Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 123


Sky Peak.

“Brother, things went south, Sect Master Bai suddenly showed up and interrupted before I could duel with Lin Fan.” Nangong Jin came back to give the report.

He was one step away from obtaining Golden Breakthrough Pill, but his plan was ruined by Sect Master Bai and Wei You.

He wanted to teach Lin Fan a lesson so Lin Fan won’t make a ruckus anymore.

Ye Zhentian sighed, he was puzzled. Why did Sect Master Bai suddenly show up at the foot of the mountain?

“It’s okay. He just got lucky today. There will be more opportunities for us in the future.”

Ye Zhentian didn’t really think too much about why Sect Master Bai showed up there.

Nangong Jin hesitated and said, “Brother, I have been stuck in the Trinity Immortal Stage for a long time, I’m only one step away from entering Golden Immortal Stage, I know that I fail so this is very brazen of me to ask, but can I still have Golden Breakthrough Pill?”

He wanted to break through to the next stage. To break through to Golden Immortal Stage, Golden Breakthrough Pill was absolutely indispensable.

“Brother, Golden Breakthrough Pill is a valuable pill, it’s really expensive.” Ye Zhentian said solemnly, “Didn’t I already say to you before? If you can handle this job for me, I will give the Golden Breakthrough Pill to you as a reward.”

“But you can’t get the things done, that’s not the deal, is it?”

“You may leave now.”

Ye Zhentian closed his eyes and said that in exasperation, he didn’t even bother to look at Nangong Jin again.

Nangong Jin knew that because he failed, he won’t be able to get the promised Golden Breakthrough Pill, but he just had to ask in case his senior brother was kind enough to give it to him, but as he expected, his senior brother wasn’t such a generous man, that was why he was so stressful.

Nangong Jin entered Sky Peak and got closer to Ye Zhentian as a shortcut to became stronger

Ye Zhentian seemed generous at first glance, but the truth was, he was very stingy.

Inside the palace.

Sect Master Bai looked at Wei You and said, “Sister, you realize what you are doing, right? Wen Er was already dead hundreds of years ago. He cannot be Wen Er.”

“I know he is not Wen Er.” Wei You smiled and said, “But don’t you think they’re very similar?”

“Yeah, he does look like Wen Er, but he is not Wen Er after all.” Sect Master Bai said, trying to persuade Wei You to give up her decision. Her words alone were enough to influence a person’s life.

Hundreds of years ago, Wei You was a true immortal.

Wen Er was her only son. But he was arrogant, and the funny thing was he didn’t have the strength to back up his arrogance. He would offend people wherever he went. He even picked a fight with demons, and his mother was the one who cleaned up after his mess.

And finally, he got killed in the corner of the world.

Lin Fan also matched Wen Er in that aspect, he was very arrogant, and cocky.

“That is not important to me. I just want to find peace for my soul.” Wei You said.

Since his senior sister has already said that much, what else could he say?

And her senior sister has already gone too far, he hoped Lin Fan wasn’t arrogant just like Wen Er. Otherwise, Lin Fan will end up like Wen Er.

“If you said so, then, I will respect your choice, sister.” Sect Master Bai said.

But he still hasn’t acknowledged Lin Fan.

Mysterious Sword Peak.

As soon as Lin Fan arrived at Mysterious Sword Peak, Xi Xi, who was anxious, immediately approached him.

“I heard Nangong Jin challenged you to a duel, and suddenly Sect Master Bai showed up and stopped you two, is this true?” Xi Xi asked worriedly

“It’s true.” Lin Fan laughed and said, “But it’s alright, sister, nothing really happened.”

Of course, he also wanted to tell Xi Xi what happened earlier, but he decided to tell everyone tomorrow instead.

His path to invincibility was finally laid out.

In the future, Lin Fan will be able to run rampant in Sky Peak freely.

He has already had some ideas in his mind.

For example, he could invite his former subordinates in Jiangdu City to Taiwu Sect, and amaze them with his achievement.

Not to mention his cheapskate master in Jiutian Sect, he might be surprised once he heard Lin Fan was a renowned disciple in Taiwu Sect.

Those ideas were possible because he got a new mom.

Xi Xi sighed in relief, and she said, “It scared me, I thought Sect Master Bai would punish you.”

“Sister, actually, I have something to tell you.” Lin Fan said.

Xixi wondered, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s about the life experience that I told you before. It’s actually a lie.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi was shocked, she covered her mouth and smiled, “Brother, I knew it was a lie, although I believed it at first, after thinking about it, I felt something was off. All right, now you have to apologize to Sister Meng and all our brothers for deceiving us.”

Xi Xi was ready to punch Lin Fan, but he dodged it and said, “Sister, please listen to me first. It’s not entirely a lie. The village I am talking about is Jiangdu City. I really grew up in that city with no relatives and family.”

Even after Lin Fan said so, Xi Xi didn’t stop punching Lin Fan.

Lin Fan fell to the ground after Xi Xi landed a punch.

“Sister, please calm down.” Lin Fan begged.

“Ack!” Xi Xi was sitting on top of Lin Fan.

“I will explain everything to you! Something happened.” Lin Fan didn’t expect she was so powerful. He forcefully got up, pushing Xi Xi away in the process. She was lying there, unmoved.

Lin Fan suddenly panicked and felt that he went too far.

He slowly approached Xi Xi.

He picked up a branch and gently poked Xi Xi’s arm.

“Sister, sister, are you okay?” Lin Fan didn’t expect that to happen.


Xi Xi raised her head, and her face was a mess, so dirty with sand and mud.

“Sister, it’s not my fault. You reap what you sow.” Lin Fan said.

“Stop, or I’ll break your waist.” Xi Xi’s eyes turned red, just like a fire-breathing dragon, she yelled and chased Lin Fan.

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