Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 134


Lin Fan left that place in a hurry, he was worried that his mother might change her mind.

Bai Qiu knew Lin Fan would be pissed with the solution he proposed to Wei You. But it can’t be helped, Lin Fan was too hard to control, and he didn’t have all day to monitor Lin Fan. When he came back, he wanted to see what kind of expression Lin Fan will show him.

He couldn’t help but smile when he imagined Lin Fan’s expression.

“I wonder what he’s doing now.”

But when Bai Qiu looked at the situation inside through the window, he didn’t see Lin Fan, he only saw his sister there, reading books.

“Sister, where is Lin Fan? Is there something urgent that he must attend?” He asked, Wei You put down those books and said, “Brother, you do not understand.”

Bai Qiu was shocked,

What did she mean by that?

Bai Qiu knew her sister did as he told, but why Lin Fan was nowhere to be found?

He thought that boy had learned his lesson, but considering what he saw at that moment, that didn’t seem to be the case.

“Sister, reading, calligraphy, and self-cultivation, that is the foundation of immortals’ cultivation. If you don’t educate him emotionally, there will be endless troubles.” Bai Qiu thought was that Wei You failed to educate Lin Fan after Lin Fan coaxed her.

He must wake up his sister so she won’t spoil Lin Fan anymore.

“Brother, you don’t understand, go back and take care of your own business,” Wei You said.

Bai Qiu was shocked, but he tried to maintain his composure.

Lin Fan returned to Mysterious Sword Peak, Xi Xi was already waiting for him.

“Sister Xi, what’s the matter?” Lin Fan asked with a smile.

Xi Xi smiled and said, “Brother, Sister Meng wants to see you, but you have to promise me that you treat sister with courtesy. My sister is a nice person.”

Lin Fan had a huge influence as of the moment, if they happened to get into an argument, Meng Qingyao would be at a disadvantage.

Even Ye Zhentian was no match for Lin Fan.

“Hmm, she is finally willing to meet me.” Lin Fan said that in a complacent tone.

He was basically equal to the son of a noble family, and he was very popular wherever he goes.

When Xi Xi saw her junior brother’s smile, she was suddenly panicked, “Brother, don’t think about anything weird, my sister is serious, don’t clown around in front of my sister. Otherwise something bad will happen.”

Lin Fan stared at her and said, “Sister, do you think I’m that stupid?”

“I’ll tell you something. There is no one in this sect more reliable than I am.”

Silly Xi Xi chose to believe Lin Fan’s words.

Then Xi Xi took Lin Fan to Meng Qingyao. The place where the big sister lived was not luxurious, but it was not shabby either.

Lin Fan was a bit nervous.

After he came to Mysterious Sword Peak, he had never seen Meng Qingyao. He didn’t know what she looked like. He heard that woman was very beautiful.

“Sister, we are here.” Xi Xi stopped outside the door.

Lin Fan stepped forward to open the door.

Xi Xi wanted to stop her junior brother, but before she could say anything, the door of the hall was already opened.

Lin Fan saw a figure was standing in front of him, dressed in white, and looked elegant, it was difficult to see her face, but at least Lin Fan knew that figure was beautiful, slim, and tall.

“Meng Qingyao, I heard my senior sister said that you are looking for me, am I right?” Lin Fan asked.

He called Xi Xi his senior sister, but he dared to call Meng Qingyao’s name without honorifics, which sounded weird obviously.

Xi Xi couldn’t do anything about that.

Meng Qingyao was straight-laced, she will have to be careful about Lin Fan.

Meng Qingyao turned her head to look at Lin Fan, although her face was expressionless, her feelings were reflected clearly in her eyes, as if saying that she was powerful enough that Xi Xi called her senior sister, but Lin Fan didn’t even bother to show her respect.

The moment Lin Fan saw Meng Qingyao. He couldn’t bring himself to hate Meng Qingyao, for she both was powerful and beautiful at the same time.

“What are you looking at?” Meng Qingyao frowned. Lin Fan’s eyes made her a bit uncomfortable.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “I’m just mesmerized by how beautiful you are.”

Xi Xi pulled Lin Fan’s sleeve lightly. Right after she said that Lin Fan might not clown around, the first thing that came out of his mouth was flirting, she hurriedly said.

“Of course, my sister is the most beautiful, what are you stating the obvious for?”

“Sister, you are right.”

