Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 121


Two powerful figures graced him with their presence.

Could he take advantage of the woman’s circumstances?

Although Lin Fan knew that was shameless, he was fine with it.

Thanks to the System, he found out something he could exploit from Wei You.

If he didn’t go to hell, who will?

Whether the woman in front of him would believe him or not came after, all that mattered was Lin Fan had to try to convince her.

Lin Fan’s eyes were fixed at the woman, and the woman’s eyes also fixed Lin Fan’s eyes. They stared at each other.

“Lin Fan, what are you saying?” Nangong Jin said angrily.

His anger could not attract Lin Fan’s attention.

Lin Fan looked at the woman wholeheartedly

Lin Fan tried his best to shed fake tears from his eyes, if he could shed a few drops of tears, Wei You would definitely sympathize, this was the time his acting skill was put to the test.

Eventually, even without any tragic music and sad stories, his expressionless tears streamed down his face.

“Why are you crying?” The woman asked. She kept telling herself that her son Wen Er was already dead and will never come back to life again. Even though she became an immortal, she still couldn’t save Wen Er.

But she saw Lin Fan’s resemblance with Wen Er, Lin Fan’s appearance and demeanor triggered the memories that she has already buried deep inside her heart.

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but when I saw you, I felt so nostalgic, as if we had known each other from a long time ago.”

When Lin Fan said those words Wei You’s heart trembled.

“Sister’s Dao Heart is unshakable. There’s no way…” Suddenly he felt there was something wrong with her sister’s demeanor, and he was trying to warn her.

But before he could say anything…

“Shut up.” Sect Master Bai was silenced by his sister’s eyes, and even bowed his head silently while looking at Lin Fan’s unusually eyes.

Who was that disciple?

Not many people know about his sister.

But the most important thing that baffled him was that disciple’s demeanor resembled Wen Er’s very much. Could it be the infamous reincarnation?


Wen Er was not by any means a strong cultivator, so that was not possible. But then who was the disciple in front of them?

“What else do you feel?”

Wei You asked gently while concealing her intense aura, so Lin Fan won’t be intimidated.

Lin Fan gently wiped the tears in the corners of his eyes, looking up at the sky while telling a sad story that he came up with on the spot, “I was born without knowing who my parents are. When I saw a child playing with her mother, I often thought about who my parents are.”


The atmosphere became gloomy.

Who was that woman?

Was he related to Lin Fan?

At that time.

Lin Fan wiped the fake tears from the corners of his eyes again, “Gradually, I am used to living alone, and I understand that I am just an orphan.”

“I’m nothing but an unwanted child.”

“I do not know you, but I would like to sing a song for you, although it might be laughed at, will you listen?”

Nangong Jin frowned, and he said, “Lin Fan, who wants to hear you singing? You …”


An intense air pressure attacked Nangong Jin’s body, and he felt like his whole body was about to be crushed. Before he knew it, he was already lying on the ground.

Thanks to his cultivation, Nangong Jin barely held into his dear life.

Nangong Jin’s face was pale, he was overwhelmed by fear that he couldn’t move.

The disciples around them were surprised.

Was Nangong Jin sick?

“Please take your time. I will listen to you. I’ll make sure no one dares to laugh at you.” Wei You said.

Lin Fan was horrified when he saw Nangong Jin’s condition.

If such a powerful person wanted to kill him, there will be nothing he could do.

Lin Fan cleared his throat a couple of times, and his voice sounded discordant. For most people, it was like torture, but for Wei You, it was like the voice of heaven.

Before he sang, he said, “A mother is like a treasure for her child. If a mother embraced her son in her arms, her son would definitely be delighted.”

Along with Lin Fan’s fake tears, he finished singing a touching song.

But before he knew it, Lin Fan suddenly remembered that he really was an orphan when he came to that world. Sometimes he envied others.

At first, it was just an act, but eventually, he didn’t feel the need to fake it, but he felt a bit uncomfortable as a result.

Wei You’s eyes were filled with tears, her eyes were very red, and her Dao Heart trembled, but it wasn’t caused by the inner demons, it was because of her feelings.

Lin Fan’s song completely reminded her of her past memory. She often held Wen Er in her arms. Unfortunately, he died at the age of ten for some reason… at that moment, he looked at a boy in front of her who resembled Wen Er, in her eyes, Lin Fan was Wen Er who has already grown up.

Every disciple in the vicinity felt the same as the woman, they remembered their family and their hometown.

They left their hometowns to cultivate in the sect, and some stayed in the sect for a hundred years. Their parents were already six feet under, and they didn’t even see their parents’ last moment.


They cried.

“I have never felt mother’s love, nor do I know who she is, what she looks like, can I call you… mother?” Lin Fan looked at Wei You affectionately.

“Okay.” Wei You were also very emotional at that.

“Mother …”

Lin Fan threw himself into Wei You’s arms as if he was reuniting with his long lost mother.

Even though Wei You was an immortal. At that time, she also shed tears and gently patted Lin Fan’s head.


At that moment.

Lin Fan knew that with her True Immortal Stage cultivation, no one could stop his plans.

His invincible path has already been opened.

Not because of his strength.

But his mother’s strength.

Thank you, Taiwu Sect.

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