Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 122


Lin Fan felt like a child who has just found mother’s love, he accepted that love sincerely, and since his act was a success, Lin Fan will no longer hold back, it was time for him to play rough with Ye Zhentian.

“Thank you, mother, for letting me feel a mother’s warmth.” Lin Fan slowly walked away from her arms.

“I know I am an unwanted child, but at least I can die happily now. ” When Lin Fan finished speaking, he raised his head firmly, trying hard not to let tears flowing down.

Wei You wanted to stretch out her hand when Lin Fan let go of her arms as if refusing to let Lin Fan go.

“Lin Fan, what do you mean, die?” She asked. “If you want, I will be your mother from now on.”

Lin Fan couldn’t express his excitement because no one knew her identity, and no one knew her strength except himself.

But If he was too excited, he will be busted.

Lin Fan turned around, with his serene smile and expression, “Mother, I‘ve joined Taiwu Sect just recently, but I offended a core disciple named Ye Zhentian from Sky Peak. He wants me dead ever since. So maybe I don’t have that long.”

“I actually wanted to live since I have someone I can call mother now, although we’re not related by blood, I love you like my own mother, I can’t involve you in this matter.”

When Wei You listened to Lin Fan’s words, Lin Fan reminded her of Wen Er’s last moment.

At that time.

Wei You’s body trembled slightly, and she will never allow that horrible experience happened again.

A faint killing intent slowly welled from her heart, and gradually became stronger and stronger.

Lin Fan then approached Nangong Jin, “Since you and Sky Peak want me to die that badly, alright then, I’ll be your opponent.”

When he heard Lin Fan was willing to duel against him, his blood began to boil.

“Sign it.” Nangong Jin threw out the agreement paper.

He has been waiting for that moment.

And before Lin Fan could sign it, he heard a loud yell.

“Enough!” Sect Master Bai prevented the duel while looking at Wei You. He had a feeling that Sky Peak will be in trouble.

The middle-aged woman looked exasperated.

Nangong Jin was very annoyed that someone interrupted their duel. But before he could yell at that person, he found that the young boy’s face and body shape was changing.


Not only Nangong Jin, who was terrified, the disciples around him were also dumbfounded.

“Sky Peak disciple, Nangong Jin, hereby greet Sect Master Bai.”


Everyone bowed and didn’t dare to look at Sect Master Bai.

Nangong Jin was shocked.

That young man turned out to be the Sect Master of Taiwu Sect.

And he almost yelled at him. If Sect Master Bai didn’t show his real appearance, he would’ve done it for sure.

Lin Fan didn’t expect that the young man was the Sect Master, and he was very surprised.

Lin Fan almost bowed too, but Wei You stopped him from doing so.

Sect Master Bai couldn’t understand the meaning behind Wei You’s action.

“Nangong Jin, head back to Sky Peak at once, and I will at least forget this ever happened, but I will not spare you if this happens again.” Sect Master Bai was angry.

“Understood, thanks for saving my life.” Nangong Jin was terrified, he just ran away.

Sect Master Bai said, “Dismiss!”

“If he is Sect Master Bai, then you are …” Lin Fan was terrified, nervous, and frightened. Now Sect Master Bai showed himself before him, if he continued to remain calm, he will be busted.

But it was a pity.

He planned to ask his mother to give him some sort of super strong technique and then killed Nangong Jin on the dueling ground.

But he did not expect that Sect Master Bai got in the way.

He realized that Sect Master Bai was protecting Nangong Jin.

Never mind.

Sparing him once won’t affect his progress too much.

“My child, from today onward, I’ll serve as an elder here. From now on, no one in the sect will ever mess with you.” Wei You said gently.

Lin Fan bowed his head and said, “I’ll be sure not to cause you any problem.”

Lin Fan’s fear, anxiety, and inferiority at that time, worried Wei You.

“Lin Fan, I thought you’ve considered me as your own mother. Or are you saying that all you said is just a lie?” Wei You asked with a trembling voice.

“No, there’s no falsehood in my words and my feelings.” Lin Fan raised his head excitedly.

As if he didn’t want to be misunderstood and he said, “I’m afraid people will talk behind your back that you’re favoring me even though I’m just a new disciple, I’d like to climb the ranks with my own power, I will try my best not to cause you any trouble, mother.”

Sect Master Bai, who was aware that Lin Fan was nothing special, advised Wei You, “Sister, he has a point, you’ll be an elder here, meanwhile, he’s just a new disciple, people will … “

“Shut up.” Wei You glared at him.

Sect Master Bai felt helpless since his sister seemed so persistent.

He didn’t dare to imagine if his sister really considered Lin Fan as her own son, what would happen then?

At that very moment, an overlord was born in Taiwu Sect.

No one dared to touch Lin Fan.

“My son, don’t be afraid, now that I’m here, no one will ever touch a strand of your hair” Wei You said.

“Mother …” At that moment, Lin Fan used all his acting skill to show his mother that he was really grateful.

“Yes…” Wei You laughed happily and then looked at Sect Master Bai.

“Brother, tomorrow I will announce to everyone that he is my son.”

“And while I’m at it, I’ll also let them know that from now on, whoever dares to touch him must pay a great price.”

Sect Master Bai looked at her sister and Lin Fan.

Was that necessary?

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