Who said Xi Xi girl wouldn’t wag their tail for someone? Just look at Xi Xi over there, showing the fine example.

Meng Qingyao looked at Lin Fan, no matter how many times she looked at him, he looked like nothing but a plain old Joe, but he was lucky enough to be adopted by the elder. She couldn’t figure it out. How could he be that lucky?

She didn’t say anything, but she just thought about how unfair the world was.

Ye Zhentian managed to discover spirit veins.

And the disciple in front of him was so lucky, he was just a new disciple until recently, and suddenly his life turned around in one night. He directly became the son of the elder, and his status was much higher than them.

Meng Qingyao said, “You are the son of the elder now. Mysterious Sword Peak is just a small peak, we can’t accommodate your needs, the reason I summon you this time is that I have a suggestion for you, maybe you should leave Mysterious Sword Peak and live in another Peak which suits your liking more.”

“What?” Xi Xi said anxiously, “Sister, why do you want junior brother to leave? This place is so big. We’re not short of anything in this place.”

Xi Xi thought Lin Fan was happy to be part of that sect.

Moreover, ever since their visit to Sky Peak recently, they basically already established the fact that Sky Peak was nothing special. Xi Xi regarded as revenge for the sake of Mysterious Sword Peak. How could she drive Lin Fan away?

Lin Fan wanted to laugh.

He thought that maybe it was part of Meng Qingyao’s plan to drive him away from Mysterious Sword Peak.

But …

“I like it here. My mother told me that I could stay wherever I want, so I won’t leave for now.” Lin Fan said.

“You ……” Meng Qingyao frowned, she was so upset.

She just wanted to drive Lin Fan out of Mysterious Sword Peak.

But Looking at the current situation, her plan was obviously going to fail.

Xi Xi said, “Sister, brother, I don’t want you to leave, just stay here. Besides, with Brother Lin here, other peaks will never look down on us Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciple.”

“Mysterious Sword Peak’s safety was my responsibility, and I don’t plan to borrow anyone’s help.” Meng Qingyao said.

“There is a problem with that. A woman is a woman after all, and sometimes you need a man to lean on, so you can feel at ease.” Lin Fan said.

From the beginning, he discovered that she had a problem. She lacked the pillars to support her in times of need. Lin Fan sighed, Meng Qingyao looked more and more furious, but he still didn’t care about that.

“Just take a look at Mysterious Sword Peak, most of the disciples here are female, there are only a few male disciples. I don’t mind help you as a man, you know.”

“You …”

Meng Qingyao could no longer stand Lin Fan’s insult, she wanted to teach him a lesson without injuring him.

“Sister, don’t …” Xi Xi shouted.

But she obviously couldn’t stop Meng Qingyao, before Xi Xi could react, Meng Qingyao’s hand was already right in front of Lin Fan.

Lin Fan, however, was very calm.

But before her hand was about to hit Lin Fan, Meng Qingyao suddenly realized that her hand couldn’t push through, as if there was an invisible wall protecting Lin Fan.

“Meng Qingyao, please take your hands off.” Lin Fan grabbed Meng Qingyao’s hand, as Lin Fan touched her hand, he realized her skin was so smooth.

Meng Qingyao’s expression changed drastically, and she quickly pulled her hand, but Lin Fan held her hand tighter, but since Meng Qingyao was stronger and Lin Fan won’t let go of her hand, his whole body was pulled toward Meng Qingyao.


Lin Fan fell on top of Meng Qingyao, “Meng Qingyao, you are so aggressive, Sister Xi is still here, you know.”

Xi Xi just stared at that scene speechless.

It all happened too fast.

She didn’t understand what was going on.

Meng Qingyao had a voluptuous body. She felt someone else’s hand on a certain part of her body. She suddenly snapped and punched Lin Fan really hard, without knowing what will happen in the next moment.



Someone was bleeding.

Lin Fan was shocked, he saw Meng Qingyao, who was fainted in the palm of his hand, and suddenly with blood on her mouth.

“Sister Xi, what happened to her?” Lin Fan hurriedly got up and shouted, he didn’t do anything, but Meng Qingyao seemed to be injured and passed out.

Xi Xi saw her senior sister was bleeding, “Young brother, what did you do?”

Lin Fan immediately said, “I’m innocent, I did not do anything.”

Lin Fan and Xi Xi was confused.

That Sacred Beast Robe was too overpowered.

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