Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 126


Lin Fan stared at that robe.

He couldn’t take his eyes off from it.

He was certain that he will become the most handsome man in the world once he put on that robe.

Wei You raised the robe in her hand, and then looked at it meaningfully, “This robe once belonged to Wen Er. You will be safe if you wear this robe. But this used to be a middle-class dao artifact, so it couldn’t protect its wearer from the True Immortal Stage cultivator’s attack.”

“I’ve been spending the last hundreds of years tinkering it, and finally, I managed to enhance this robe into the high-class dao artifact. It will definitely be useful for you in the future.”

Bai Qiu stared at the high-class dao artifact, which was so priceless, it was definitely not something that a normal human could create.

The first one to wear that robe was Wei You’s son. He was so arrogant, even though he was weak, he relied too much on that robe and ended up dead at the hands of a True Immortal Stage cultivator.

That was why Wei You spent hundreds of years to enhance that robe to a high-class Dao artifact, only God knew how many resources she spent on it.

Lin Fan looked at that robe and realized that each individual was different. No humans were exactly the same. Even if he got a system, he still had to put extra effort into becoming stronger. But rich people’s son still becomes rich without doing anything.

Bai Qiu looked at Lin Fan in envy.

He didn’t even have such a robe of that caliber, and if he wanted to have it for himself, he at least must present a sound argument to his sister.

Enhancing that robe into a high-class dao artifact surely costs a lot of resources.

Bai Qiu assumed his sister got the resource from her husband, who has already ascended to the Immortal World.

It was impossible to guess its value.

“Sister… isn’t this too much. If Lin Fan wears it, he will attract unnecessary attention and possibly targeted by people who want to take that robe for themselves.” Bai Qiu tried to persuade her.

He hoped that her sister would think carefully about what he just said. That robe was invaluable. If the outside world heard about this, he was afraid that it would bring disaster, and all major sects will fight over it.

Lin Fan had a feeling that Bai Qiu was trying to prevent Lin Fan from obtaining the Sacred Beast Robe, so he decided to put another act to corner Bai Qiu.

“Mother, you are right, this artifact is an invaluable artifact, you should keep it, and don’t worry about my safety, as long as my mother is safe, that is enough for me.” Lin Fan said wholeheartedly.

Bai Qiu was happy that Lin Fan agreed with him at first, but then he realized that Lin Fan was a cunning man.

“My son, you don’t have to worry about me. There are not that many cultivators who are capable of harming me. So you should just pay attention to your own safety. You must wear this at all times and never take it off.” The Elder Sister Said.

Lin Fan cried, “Mother, I will always remember your kindness.”

“Remember this, normally you can’t exert the power of high-class dao artifact with your current cultivation, but this robe is an exception.” Wei You said.

“Sister, did you listen to what I just said? This thing is too valuable. Simply wearing it will invite unnecessary trouble.” Bai Qiu said it again, just in case his sister did not hear what he said clearly.

Wei You looked at Lin Fan, “My son, go ahead and put it on now, it will protect you for a lifetime. I hope you can accept this.”

And then the robe hovered toward Lin Fan.

In a blink of an eye.

Lin Fan didn’t feel anything strange yet, but he found himself was suddenly shining with colorful light.

Golden ribbon wrapped around both his shoulders, fluttering due to the overflow qi. And two golden dragons stood upright while facing each other became his pauldron, and a golden orb of burning flames was attached in the middle.

It was so dope!

He couldn’t find the words to describe his feelings.

“This shape, this golden light, if he leaves Taiwu Sect, he will stand out sister, it will attract thieves at this rate.”

‘Sacred Beast Robe (High-Grade Dao Artifact): Made from Golden Dragon, White Tiger, Fire Phoenix, Black Tortoise, all four sacred beast mix together, Heavenly Qi, etc. Contained 10,688 spells, invulnerable to blunt and sharp weapons, fire and water resistance, and also warded off evil spirits. Excellent in both defense and offense. Grant invulnerability to the attack of cultivator under True Immortal Stage, and can negate the attack of cultivator above True Immortal Stage once!’

The description was so sick!

He will be invincible for sure, he wondered if he met Wei You the moment he entered that world he might’ve already stood on the top of the world.

“Mother, I really like it. But it stands out way too much! People might easily notice me.” Lin Fan said.

Bai Qiu immediately said, “Sister, listen to him. He even said that this robe is really eye-catching.”

Wei You ignored him and looked at Lin Fan with a smile, “Don’t underestimate your mother, do you think I don’t put this into account? It can morph too, give it a try.”

The shiny robe suddenly turned into normal clothes.

“Mother, this is amazing!” Lin Fan said with a smile.

He had a feeling that he won’t have a hard time in the future if he trod the rail that has been laid out for him.

He decided not to say anything to Bai Qiu about the fact that her mother was ignoring him and only talked to Lin Fan the whole time.

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