Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 131


“Sit down, aren’t you tired of standing? See? I am a good person. I’m not as bad as you think.”

“Hurry up and sit down.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi and others were completely stunned. They were so shocked. They’ve never thought of such a method.

Nangong Jin didn’t regret his choice at all. In terms of resources and wits, he believed that Lin left Ye Zhentian in the dust.

Ye Zhentian sat down with a pale face, “Do you think everyone will believe you?”

“Everyone? I think you make a mistake.”

Lin Fan said.

It seemed that Ye Zhentian hasn’t given up just yet, he was hoping to make Lin Fan flustered by his bluff. Meanwhile, he’ll find a chance and turned the table in one fell swoop, but he overestimated himself.

“It doesn’t matter whether everyone believes it or not, as long as my mother believes it, then it’s good enough.” Lin Fan was very calm, and then he said, “I heard that you found a spirit vein and it is being mined as we speak, I think you should hand it over to the sect to reduce your penalty later. I‘m sure a lot of people will be pleased with that.”

“They might think you’re a selfless person who sacrifices personal gain for greater good…”

Lin Fan said with a smile.

Ye Zhentian didn’t say anything. He just looked at Lin Fan’s eyes with boundless anger, just like the beast who wanted to swallow its prey.

He knew that Lin Fan was not a good guy.

He just didn’t expect that person to be so insidious.

He also had a hard time believing that Nangong Jin has betrayed him, saying it was the fatal blow that wouldn’t be an exaggeration. If Nangong Jin did not side with Lin Fan’, he would not be in this pinch.

“Lin Fan, do you know what you are doing now? It’s fine if you want to blow off some steam, but you can’t misuse an elder’s status for your own benefit, or you might regret it later.” Ye Zhentian looked at Lin Fan while holding his anger and gritted his teeth.

Lin Fan casually said, “I never said everything I have now is something I gained by my hard work. I do rely on my mother’s position. But as for whether I’ll regret it later or not is none of your business.”

Ye Zhentian was so angry at that time.

He has never encountered a person like Lin Fan in his life.

Nangong Jin stood there, admiring Lin Fan. He had never seen a man like Lin Fan who never seemed to run out of ideas, he didn’t even hesitate to stoop so low in order to achieve his goal, and most people couldn’t do it at all.

After a while.

A group of people came out of the hall.

“How disappointing, he didn’t take the bait.”

When Lin Fan came out with an extra spirit sword in his hand.

That sword looked amazing, it was glittering with gold, and it was so comfortable to wield.

Ye Zhentian ended up submitting to Lin Fan’s threat, even if he didn’t want to give it, in the end, Lin Fan took his Demon Slaying Sword just like that.

“I never thought something like that will ever happen in my life.” Xi Xi said with a smile. She was very satisfied when she looked at Ye Zhentian’s expression back there.

Chen Zhiyu said, “If it was not because of our junior brother, we would never receive such treatment, did you see Ye Zhentian’s expression when he took out his Dragon Slaying Sword earlier? That’s one hell of a look he got on his face.”

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan laughed.

“Let’s go, let’s go back. In the end, that’s all Ye Zhentian and Sky Peak is capable of.”

He will take his time to torment Ye Zhentian. He thought it was really boring to destroy him in one go.


The voice from afar attracted Lin Fan’s attention.

“What is that?” Lin Fan asked.

Not far too away, there was a chicken coop. There were many chickens with colorful feathers being kept inside. Those chickens looked so dazzling as they were sunbathing under the sun.

Nangong Jin said, “That is the Rainbow Sky Chicken that Ye Zhentian raised. Its feathers are good materials to refine equipment. Every three years, a feather will be plucked off on its own. We sold to the disciples in need. This is one of Sky Peak spirit stone resources.”

“Oh!” Lin Fan nodded.

“Take one back, let’s have chicken soup for dinner. I have lost a lot of weight recently. I need to make up for it.”


Nangong Jin ran over, he must do whatever Lin Fan ordered him to do, he didn’t care about the consequences.

The Rainbow Sky Chicken that he caught flapped its wings and tried to escape.

“Son of a b*tch.”

Ye Zhentian was angry. He was being blackmailed and humiliated at the same time. He was trembling with anger all the time, smashing all the teacups on the table to vent off his anger.

“Lin Fan, one day, you will pay the price for what you did today.”

The hatred in his heart was bottomless.

When Lin Fan went down the mountain, the disciples passing by discovered that Lin Fan was holding Ye Zhentian’s sword, which shocked them. They knew that was really precious.

But what does that mean?

They couldn’t understand what they saw.

When Lin Fan returned to Mysterious Sword Peak, he suddenly found that the house where he lived was crowded with many disciples, all of them were holding boxes in their arms.


Someone shouted, “Brother Lin is back!”

What were they doing?

Lin Fan frowned, he didn’t quite understand at first, but soon he knew what was going on. It turned out to be a gift that the other core disciples sent to Lin Fan through their respective disciples to earn Lin Fan’s favor.

In that case.

He must receive all the gifts, of course!

And didn’t care about what the gifts were, and it didn’t really matter whether he could use them all, at least he might be able to find something useful among those presents.


The courtyard was piled up with presents.

Xi Xi was dumbfounded, she never saw this many gifts in one place.

At that time, a disciple came to Lin Fan and clenched his fists, “Brother Lin, my brother invites you to a banquet at East Peak tomorrow. I wonder if Brother Lin can make some time for that.”

“What is your brother’s name?” Lin Fan asked.

The male disciple said, “Ye Dong.”

He has never heard of that name.

“Well, go back and tell your brother that I will be on time tomorrow.” Lin Fan replied.

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