fan said.

He started to get ahead of himself.

Lin Fan himself kind of panic, but he just couldn’t stop showing off in front of Ye Zhentian.

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