Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 137


Ye Dong wanted to see Lin Fan off, but Lin Fan refused his offer.

Inside the house.

Ye Dong looked at their back as they slowly disappeared from sight, and he looked at the dishes that Lin Fan didn’t touch at all on the table with a sullen look on his face.

He sat on the chair and clenched his fists, things didn’t go as he planned.

He realized that Lin Fan was not as naive as he thought. If Lin Fan was really smart, he wouldn’t pick a fight with Ye Zhentian in the first place.

But he at least approved Lin Fan’s reason to refuse, it made sense that his mother’s reputation might be tarnished if Lin Fan did as he told.

As Lin Fan stepped into some damp ground he picked a faint scent in the air. The flowers and plants around him were enveloped by qi.

“Brother Lin, now you understand when I say that guy is dangerous, right?” Nangong Jin knew that Ye Dong was not an honest man, but when he saw him in person, he realized that it was so much worse.

Lin Fan frowned slightly and said, “It’s all right, I might be able to get along with him.”

“What? Brother Lin, don’t tell me you trust that kind of guy?” Nangong Jin hurriedly said that to Lin Fan because he knew Ye Dong was trying to pit Lin Fan against Ye Zhentian.

Lin Fan said while smiling, “Of course not, but don’t worry, if he wants to use me, he must at least read a ton of books.”

He’s so good at bootlicking, most people won’t be able to refuse him, even if they knew he was just trying to get to their good side. People just can’t deal with a compliment that well, after all.

“Brother Lin, if I can eat more good meals in the future, I’ve memorized them, and those meals cost at least a hundred spirit stones. I guess he’s not just a core disciple for nothing.”

Lin Fan was very embarrassed.

Spirit Stone?

He didn’t even have a single spirit stone at that time.

As for the gifts previously given by those people, he didn’t think that there was any valuable gift among them.

“Oh, by the way, Brother Nangong, send the message to every disciple in Taiwu Sect. I’m going to auction Ye Zhentian’s Demon Slaying Sword, the highest bidder got to take it home.” Lin Fan said.

Nangong Jin was shocked and said, “Brother, that’s a magic weapon, are you really going to sell it?”

“Why not? I don’t have any spirit stone on me now, if I can earn some by selling something that’s not even mine, I’d gladly do it.” Lin Fan said.

Did he need those artifacts now that he had the Sacred Beast Robe?

The answer was no.

“Yes, Brother Lin.” What else could Nangong Jin say? He got nothing left to say. Artifacts were valuable, especially Ye Zhentian’s Middle Grade Artifact, it will fetch a high price that was for sure.

If Ye Zhentian knew that Lin Fan planned to sell that sword.

Nangong Jin couldn’t imagine what kind of expression Ye Zhentian will make.

The next day!

Taiwu Sect was very lively.

A bunch of disciples was discussing about the same thing, that was, the auction of a Middle Grade Artifact, which was Ye Zhentian’s Demon Slaying Sword.

“Have you heard?”

“Yeah, and I knew from the first the first glance what it was.”

“Isn’t that Ye Zhentian’s sword? Why did Brother Lin have it?”

“Who knows, maybe Ye Zhentian wanted to get into Brother Lin’s good side, so he gave it to him, but he obviously didn’t expect that Brother Lin didn’t even care about that artifact and decided to sell it right away?”

“Come on, let’s go to see, although we can not afford to buy it, at least we will know who gets it.”

“Let’s go, I’m just curious how will Ye Zhentian feel know about this.”

For ordinary disciples, getting their hands on something like Middle Grade Artifact was nothing but a pipe dream, so at least they wanted to have a closer look at that artifact.

Who would not want that artifact?

But they must have a ton of spirit stones.

Demon Slaying Sword was a rare artifact, which was capable of damaging the enemy’s soul with each strike.

Sky Peak.

“Senior brother! This is bad news! Your Demon Slaying Sword will be auctioned.” A disciple ran in panic to Ye Zhentian’s house to report what he heard to him.

When Ye Zhentian heard about that, he could no longer keep his composure.

“Son of a b”tch.”

He was a core disciple and supposed to be mature emotionally, but he finally snapped this time.

He was more than frustrated when Lin Fan took his Demon Slaying Sword, and all of a sudden Lin Fan decided to auction his sword.

“Lin Fan, you’re so dead.”

Ye Zhentian roared, and the disciple beside him was trembling.

Did he really want to kill Brother Lin?

That was what the disciple beside him was thinking

“Say, where is the auction?” Ye Zhentian asked.

“Brother Ye, it’s at Mysterious Sword Peak.” The disciple said, he was shocked when he learned about what happened, other disciples in Sky Peak was also surprised when they heard it from him.

How did Lin Fan get his hand on Ye Zhentian’s Demon Slaying Sword?

It made people wonder.

At that time, Ye Zhentian had already thought about it, and he wanted to see with his own eyes who had the guts to buy his sword?

Even he himself wanted to buy that sword, not because it was he knew how splendid that sword was, but to restore his reputation

Mysterious Sword Peak was very lively.

Many disciples, including from other peaks came.

Under normal circumstances, Mysterious Sword Peak didn’t allow disciples from others peak to enter and leave at will, but they made an exception that day under Lin Fan ’s orders, with Mysterious Sword Peak’s disciples responsible for maintaining the order.

In the courtyard.

Lin Fan was sitting there, with a table in front of him, and a small hammer next to it, which seemed to be very normal.

There were many disciples waiting outside. They did not come to participate in the auction, they came just to liven things up.

“Brother Lin, when will the auction start?” a disciple shouted.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Wait, we’ll begin when we have more people. If you have enough spirit stones, feel free to participate in the auction. This is the sword that Ye Zhentian once used after all, and it is a good artifact nonetheless. A chance like this rarely comes, you know?”

He was now wondering how many spirit stones that artifact could fetch at the auction.


Some of the disciples in Taiwu Sect, who believed they had enough resources, including all core disciples, have already heard the news, Lin Fan believes that will spice things up.

They were in need of artifacts.

If they could use spirit stones to buy an artifact, they definitely wouldn’t miss that chance.

After all, the required materials to forge an artifact was pretty expensive, not to mention that they also needed additional spirit stones to pay the blacksmith.

At that time.

Lin Fan felt killing intent from afar.

Here came Ye Zhentian.

A sour face and heavy footsteps.

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