Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 127


“Mother, you are too nice to me.”

Lin Fan embraced Wei You while grinning provocatively at Bai Qiu.


Wei You asked where Lin Fan lived, she intended to give him his own peak if he wanted one, but since he still had things left to do in Mysterious Sword’s Peak, he refused his mother’s offer.

Bai Qiu felt that his sister was slowly falling into Lin Fan’s hands, as her brother, he felt the obligation to open her eyes. But Lin Fan was so cunning that even with Wei You’s high level of cultivation, she still fell for Lin Fan’s act.

Lin Fan preferred elixirs and martial arts instead of a peak, but since Wei You didn’t offer any of those, Lin Fan couldn’t bring himself to ask, he was afraid that his mother might think he was shameless.

Lin Fan took his leave. He was going to Mysterious Sword Peak to find Xi Xi.

Inside the house.

“Brother, do you have any elixir on you? Give me some elixir that’s suitable for normal human cultivation. The elixir that I have now is not suitable for that child.” Wei You asked Zhang Jiao.

“I do, but I’m afraid I can’t give it to you, sister.” Bai Qiu refused, but before Wei You could ask the reason, he quickly added, “Sister, you can’t spoil him too much, or the same incident that happened to Wen Er will befall him again. Because even his attitude is the same as Wen Er.”

Wei You felt sad, “Then what should I do, brother?”

“Reading is supposedly good for his emotional growth, he’ll be able to distinguish between good and bad, and obtain more knowledge so he can help others. I recommended calligraphy as well, it should be good to teach him serenity, so he didn’t pick a fight on a whim.”

Wei You lowered her and pondered for a moment.

“Yeah, I used to spoil Wen Er too much. I can’t let Lin Fan repeat the same mistakes. I’ll do as you suggested.”

“Okay.” The Headteacher said, “Then please have a good rest first. Meanwhile, I can prepare some books for you, sister.”

On the outside.

Lin Fan was in a good mood because of the robe he just got.

He had a feeling that he’ll have an easy life from there onward.

“Lin Fan …”

Suddenly he heard Bai Qiu’s voice behind him.

Lin Fan looked back and respectfully said, “Salute to Sect Master.”

Bai Qiu waved his hand, “Quit with the farce! I won’t fall for your trick. I just want to tell you that Sacred Beast Robe is an invaluable artifact. It is so powerful, I hope you won’t misuse it for your personal gain, or you might regret it. What are you planning to do from now on?”

Lin Fan said, “I’m going to return this robe to my mother because you threaten me. I’m afraid…” Bai Qiu was shocked when he heard Lin Fan threatened him.

“Okay then, you can do whatever you want, I don’t care anymore. Ah, right, I made a suggestion to sister, and she welcomed that idea. I think you will like it too.” And then Bai Qiu left immediately.

Lin Fan frowned. He thought he had to be careful around Bai Qiu.

Mysterious Sword Peak.

Xi Xi, Yang Gang, and Chen Zhiyu were already waiting for him in his house.

“Brother, what was that back there?”

“Yeah, since when Elder Wei becomes your mother?”

“You worried us to death.”

Those three swarmed Lin Fan and questioned him.

“Don’t worry, I will tell you the story.” Lin Fan said.

Then he told everything orderly.

It sounded like a fantasy story to them.

“So, that’s how I end up becoming my mother’s son .” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi said, “I can’t believe it.”

“Yeah, me too.” Lin Fan replied.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu glanced at each other in disbelief.

“It just sounds too good to be true.” Chen Zhiyu really did not expect Lin Fan was that lucky.

Lin Fan said, “This is fate. I’m sure you’ve heard of reincarnation. Maybe in my previous life, I really was my mother’s son, and in this life, God guides me here to reunite with her.”

“Fate is as fickle as always.”

Xi Xi suddenly said, “Brother, you will be doing okay from now on, no one will ever mess with you in Taiwu Sect.”

“You said I’m a kind sister. I believe you won’t forget my kindness, right?”

“Of course, sister.”

Xi Xi jumped and hugged him tightly.

She didn’t expect that the man she brought back that day would hold a huge influence in Taiwu Sect.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu desperately nodded.

“Brother, you remember my gift back then too, right?”

“Brother, don’t forget my Golden Amulet!”

Lin Fan patted their shoulder and said, “No need to bring that up, we’re family, right? Family always get each other’s back, now what do you say if we go somewhere?”

“Where?” Xi Xi asked

And Lin Fan spontaneously said, “Sky Peak, of course, we have some unfinished business with them.”

“Brother, isn’t it too fast for that? I can’t imagine the look on their face when they see you later.” Chen Zhiyu said.

“Those Sky Peak disciples are the most wretched people I’ve ever met. Let’s go! For Sister Meng sake too.” Xi Xi said.

Yang Gang didn’t say anything, but he also looked forward to it.

Lin Fan smiled, “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

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