Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 133


He wanted to run away.

How could he live such a plain and boring life?

Bai Qiu deliberately pitted him against his mother. He knew Wei You will listen to him if he brought up Wen’er.

The old man was trying to teach him a lesson.

At noon.

“Mother, it’s lunchtime, I‘ll make something for you. Can I go out to prepare some ingredients?” Lin Fan said.

Wei You said, “Are you trying to slack off?”

“No, absolutely not mom, it won’t take long. Your son will prepare something delicious now.” Lin Fan closed the book and ran toward Sky Peak hurriedly, the Rainbow Sky Chicken, whose main commodity was its feather was about to be butchered by Lin Fan.

Becoming a chicken soup was their nature. Although the Rainbow Sky Chicken belonged to Ye Zhentian, Lin Fan didn’t care at all.

Sky Peak.

Lin Fan was running wild, and no one dared to stop him. Several disciples witnessed Lin Fan rushing into the chicken coop and then brought back the Rainbow Sky Chicken casually.

Ye Zhentian didn’t show up, maybe he knew what Lin Fan did, but he couldn’t do anything, so he’d rather not come at all.

But that was not important at all, whether Ye Zhentian knew or not, nothing will change anyway.

After Lin Fan left.

Ye Zhentian stood in the distance and saw where the Rainbow Sky Chicken was taken to.

“Lin Fan. I, Ye Zhentian, will make you pay for it.” Ye Zhentian wanted to kill Lin Fan, but he knew he couldn’t do that at that time.

Sky Peak’s disciples felt that Lin Fan has already crossed the line. That Rainbow Sky Chicken belonged to Ye Zhentian, and every single one of them was really valuable, but Ye Zhentian did not do anything about it. What did that mean?

Shortly after.

Lin Fan walked into the house with the dishes.

“Mother, please try my cooking.”

He prepared three dishes and one soup. The Rainbow Sky Chicken was the main dish. It was so delicious. Even without any additional side dish, it was already savory enough.

Wei You were very shocked. She didn’t expect her son was pretty good at cooking.

After she reached her current level of cultivation, she literally had not eaten anything for a long time, but since Lin Fan went through all that trouble to cook something for her, she will have it for sure.

“Mom, I will serve you a bowl of soup, please try it.” Lin Fan was very diligent, he filled the bowl with the soup and put the chicken leg in it, the appetizing aroma filled the air, no one would be able to reach the temptation.

Was it delicious?

Wei You’s eyes were filled with relief, and she took a sip slowly, “Well, as expected of my son’s cooking, this is really good.”

“For real?” Lin Fan pretended to be surprised, he was actually very confident in his cooking skill.

Wei You ate it delightfully, it seemed that food would taste more delicious if your loved ones cooked it for you.

Lin Fan slowly walked to the window and looked up at the dazzling sun meaningfully.

“My son, something on your mind?” Wei You asked.

“Mom, I can’t help but thinking about something when I saw this scenery.” Lin Fan said as if recalling something.

Wei You, who was concerned about Lin Fan, then said, “Is there something you want to tell your mother? Don’t keep it for yourself.”

Lin Fan shook his head and sighed, he said in a rather aloof manner, “Mom, a poem that is perfect to describe how I feel right now suddenly popped up in my mind, do you want to listen?”

Wei You were interested, but she didn’t expect that Lin Fan could even make a poem. She was looking forward to it.

Lin Fan stood up, and then he looked up to the sky.

“The warmth of the sun reminded me of the warmth of my hometown. My tears are slowly dripping from my eyes.”

Lin Fan’s poem, combined with his melancholy expression, looked somewhat artistic.

Since Wei You didn’t have a proper education back when she was young, she couldn’t quite understand what Lin Fan was trying to say, but at least she did like Lin Fan’s poem

“I came up with that poem because the sun is up, I came up with another poem if it’s currently at night.” Lin Fan said.

“Go ahead and tell me, son.” She answered.

“When the moonlight is rising, it makes the ground frost, I lay my eyes to the moon, and then looking down and think of home.”

“I live in Jiangdu city for a long time, even though I have no reason to keep staying there, but I have some good friends back then, I once promised them if I can join a sect, I will invite them to take a look.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to study. He just wanted to make a ruckus and became the strongest in the world—no other option.

He wanted to show the Sect Master and everyone that no one could mess with him.

Wei You looked at Lin Fan Fan with her teary eyes. She never thought that Lin Fan had such a soft spot in his heart.

“My son, if you want to go back and see them, I will make the arrangement so someone can protect you during your journey.”

She could sympathize with Lin Fan’s loneliness and sadness, she finally realized Lin Fan was trying to say that he was homesick.

Wei You also thought of her hometown sometimes, but it was a pity that her cultivation was taking too long, and her hometown no longer existed.

Even if the descendants of the former residents were still alive by that time, of course, they wouldn’t remember who Wei You was.

“And mother… I will be honest with you. I can’t read all these books because these books are just a talking paper.”

“Traveling thousands of miles is much better than reading thousands of books.”

“Someone once has experienced all kinds of things in the world, sadness, and happiness and other feelings, their heart is like a mirror, he has something he believed in his hearts. It’s not something he can learn through books.”

“So he decided to travel around the world. Do whatever his heart believed in.”

Lin Fan suddenly became all philosophical.

Wei You heard Lin Fan’s words, and she didn’t understand at first, and suddenly, she realized how deep Lin Fan’s words were and pondered.

“You’re right. These books are just books, in the end, Regardless of whether someone is good or evil, conscience is the essence of cultivation.”

“These books can not be a mentor for you.” Wei You said.

Lin Fan triumphed over Bai Qiu in the end

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