Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 125



The disciples were dumbfounded.

Nangong Jin’s legs suddenly lost its strength, and he fell to the ground. He looked at the scene in disbelief and shouted in his heart that he already offended a big shot.

Senior Aunt’s son!

He forced Lin Fan to duel against him yesterday, simply because he wanted to kill Lin Fan.

Nangong Jin was already panicking.

Even Ye Zhentian’s expression changed, he just stood in Sky Peak’s line speechless.

“Sister, can you tell me what’s going on?” Chen Zhiyu asked, he couldn’t stop quivering.

Xi Xi said, “I don’t know.”

Her brother wasn’t related whatsoever with Senior Aunt as far as she knew.

How did he become Senior Aunt’s son all of a sudden?

Yang Gang couldn’t stop quivering as well.

As for Meng Qingyao, who was standing in front of them, she was not panic.

Although she never had any sort of problem with Lin Fan, she remembered her attitude toward Lin Fan, and she felt that if Lin Fan held a grudge against her, she would probably have a hard time in Taiwu Sect in the future.

Meanwhile, the rest of the disciples just envied him.

At that time.

Lin Fan waved his hands toward the disciples below.

“Dear elders and disciples, Lin Fan used to be an orphan. And I, Wei You, have already decided to adopt him as my son. Bear in mind that I will certainly protect him at all costs from now on.” Wei Yu said.

Lin Fan lowered his head and wiped his tears.

He cried, but it wasn’t because he was moved, it was because he was elated, but he couldn’t show it to others. Otherwise, people might get suspicious.

“My son, don’t cry.” Wei You patted Lin Fan’s head, and then she said, “For all disciples, listen! My child, Lin Fan, is an ordinary disciple, and from what I’ve heard, he was bullied from time to time. I will not tolerate anyone who dares to bully him again.”

The moment she said that all the disciples could feel strong killing intent from her.

Nangong Jin, of course, was the first to get cold feet.

Ye Zhentian was not any better. His heart beat so fast, he was so nervous and afraid.

But as a core disciple, how couldn’t let anyone know that he was panic.

Bai Qiu approached Wei You and said, “You know no one in Taiwu Sect will bully him from now on, sister. And it’d be nice if Lin Fan didn’t hold a grudge to them. Besides, we have rules covering that aspect too, so you don’t need to worry about him.”

Wei You said, “If they don’t do anything stupid to Lin Fan, I won’t take this matter into my own hands either.”

“Sister, you have been in seclusion for hundreds of years. Now that you’ve returned, I want you to be a disciplinary elder from this day onward.” Bai Qiu said.

Wei You said, “I’m okay with that.”

Bai Qiu nodded and then said to all the disciples, “All disciples! Listen to me carefully. Bear in mind that my sister will be a disciplinary elder from now on.”

“Understood, Sect Master.” All the disciples simultaneously.

Bai Qiu nodded with satisfaction and waved his hands to dismiss the disciples.

All disciples left while thinking about how lucky Lin Fan was.

Xi Xi wanted to wait for her junior brother, but Yang Gang took her away, “Sister, you can’t wait here. We can ask our junior brother later.”

“Let’s go back to our peak first and wait for him.”

Xi Xi nodded, she still didn’t understand what was going on.

Lin Fan suddenly became the son of Elder Wei.

That news was too shocking.

At that time, at someplace quiet where Wei You lived, Bai Qiu was looking at Lin Fan, his sister’s newly adopted son, and he was thinking how lucky Lin Fan was.

“Lin Fan, where are you from?” Bai Qiu asked.

Lin Fan said, “Jiangdu City.”

“Jiangdu City …” Bai Qiu pondered for a moment, “Who do you live with back in your hometown?”

Bai Qiu was asking Lin Fan’s personal affairs.

Lin Fan thought the old man was not easy to deal with.

“I live by myself, I have no father and mother, I became a demon hunter for a living, my job is to fight demons.” Lin Fan said suddenly looking all sad and almost shed tears.

Bai Qiu was shocked. He just asked him a simple question, but what was with that waterworks?

All of a sudden, Wei You walked in and saw Lin Fan almost cried. She couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, what are you doing?”

Bai Qiu was shocked.

Wei You asked coldly and approached Lin Fan, “My son, what happened? Did he say something mean to you?”

Lin Fan shook his head, “Mother, that’s not it, Sect Master just asked me about my past, that’s all, mother.”

Bai Qiu nodded with satisfaction, he thought that at least Lin Fan was honest.

But wait.

Bai Qiu felt killing intent coming from his sister.

“Brother, I believe that you’re not here just to trouble Lin Fan, right? Besides, don’t you have another business to attend to? Since you are the Sect Master and all.” Wei You said.

“Sister, I’m just having a small talk with him. Alright, alright, I won’t speak anymore.” Bai Qiu said while looking at Lin Fan’s eyes. He felt something was wrong with Lin Fan, but he decided to keep it to himself.

At that time.

Wei You took Lin Fan ’s hand and said lovingly, “My son, the world is full of danger, Taiwu Sect is a famous immortal sect, but in exchange, we have many enemies, and many of them are my enemy, but I’ll make sure you’re safe.”

“So I have something for you, here you go, wear it son.” She said.

A robe appeared out of thin air on Wei You’s palm.

“Sister, this is Wen Er’s …” Bai Qiu saw that robe and shocked as if he couldn’t believe what his sister just took out.

Sacred Beast Robe.

The most powerful robe in the entire world and also the most precious one.

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