Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 120


Taiwu Sect.

“Sister, it’s been hundreds of years since your seclusion, I can’t let you go on your own, lots of things have changed after all.” Two people were floating in the sky, one of them was white-bearded old man, his tone was very low as if being careful not to offend a middle-aged woman beside him, he was looking at her expression intently.

The old man was extraordinarily powerful. It seemed he had been integrated into the world as if the whole world revolved around him.

Compared with the old man, Ye Zhentian and others were basically nothing.

The middle-aged woman was standing next to the old man. Despite her age, she still looked as beautiful as back in her younger days.

“Brother, this sure brings back memories, learning Dao, cultivating, and seek the truth together. Although we have cultivated our body to the greatest heights, that was not the case with our mind.” The middle-aged woman said.

The old man hurriedly said, “Taiwu Sect is a peaceful place, you know, take a look, it should be good for a change of pace.”


The middle-aged woman seemed to find something strange, pointing at a certain direction and said, “Did you hear a loud sound coming from that place, brother? Did something happen over there?”

The old man looked at the direction pointed by the middle-aged woman and had a rough idea of what was going on.

“Sister, that sound is from Sky Peak, Ye Zhentian was the core disciple in charge of that place. Maybe there is a little conflict among the disciples. We might as well check out how good the current disciples are. Some things just never changed, no matter how much time passes. Disputes occurred over trivial matters. “The old man laughed.

The middle-aged woman said, “Yes, but I have been in seclusion for hundreds of years. None of them will recognize me, and if I go with you, they will definitely be on edge as you are a Sect Master.”

“Haha, why are you worrying about that? We’re just going to see how handsome your brother is in his young.” The Sect Master laughed, and suddenly he turned into a young man, “Now that I’ve changed back my face to my younger self, we’re in the same boat, none of them will recognize us.”

The middle-aged lady smiled when she saw the Sect Master turned into a young man, “Alright, let’s go and see them, but you sure go overboard, that’s way too young no matter how you look at it, I am afraid some people will misunderstand.”

“You said the same thing as Brother Tong. It is difficult to discipline Taiwu Sect, only the old lady can do that.” The old man laughed and chuckled.


Those two descended slowly from the sky and slowly walked toward where Lin Fan was.

Seeing those two, the disciples around the vicinity felt the extraordinary aura exuded from those two, which attracted people’s attention, but those disciples didn’t think too much about it. They only felt that those two had extraordinary cultivation.

At the foot of Sky Peak.

Lin Fan and Nangong Jin were still arguing.

Nangong Jin was patient enough, but Lin Fan kept provoking him, so he slowly ran out of patience.

He never met that kind of guy. What surprised him the most was even though Lin Fan did not want to duel against him, he still loitered around there and provoked him.

Nangong Jin was so angry that he could barely hold himself from punching Lin Fan on the face.

“Since you didn’t dare to duel against me, just get out from my sight.” Nangong Jin gave up on the Golden Breakthrough Pill. If Lin Fan was still in his line of vision for another minute, he worried that he could no longer hold the urge to beat Lin Fan to a pulp.

Lin Fan said with a smile, “Interesting, I won’t duel against you, and you chase me away, why? Do you have a grudge on me?”

Nangong Jin said, “Don’t force my hands, if you really have the guts, then duel against me, if you don’t have the guts, then go away from my sight.”

“Just because you killed Zhao Xian in a duel, you think you’re such a bigshot now?”

He was upset, because of Lin Fan, he couldn’t obtain the Golden Breakthrough Pill that Ye Zhentian promised to give him.

However, no matter what he said, Lin Fan just didn’t take the bait.

He didn’t know what to do.

He really wanted to punch Lin Fan’s mouth.

Especially when he saw the disciples around him nodded from time to time as if they agreed with Lin Fan’s words.

At that time.

The middle-aged woman and the Sect Master finally arrived, and they found the scene was quite interesting.

The disciples around looked at those two.

The young man emitted dangerous aura.

And the middle-aged woman gave off a graceful noble vibe.

Who were those two people? They never saw those two before.

“Oh, it’s interesting, are you saying my victory isn’t even worth mentioning?” Lin Fan asked, and then turned to look at the disciples around him, he said, “Dear fellow disciples, can you guys deny that fact that I kill Zhao Xian who had artifacts and even spirit weapon at his disposal. Meanwhile, I’m just a new disciple here?”

The woman looked at the scene, she had some ideas when she heard his words, but when she saw Lin Fan’s face, her expression changed and suddenly shouted.

“Wen Er…”

Although her voice was not exactly loud, but her voice resounded in all disciples’ ears like thunder.

The Sect Master heard the word, and couldn’t help but lightly pulled her clothes and whispered, “Sister…”

Lin Fan heard them, but when he looked at the old lady and the elder, he was shocked…

‘Wei You: True Immortal Stage’

‘Possible Item Drop: Ninth Grade Wood Spirit Root, Ninth Grade Gold Spirit Root, Nine Grade Water Spirit Root, Nine Grade Fire Spirit Root, Ninth Grade Earth Spirit Root, Qi, Etc.’

‘Notes: My son is dead. I am sorry. I hope you can forgive me.’

When Lin Fan saw that data, he was dumbfounded.

Then he looked at the young man standing next to the old woman.

And he found …

That person was another big shot.

‘Bai Qiu: True Immortal Stage’

‘Possible Item drop: Eight-grade Golden Spirit Root, Wood Spirit Root Fragment, Water Spirit Root Fragment, Etc.’

‘Notes: Sister can’t forget his son after all, at this rate it perfecting her Dao Heart is so far-fetched.’

In an instant.

Various ideas popped up in Lin Fan’s brain.

He clearly heard that those two just called him.

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