Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 132


Those disciples were finally gone.

There were many gifts in the courtyard. Xi Xi was excited to organize those gifts.

“Wow, Junior Brother, they are so generous, these aren’t just complementary gifts either, there’s even Sword Array in here, it was as valuable as top-grade jewels.”

“A whole bottle of third-grade elixir, wow, they really went all out to please you, brother.”

Lin Fan didn’t really care, he just ate the chicken soup, it was really delicious, as expected of the Rainbow Sky Chicken in Sky Peak.

Nangong Jin said, “Brother Lin, you need to be careful tomorrow night.”

“Why?” Lin Fan asked, he gradually felt that Nangong Jin might have a real talent. He was very smart and could seize the opportunity. Most people did not have the courage like him.

Nangong Jin used to be Sky Peak’s disciple, and his cultivation level was not bad at all. He also had more knowledge and knew many secrets that Lin Fan did not know.

“Ye Dong’s follower is much more loyal than Ye Zhentian’s. He has many followers at every peak. He knew the conflict between Brother Lin and Ye Zhentian, and he wanted to win you over, so please be careful not to be deceived by his act.”

“And the other peak masters have fallen victim to Ye Dong.”

Since Ye Dong has targeted Lin Fan, Nangong Jin hoped Lin Fan would be fine for his own sake.

“Well, rest assured, I have something in mind.” Lin Fan answered.

Now that he knew that Ye Dong was quite a threat, it will be better if he built a good relationship with Ye Dong.

“Sister, brother, please take whatever you like.”

Lin Fan was not interested in those gifts. He had such a powerful and generous mother, so he didn’t need anything. The robe he was wearing was enough to protect him.

“Then, I won’t hold back.” Xi Xi jumped up with joy, and threw herself into the gifts, and began to look for what she wanted.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu were also very excited.

Their junior brother maybe wasn’t interested in those gifts, but those gifts were too valuable for them to miss.

Lin Fan kept eating his chicken soup, but he was thinking about why senior sister Meng Qingyao as a master of Mysterious Sword Sect, never paid him a visit.

But Lin Fan didn’t want to meet with Meng Qingyao too, for the time being, he was too busy, he still had too many businesses to attend.

The next day!

The morning sun went through the window.

Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes, only to find that he was not in his house.

He was shocked.

But soon, he was relieved to find that he was still in Taiwu Sect, but how could that happen?


The door was pushed open.

“My son, wake up and come with me. I’ve prepared something for you.” The love in Wei You’s eyes never faded.

“Yes, Mother.”

Lin Fan replied.

He wondered if his mother wanted to give him some valuable artifacts.

He was so excited when he thought about it.

Not long after.

He felt something wrong before he entered the room his mother was in, because he could smell the scent of new books, and the window beside the room showed an elegant courtyard with mountains, river, and pavilions.

“Mom, what are we gonna do here?” Lin Fan asked.

Wei You said, “My son, I’m going to teach you how to read and caligraphy to develop your talent for your survival in the future.”

“Wh…” Lin Fan was dumbfounded as if his ears didn’t quite hear it clearly, “Mom, What are you talking about? I don’t need anything like that.”

“Mom, I want to cultivate, please let me cultivate and become stronger.”

Lin Fan’s original plan was very simple, stir a ruckus, killed people, strive to improve his qi, but all of a sudden, his mother told him to read and calligraphy, which sounded so far away from his goal.

“Your cultivation can wait. You must learn how to read and write first.” Wei You said, she knew what her junior brother said was very reasonable. If she didn’t make up her mind, she was afraid of the same cycle will happen again in the future.

If Wen Er was still alive, she would’ve done the same and strived to educate him emotionally first.

And he realized that because of Lin Fan.

“My son, don’t think of reading and writing as a waste of time. It will greatly help you in the future for your cultivation. I did this for your sake. I’m your mother after all.” Wei You said.

Lin Fan just stared at the brand-new books on the table.

He didn’t know what to say for a while.


She thought of what she said to Lin Fan yesterday and made a suggestion.

“My son, I have spare time, so we can do it together, so you’re not bored. I won’t let you get off so easily if you slack off.” Wei You said.

She was basically like saying that if Lin Fan didn’t study properly, he would be punished.

“Please rest assured, since mother wants me to read and write calligraphy, your child will work hard to fulfill your expectation.” Lin Fan said.

Damn old hag.

At that time.

Lin Fan saw a figure standing in the distance.

When he looked closely, that figure turned out to be an old man, the Sect Master. He was smiling lightly.

He seemed to be very proud. That smile was telling Lin Fan that if Lin Fan dared to go against him, Lin Fan would know what’s coming to him.

He was sitting at the desk, with the book Thousands Text of Daoism in front of him.

That was a very common and boring book, which talked about a thousand kinds of teachings.

He preferred the book of Arabian Nights instead.

At least the story should be fun enough to kill some time.

The old lady was his foremost backing. If he made the old lady unhappy, worst case scenario, he might be detained in that house.

Sitting down and read a book was honestly very boring.

Wei You were so relieved to see Lin Fan could read books obediently. She wouldn’t let Lin Fan had the same destiny the same as her former son.

Lin Fan was holding the book and sang a song in his mind instead.

“One times one is one.”

“One times two is two.”

“One times three is three.”

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