Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 124


The next day!

The sky above Taiwu Sect was filled with clouds. Even the rainbow could be seen above it from afar.

At the same time, the aura was much denser there than usual, as if someone purposely concentrated it in that place.

Such a technique was beyond the human limit.

All the disciples were in an uproar.

Taiwu Sect, which used to be peaceful, felt like it was going to be a bit lively that day.

As a core disciple, Ye Zhentian didn’t particularly have any sort of task. He mostly spent his time cultivating at Sky Peak. If he had some spare time, he sometimes checked the Spirit Vein that he found.

At that time, he was puzzled.

The Sect Master assembled all the disciples in the main hall and said that he got an announcement.

Ye Zhentian speculated that it might be about appointing the next Sect Master?

But it was impossible.

The Sect Master was in his prime.

Although he didn’t understand the reason behind the assembly, he left Sky Peak and headed to the main hall.

Every disciple had their own speculation about what it was going to be.

Outside the main hall.

The disciples lined up based on their respective peak with their core disciples standing at the front row. The disciples who haven’t officially joined the sect also formed their own line.

Before Bai Qiu showed up, Ye Zhentian approached an elder and asked, “May I know what is this all about, Elder?”

“One of our elders who has been in seclusion for hundreds of years finally returned, and Sect Master wants to introduce her to everyone, so the disciple will know who she was as well.”

“An elder…” Ye Zhentian couldn’t help but worried since there was another elder, his chance to become the Sect Master would drop drastically because all elders and core disciples were Sect Master candidates.

The elder glanced at Ye Zhentian and knew what he was thinking.

People like Ye Zhentian will always exist no matter where it was.

Meanwhile, in Mysterious Sword Peak’s line.

Xi Xi asked, “Have you seen Brother Lin?”

“No, when I went to call him in the morning, I didn’t see him.” Chen Zhiyu said.

“If he didn’t attend this assembly, he will be punished severely.” Xi Xi said.

Yang Gang said, “You don’t have to worry, he is not a person who’s stupid enough to skip an assembly like this without reason.”

Just as they talked about Lin Fan, Meng Qingyao, who stood in front of them, shushed them, “Be quiet!”

“Lin Fan is Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple. If he did not come, I would punish him myself later.” Xi Xi said, ending their discussion about Lin Fan.

Originally, Xi Xi wanted to say something good for Lin Fan’s sake, but after seeing Meng Qingyao’s expression, she knew that Meng Qingyao was not kidding, and if she said another word, she would have to answer to Meng Qingyao’s wrath later.

Meng Qingyao’s eyes were focused on the core disciples around her. She considered them her rivals. She hasn’t seen them for quite a while, but the moment she saw them, she realized that their qi was much stronger than before.

Those core disciples noticed Meng Qingyao’s gaze and nodded their heads.

They have heard a little bit about what happened between Meng Qingyao and Ye Zhentian.

They found it amusing that Meng Qingyao won, and Ye Zhentian suffered a huge loss.

And finally.

Bai Qiu showed up.

All the disciples paid their respect and said, “We hereby greet the Sect Master!”

Those disciples’ voices resounded throughout the hall.

Bai Qiu stood on the stage and looked at those disciples below. It was very satisfying for him to see such a scene. That was the Taiwu Sect that he worked so hard for.

He was really proud.

“My sister, who has been in seclusion for hundreds of years, finally returns. Most of you don’t know her. That’s why I assemble all of you here today.”

“Sister, please.” Bai Qiu said.

The disciples in the hall also shouted respectfully, “Welcome back, Senior Aunt!”

For them, the one who appeared before them was a true immortal.

At that time.

Wei You walked forward slowly. All disciples were looking at her in awe.

But immediately afterward.

Everyone’s eyes widened because there was a young man standing next to her.

Who was that man?

What was he doing there?

“Brother …” Xi Xi was confused, she rubbed her eyes, she thought she was hallucinating, but after confirming it, again and again, she was finally convinced that man was Lin Fan. Her brain couldn’t process what she saw, as if the sky was falling apart, she couldn’t understand what was going on.

Chen Zhiyu pulled Xixi and asked, “Sister, isn’t that Brother Lin?”

“Yeah …” Xi Xi said.

“What is he doing up there?”

Chen Zhiyu was so confused.

Lin Fan tried so hard not to grin. He wanted to tell everyone out loud that he was so happy at that time.

Everyone must be wondering why Lin Fan was up there and looked at him with jealousy.

“How could this be …” Nangong Jin, who was standing in the line, was shaking, and his face was pale. He has already recognized who the young man that was standing next to Senior Aunt was. He was the guy he challenged to a duel yesterday, Lin Fan.

He was surprised how Lin Fan could stand there?

Bai Qiu whispered to Wei You, “Sister, you should say something to our disciples.”

He felt kind of awkward since his sister didn’t say anything.

Bai Qiu has gone through all the trouble to assemble them all here, she couldn’t just remain silent. Otherwise, she would put a lot of pressure on the disciples.

Wei You glanced at Bai Qiu, then pulled Lin Fan’s hand gently forward, she looked at all the disciples below, and slowly spoke.

“This is my child, Lin Fan.” She said.

The disciples below were completely dumbfounded.

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