Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 128


Sky Peak.

A peaceful land of immortal, but everything will change that day.

Lin Fan, along with his senior brothers and sister, arrived at the foot of Sky Peak.

When Sky Peak’s disciples nearby saw Lin Fan, he immediately became a hot topic among them.

“Lin Fan, you lucky bastard.”

“He’s the son of Disciplinary Elder now, won’t he become a tyrant in Taiwu Sect?”

“Let’s befriend him instead.”

“Just forget about it, do you think you can be friends with him?”

Although they lowered their voice, Lin Fan wasn’t deaf, and he heard them clearly. Lin Fan was too popular. Everyone wanted to be friends with him.

“Sister, brother, let’s go to Sky Peak.” Lin Fan waved his hand and led his brothers and sister to the summit.

The entrance to Sky Peak was guarded by their disciples.

They saw strangers approaching and wanted to stop them at first, but when they saw Lin Fan, they suddenly shuddered. How could they stop the son of Disciplinary Elder?

As Lin Fan passed, they said, “Have a good day, brother.”

“Yeah.” Lin Fan said indifferently.

Hearing Lin Fan responded to them, those disciples were elated, they didn’t expect Lin Fan will respond to them.

Xi Xi whispered, “Brother, if we come here before you become Elder Wei’s son, they will definitely stop us, but look at them now.”

“Sister, you can’t say that. It’s all because your brother is so popular, of course, they let us pass, they admire me.” Lin Fan said with a smug.

Xi Xi said, “Brother, you are getting cocky.”

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu both laughed.

But the two of them were so nervous the moment their feet step into Sky Peak. After all, they’re going to meet Ye Zhentian after a while. That was something they dared not imagine before.

“Did I say something funny, though? I’m merely stating the truth.” Lin Fan became helpless as to why no one believed him.

At that time.

Lin Fan has already reached the top of the Sky Peak, and the disciples around them glanced Lin Fan frequently, they already knew who Lin Fan was.

One thing they knew for sure.

It was a disaster.

Brother Ye ran out of luck.

They were aware of the conflict between Mysterious Sword Peak and Sky Peak.

Now that Lin Fan had excellent backing, he must be planning to cause some trouble there.

Lin Fan pointed at a random disciple and shouted, “You over there! Yes, you, come here.”

The disciple who was pointed at nodded with a shocked expression on his face, and after he realized that Lin Fan was pointing at him, he immediately approached Lin Fan.

“Brother Lin, my name is Li Yongquan. Is there anything I can help you with?” That disciple has completely forgotten that he was a Sky Peak’s disciple, now he simply wanted to earn Lin Fan’s favor.

Lin Fan has just joined Taiwu Sect recently. He was supposed to be the junior there. It was a tradition that the disciple who joined a sect much later than another disciple was considered the junior.

So under normal circumstances, Lin Fas was supposed to respect all disciples in Taiwu Sect and call them senior, including the one he just called.

But since his mother was Disciplinary Elder, he didn’t call that disciple with an honorific.

Lin Fan said, “You know who I am, right?”

“Of course, I know who you are, Brother Lin.” Li Yongquan said.

“I don’t want to say it, because I’m not the kind of person who likes to show off, my mother who is the Disciplinary Elder always reminded me to be humble, you understand?”

“I understand.” Li Yongquan nodded and admired Lin Fan in his heart.

Lin Fan was very satisfied. He was not a person who liked to show off, but in case that disciple didn’t know who he was, he, of course, had to remind him.

“I want to meet Ye Zhentian, lead the way.” Lin Fan said.

Li Yongquan led the way.

“Please come with me, I will take you there.”

Some disciples around him were envious.

Li Yongquan got the chance to please Lin Fan.

Since Lin Fan’s mother was a Disciplinary Elder, everyone must obey her.

Xi Xi and the rest of them looked at each other, and they all held their heads high on their way. This was something they never felt before.

When they came there in the past, it would be miraculous if they could enter without being insulted at all, yet now they walked around looking like celebrities.

Inside the hall.

“Brother Ye, we have bad news, Lin Fan has come to Sky Peak.” Nangong Jin hurriedly came to report the situation in a cold sweat.

Ye Zhentian was so calm when he heard the news.

“So what if he’s coming? Why are you so nervous?” Ye Zhentian said disgruntledly.

Ye Zhentian was just as arrogant as Lin Fan, the only thing in his mind at the moment was why can’t it be him? Why did it have to be Lin Fan who became Wei You’s son? If only he had that opportunity, He would be able to rule Taiwu Sect.

And Nangong Jin being nervous was not without reason, he was the one who challenged Lin Fan to a duel under Ye Zhentian’s request. Of course, he thought that he was the one that Lin Fan was looking for, Lin Fan definitely wanted revenge.

Nangong Jin said, “Brother, he must be here to pay me back for the other day when I challenged him to a duel, please protect me brother, I can’t do anything to him.”

He was really in a panic.

“Brother rest assured, this is Sky Peak, we have rules here, he won’t be able to do as he pleases.” Ye Zhentian said.

Indeed, even if Lin Fan was Disciplinary Elder’s son, but as long as they were in Taiwu Sect, they must abide by the rules.

And Ye Zhentian was the true disciple in charge of Sky Peak, Lin Fan won’t be able to make a ruckus there, or so he thought.

“Ye Zhentian, I am Lin Fan, why didn’t you come out to meet me.” Lin Fan’s voice was heard from outside.

Nangong Jin’s body shivered when he heard Lin Fan’s voice even though he didn’t see Lin Fan yet.


Lin Fan pushed the door open, “Ah, you’re all here. What a coincidence. Why is Nangong Jin so pale? Don’t push yourself if you are sick.”

Nangong Jin didn’t say anything back, he just lowered his head.

He entrusted everything to his senior brother.

If his senior brother couldn’t do anything about Lin Fan, then he will be finished.

Lin Fan sat down without waiting for Ye Zhentian’s offer. Then he asked the sisters and brothers to sit down too.

Things were getting interesting.

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