Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 135


Lin Fan gave Meng Qingyao a piggyback ride, it was such a temptation, he swore he wasn’t thinking of anything weird at that moment.

“Hey, Sister Xi, you have to take good care of her. To think that she has this kind of illness at such a young age. As far as I know, it’s because of the abnormal body temperature.” Lin Fan said.

Xi Xi said, “What should I do?”

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, “The solution is there, I can solve it, but the backlash is too much, it will have a great impact on my body and mind.”

“You take good care of her for the time being, and she will take care of herself when she wakes up.”

He will never admit that what just happened had something to do with him.

Meng Qingyao was the one who started it, and Lin Fan didn’t do anything, so she couldn’t blame him.

Lin Fan’s eyes were naturally drawn to her, and he couldn’t deny the fact that Meng Qingayo really was beautiful.

But suddenly she was injured, what a pity.

At night.

As promised, Lin Fan will attend the banquet in East Peak that night.

Xi Xi couldn’t come with him because she wanted to take care of her senior sister.

So he went to the banquet with Yang Gang, Chen Zhiyu and Nangong Jin in tow.

When they arrived at the East Peak, East Peak’s disciples welcomed them, for those disciples already knew Lin Fan’s identity, they believed they must mind their manner in front of Lin Fan.

Ye Dong stood in the distance with a faint smile on his face. It was a soothing smile, giving the impression that he was a friendly guy.

However, Lin Fan finally knew why Nangong Jin warned him about Ye Dong.

“Welcome Senior Brother Lin, I appreciate you for taking some time to come here, please come inside.” Ye Dong quickly approached Lin Fan and talked politely.

A core disciple supposedly didn’t have to call other disciples using honorifics anymore, but Ye Dong called Lin Fan as a senior brother even though Lin Fan’s cultivation was much lower than him.

Nangong Jin followed Lin Fan, which surprised Ye Dong, but it wasn’t shown it on his face, and then he led everyone into his house with a smile on his face.

There were not that many people attending the banquet.

“Brother Lin, please sit down.” Ye Dong said, showing his hospitality.

Ye Dong set aside his status as a core disciple to get into Lin Fan’s good side.

Lin Fan said, “You are so polite.”

“You’re welcomed to come to East Peak anytime you want, Brother Lin.” Ye Dong smiled and then waved his hand, urging the disciples to serve them.

Chen Zhiyu and Yang Gang also tagged along inside, still a bit cautious.

But then, something blew their mind.

Ye Dong even poured wine for them, both of them were nervous.

Did a core disciple really just pour the wine for them?

Before Lin Fan came, Nangong Jin has already told him many things. Ye Dong was a two-faced man.

Hearing that, of course, they stayed vigilant at all times.

At that time.

Ye Dong sat down on and smiled, “Since I had never seen you in person prior to the assembly a few days ago, I was wondering what kind of person Brother Lin was, but the moment I saw you at the assembly, I already knew that Brother Lin was a dragon among men. When Elder Wei took Brother Lin as her son, no one did not envy you at that time, but I believe Brother Lin deserved it all.”

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan laughed.

“Brother Ye, you’re exaggerating.”

“No, I am not, brother, I swear. Thunder will strike me down if I’m lying to you.” Ye Dong sincerely said.


They heard a loud thunder outside.

Then it began to rain.

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward.

Ye Dong said, “I didn’t expect that even heaven would agree with what I said. Right after the thunder strike, rain cleansed our Peak. What a blessing.”

As soon as Lin Fan heard that, Lin Fan almost burst into laughter, that shameless man was so second to none at bootlicking.

In such an awkward situation, that man could say something like that.

“Hahaha.” Lin Fan patted Ye Dong’s shoulder and said, “I like a person like you brother, you’re an honest man.”

Ye Dong smiled, he has not yet figured out Lin Fan’s character. But that was not important, as long as he threw good compliment, he believed Lin Fan would listen.

Nangong Jin was remained vigilant, Ye Dong was not easy to deal with, he was used to this kind of thing.

Ordinary people would probably be all over their heads after hearing what Ye Dong said.

So he constantly monitored Lin Fan and assessed Lin Fan’s behavior, he was hoping that Lin Fan won’t be fooled by Ye Dong’s words.


Some disciples serve various delicious-looking foods.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu were bewildered, they have never seen those dishes. Anyway, it was a banquet, what were they for other than to eat.

Especially Chen Zhiyu, he couldn’t resist the temptation.

Nangong Jin once lived in Sky Peak, and he has seen various things, including food there. He could see at first glance that those dishes were no ordinary dishes, and not everyone could eat those foods.

“Brother Lin, please have a taste.” Ye Dong said, and then started his little ‘lecture’ about the foods, “This wine is the tribute from a royal family, it was a nearly five hundred years old wine, an extraordinary one indeed, It was made by a strong cultivator, it’s good to increase your qi, only someone of Brother Lin’s caliber deserves this wine.”

“And this dish is also special. It costs ten spirit stones per portion, most disciples can’t afford it.”

Ye Dong knew that Lin Fan was so lucky because he was adopted by an Elder, but surely Lin Fan had no idea how valuable the delicacy in front of him was, so he had no choice but to explain it all.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu just ate their foods without a care in Ye Dong’s explanation.

Nangong Jin was eating too, but he remembered what Ye Dong said, and carefully analyzed Ye Dong’s objective.

Suddenly, Ye Dong took a sip of wine and lowered his head without saying anything.

Lin Fan saw that and wondered, almost in every situation, this was where most people would ask.

What happened to him?

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