Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 118


“Thank you, Brother, for helping me out.” Zhang Xiaobin was grateful. He was saved Zhao Long and his friends.

Lin Fan asked, “Are you Sky Peak’s disciple?”

Zhang Xiaobin nodded, “Yes brother, I’m Sky Peak’s disciple. I tend to get bullied because I’m the youngest disciple.”

Lin Fan intended to use everyone around Ye Zhentian to approach him.

And he’ll make everyone around him change sides.

Lin Fan was interested in that approach.

“If you stay at Sky Peak, I’m sure you’ll still be harassed, again, and again, you should come with me instead.”

“You’ll be safe with me. You can rest assured.”

Lin Fan was like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he slowly tricked the little sheep.

Zhang Xiaobin said, “Brother, I can’t go even if I want to, if someone finds out, my brother will be in trouble.”

Especially because Ye Zhentian was in dire need of manpower to mine the spirit vein.

Although Ye Zhentian has recruited a bunch of disciples from other sects, but that was not enough.

“What are you afraid of? You are Taiwu Sect’s disciple. You’ll still be part of Taiwu Sect, even if you aren’t in Sky Peak. There will be no problem.”

“Your mindset is wrong, you know?”

Lin Fan slowly but surely brainwashed Zhang Xiaobin.

Zhang Xiaobin wondered, “What do you mean, brother?”

“This is a fated encounter, so let me tell you, we cultivate in order to reach the greater height as immortal. To put it simply, we need a strong mind, confidence, and invincible Dao Heart, but you were always bullied here. Even if you have high cultivation in the future, trauma like being bullied will affect you as a cultivator as well. Therefore, if you want to obtain invincible Dao Heart, I suggest you move away from this place.”

Zhang Xiaobin murmured, “…Dao Heart.”

“Yes, I’m willing to rescue you from your ​​suffering now, but you don’t even have the guts to stand for yourself, which means you lost to them. If you have invincible Dao Heart, you would’ve fought back.” Lin Fan said.

In an instant.

Zhang Xiaobin fell into deep contemplation and enlightenment because Lin Fan said something he never thought of.

Sky Peak.

Zhou Long was in a bad mood, he was so upset because of Lin Fan.

“Brother Ye, a Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple, named Lin Fan is making a scene on our mountain, bullying our disciples, and blatantly asking our disciples to duel against him.” Zhou Long explained.

Ye Zhentian’s anger hasn’t subsided yet, and suddenly he heard that news, he finally lost it.

He thought that Meng Qingyao was hell bent on messing with him?

Zhou Long looked up at the closed door and waited for his brother to say something.

He didn’t know what his brother was thinking.

But the fact that Lin Fan blatantly came to Sky Peak and caused troubles remained unchanged.


A figure appeared in front of Zhou Long, and then, he felt spiritual power enveloping the whole place.

“Brother!” Zhou Long was overjoyed, as long as his brother stepped in, there will be no problem.

Ye Zhentian said, “Did you say that he was looking for someone to duel around the mountain?”

“Yes, brother, he acted arrogantly, and he was deliberately causing trouble. Even though Brother Zhao just died recently, he’s still after our disciple.” Zhou Long was angrily said.

“It’s been a while since someone has the guts to mess with us, that’s unforgivable. I’ll teach him a lesson.” Ye Zhentian’s eyes became red.

There’s only one disciple who could best Ye Zhentian, that disciple entered Taiwu Sect ten years ago, he had the Ninth Grade Spirit Root, which was the highest grade of spirit root, he has been cultivating vigorously ever since he entered Sky Peak.

He was even granted permission to learn a special technique that has been passed down in generations of Taiwu Sect.

“Brother, are you going to do it yourself?” Zhou Long asked.

“I am a core disciple. Handling him myself is a waste of time. In my eyes, he is just Meng Qingyao’s pawn, no more and no less.” Ye Zhentian said.

Zhou Long said, “Brother, I agree with you.”

“Since he wants to duel, then I will let’s take on his challenge.” Ye Zhentian said coldly, and then he said, “Brother Nangong, come in.”

A figure appeared, Zhou Long was overjoyed and immediately said, “Brother Nangong.”

He was Nangong Jin, Sky Peak’s strongest disciple, aside from Ye Zhentian.

His mana was as vast as the sea, and he was only one step away from breaking through to the Golden Immortal Stage, and then he could become a core disciple and will be granted his own peak.

“I, Nangong Jin hereby come to answer your call, Brother Ye.” Nangong Jin said.

Ye Zhentian said, “While you’re away, something happened at Sky Peak. There is a Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple named Lin Fan, making a scene in our mountain. He provoked our disciple to duel him. Find him and kill him in his own game.”

“I will ask the elder to make a Golden Breakthrough Pill for you after you’re done with him.”

“Yes, Brother Ye, rest assured, I will handle this perfectly.” Nangong Jin said, he had quite a reputation in Sky Peak, he always practiced on weekdays, he was hoping to break through to Golden Immortal Stage, but could barely make any progress lately.

If Ye Zhentian was willing to give him a golden pill, he would be able to break through to Golden Immortal Stage soon.

He also knew that it was just a trivial matter, if it wasn’t, Ye Zhentian would personally take it to his own hands.

Zhou Long said, “Brother Nangong, please come with me. I will lead you to him. This man has been getting ahead of himself ever since he killed Brother Zhao.”

“Now that Brother Nangong makes a move, he will certainly regret it.”

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