Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 129


“Ye Zhentian, I don’t remember inviting you here.” Lin Fan was sitting there as if that was his house, and made himself at home.

He didn’t care whether Ye Zhentian was offended or not any longer.

Ye Zhentian couldn’t say anything back obviously.

Ye Zhentian just smiled lightly and asked the disciples outside, “Can you make us some tea.”

Soon, some disciples served them cups of tea.

“This is one of the best spirit leaves in the world, it can only be harvested once in thirty years, and as a result, it was extremely rare, try it.” Ye Zhentian said that just to show off, of course.

In the expensive teacup, two tea leaves were floating. They could smell refreshing aroma swirling inside the room. It was extremely savory.

Xi Xi and the rest of them wanted to take a sip when they refreshing fragrance pierced their nostril.

Ye Zhentian looked at Lin Fan’s expression and slowly said, “Now this rare tea plant has been transplanted in Sky Peak. It can soothe your soul if you drink this tea for a long term.”

He was jealous that Lin Fan was adopted the elder, which he couldn’t achieve, but even so, he could show off his power as a core disciple in front of Lin Fan.

Xi Xi and others wanted to take a sip of the tea, but they changed their mind when they saw their junior brother.

Lin Fan looked at the two tea leaves in the teacup, “I heard that you’re a generous person. But there are only two tea leaves in a cup, what a cheapskate.”

“You…” Ye Zhentian was angry when he heard that. His expression changed, but he knew that Lin Fan did it on purpose. If he took the bait, he would definitely regret it.

Lin Fan picked up the teacup and took a sip. It was delicious, but…


“What a shitty tea, do you expect me to drink this?” Lin Fan complained, and Ye Zhentian instantly turned pale when he heard that.

Xi Xi and others already took a sip the tea, but when they saw their junior brother spat out the tea, they didn’t expect that to happen, but they knew they had to cooperate with their junior brother, they must spit it out.

But they already drank it, what should they do?

So they spat out their saliva.


They pretended to spit the tea like their junior brother.

Ye Zhentian knew that his guests were purposely making trouble.

Lin Fan put down the teacup and looked at Nangong Jin.

Nangong Jin seemed noticed Lin Fan’s gaze, although he lowered his head, his body was trembling indicated that he was terrified at that time.

“Nangong Jin, since you’ve been pestering me for a duel. I’m down for it now. Are you?” Lin Fan said.

Ye Zhentian, who heard that was overjoyed, and suddenly an idea popped up in his head.

He kind of wanted to use Nangong Jin as the scapegoat, he hoped Nangong Jin would kill Lin Fan in the duel, then everything will be perfect.

Even if he is punished afterward, it will only be because he failed to monitor the disciples in his peak.

Nangong Jin was trembling, he was frightened.

He didn’t dare to accept the challenge.

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“Why don’t you say something? Aren’t you the one who keeps pestering me to duel at first? You can rest assured that nothing will happen even if you kill me, my mother, the Disciplinary Elder, can’t punish you for that.” Lin Fan said.

Nangong Jin heard Lin Fan’s words, but he couldn’t say anything back.

Lin Fan affirmed that his mother was the Disciplinary Elder to scare him on purpose.

He challenged Lin Fan to a duel just because he wanted to get his hands on the Golden Breakthrough Pill that his senior brother promised. If he knew this was how it would turn out, he wouldn’t agree in the first place.

Ye Zhentian frowned, and thought that was the perfect opportunity, he didn’t care even if Nangong Jin died in the duel or died at the hands of Lin Fan’s mother.

Jealousy blinded people, urging them to use whatever means necessary to achieve their goal.

Ye Zhentian was jealous of how lucky Lin Fan was.

“Brother, isn’t it better to duel with him as soon as possible?” Ye Zhentian said.

Nangong Jin looked at Ye Zhentian, thinking that his big brother will help him, but to his dismay, his big brother encouraged him to duel Lin Fan instead, that was no different than killing him.

Ye Zhentian nodded to Nangong Jin and smiled, as if to say, it was time for you to repay your senior brother.

“Brother, you are asking me to die?” Nangong Jin asked angrily.

Nangong Jin felt something an overwhelming pressure, he could barely breathe.


Lin Fan slammed the table angrily and yelled, “What are you doing? Nangong Jin is our disciple too. Did you hold a grudge against him or something? According to the sect’s rules, the disciple can’t duel fellow disciples with the intention to kill. The one who violated that rule will be expelled from the sect.”

“I can go to the Disciplinary Hall to report this, you know.”

“But you can rest assured, even though my mother is in charge of the Disciplinary Committee, she will never persecute you.”

Ye Zhentian said with a cold face, “Lin Fan, Are you here to pick a fight?”

Lin Fan smiled lightly, and then faced Nangong Jin, “Nangong Jin, I’m sad that you’re stuck with this kind of brother, He is using you to the point that he wants you to kill me and place all the blame on you, but I am wise enough to see through his scheme, I know who is good and who is evil.”

Nangong Jin looked at Lin Fan dumbfounded.

If it weren’t for Lin Fan’s high status, will he be frightened?

Nangong Jin was confused about which side he should choose at that time.

“Lin Fan, what do you mean by that?” Ye Zhentian said angrily.

Lin Fan said, “It means exactly as I said, is there something wrong?”

Then, Lin Fan ignored Ye Zhentian.

“Nangong Jin, I see that you almost breakthrough, I believe that you’re in need of Golden Breakthrough Pill, right? I can ask for one in the alchemy hall. You can come with me if you want to.” Lin Fan said as if he could do whatever he wanted at Taiwu Sect.


Ye Zhentian got up and smashed the table, “Lin Fan, what do you mean? Nangong Jin is my brother, you have crossed the line.”

Nangong Jin kneeled on the ground and said, “Thank you, Brother Lin. When I first saw you, I already knew that Brother Lin was the noblest person I’ve ever met, but Ye Zhentian forced me to, and I had no choice but to obey him. Now that you’ve saved me from the depths of hell, I’ll use this life of mine for your sake.”

Who will he follow in the end?

It goes without saying that following the elder’s son was more sensible.

Ye Zhentian glared and pointed at Nangong Jin.

“You…” He did not expect Nangong Jin to betray him.

So Nangong Jin decided to side with Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was very satisfied with Nangong Jin’s choice and said with relief, “Well, I’m glad to hear that, please raise your head. If you’re with me, no one will dare to harm you.”

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