Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 117


Taiwu Sect.

It was like another peaceful day in Taiwu Sect, where the disciples were busy with their martial arts training. They were trying their best to become core disciple in order to earn more resources for themselves.

They believed that one day they would also become core disciples.

Lin Fan constantly felt other’s gaze as he walked.

“I suddenly become a celebrity, huh?” Lin Fan muttered, everyone’s eyes were suddenly on him after he became a celebrity.

Some of the disciples around him obviously have heard the news and whispered among themselves.

“Isn’t he the one who kill Zhao Yin Wang? What is he planning to do now?”

“I don’t know, anyway, he is fearless and quite formidable, messing around with him is not a good idea.”

“Even with artifacts and spirit weapon at his disposal, that Zhao Xian still couldn’t defeat him.”

“Hush! Lower down your voice! Here he comes!”

As Lin Fan approached, those disciples pretended to be so absorbed in their activity, as if they did not see Lin Fan.

Lin Fan didn’t find it acceptable.

“Hey! Brother, do you know who I am?” Lin Fan asked one of the disciples there with slight anticipation.

He was waiting for those disciples to praise him for his recent achievement.

The disciple shivered slightly and calmly said, “I don’t, who are you again?”

Then those disciples hurriedly walked away, as if seeing a bad omen.

“Weird…” Lin Fan rubbed his chin wonderingly.

The disciples who walked away saw that Lin Fan did not chase them, and they were relieved.

Lin Fan shook his head.

He decided to let it slide.

Maybe people felt inferior in front of him.

Lin Fan walked around, and he had already arrived at the foot of Sky Peak before he realized it.

There were many of Sky Peak’s disciples there. When they saw Lin Fan, they naturally recognized who Lin Fan was.

They just lost it.

Coming to Sky Peak right after killing their brother in a duel, those disciples thought that Lin Fan really took them for granted.

Lin Fan was satisfied with such a reaction.

When he arrived there, the eyes around him revealed anger and hatred.

Lin Fan was going to find a disciple who seemed confident in their own strength, he’ll then provoke them and then proposed a duel.


He saw someone was being bullied from a distance.

Three disciples surrounded a somewhat small disciple, and those three uttered nothing but unpleasant words to that little guy.

“Are you blind? You bumped into me, and sorry is all you got?”

“Yes, I bumped into you, brother, and I feel sorry for that. Please let me go.”

The little disciple was afraid. He bowed his head and had no courage to stand for himself. Those guys were just some delinquents among the disciples in Sky Peak.

The little guy didn’t dare to mess with them.

At that time.

Lin Fan came from behind and patted the shoulder of the delinquent’s leader and said, “Bullying the weak is not cool.”

Zhou Long suddenly became furious and turned around, he pushed Lin Fan away and said, “It’s none of your business, just go away!”

Zhou Long felt that the stranger looked familiar as if he had seen him before.

Lin Fan lowered his head, took a brief moment to stare at his chest that Zhou Long just pushed away, his expression gradually changed and he said, “Being pushed away by the likes of you was a humiliation, fight me in a duel, trash like you deserve to die.”

Lin Fan was deliberately causing trouble.

Zhou Long was trying to remember who Lin Fan was, and when he saw Lin Fan was so arrogant, he lost his patience, “You…”

But before he had a chance to say anything, the disciple near him hurriedly pulled Zhou Long and whispered.

Zhou Long’s angry expression suddenly disappeared, and then he looked so pale.

He was not stupid.

He knew Lin Fan was provoking him on purpose in order to challenge him to a duel.

Zhou Long remembered that even with so many artifacts and magic weapons that Ye Zhentian lent to Zhao Xian, he still lost.

“What’s your problem? Pushing me away like that, I’m offended, you are hurting my pride, let’s settle it with a duel.”

Zhou Long got cold sweat, his heart beat so fast, and his angry expression suddenly looked friendly. He took Lin Fan’s hand and said, “Brother Lin, I’m sorry, it’s just misunderstanding. It’s my fault, it’s all my fault. ”

“Now, Brother Lin can push me back, that will make us even.”

“We are all disciples of Taiwu Sect. We must love each other and help each other. How can we fight over small things?”

Lin Fan frowned.

Oh, my God.

Lin Fan thought that guy was very clever.

“If that’s the case, then why did you harass him?” Lin Fan asked, pointing at the bullied disciple beside him.

“Ahaha, it must be a misunderstanding, I didn’t do anything. Just now, he didn’t pay attention when he walked and fell down. We just helped him up. Just ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“Oh, brother, be careful when you’re walking, geez your clothes are all dirty, let me help you out with that.” Those disciples acted nicely.

The bullied disciple let those delinquents brushed his clothes off.

“Brother Lin, we have something to do. I will take my leave.” Zhou Long clenched his fists and took the other two disciples without waiting for Lin Fan to respond.

He walked quickly, fearing that Lin Fan might stop him.

Lin Fan habitually wanted to touch his bald head, but he has already had hair on his head.

He really should get rid of that habit.

Lin Fan didn’t think that guy will run away with his tails between his legs. Even though they had Ye Zenthian was backing them up.

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