Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 138


When the disciples saw Ye Zhentian approaching, they quickly made way for him. They knew things will get messy now that Ye Zhentian has come.

Especially because Ye Zhentian could no longer hide his anger, it was written all over his face.

It’d be for their own sake not to get in his way.

“What are you all doing here? Stop wasting your time here and get back to your cultivation.” Ye Zhentian could not vent his anger on Lin Fan, but he could vent his anger on these ordinary disciples at will.

When those disciples around Ye Zhentian heard this, they were very upset. Ye Zhentian was indeed a core disciple, but his anger toward them was unjustified, just because he had a problem with Lin Fan, he shouldn’t have any reason to vent his anger on them, they were not in cahoot with Lin Fan after all.

But of course, they couldn’t say it out loud to Ye Zhentian’s face.

Some of the disciples almost left because of Ye Zhentian’s order.


“Ye Zhentian, this is Mysterious Sword Peak, that kind of attitude was unacceptable here. If you think you can do whatever you want just because you’re a core disciple, think again! I don’t mind going to the disciplinary hall right now and tell them this behavior of yours.” Lin Fan squinted and criticized Ye Zhentian.

Then Lin Fan looked at the crowd and said.

“Stay here, you don’t have to go anywhere, he has no right to order you around here.”

Those disciples saw Lin Fan in a new light, they admired him, if Lin Fan asked them to bring him a cup of tea at that moment, they’ll definitely do it

Ye Zhentian, who was gritting his teeth, glared at Lin Fan, clenched his fists. He really wanted to ask Lin Fan why he was obsessed with making a fool out of him like this. As fat as he knew, they weren’t particularly in a bad term with each other, so why did Lin Fan go this far?

If he knew that it was all because he humiliated Lin Fan’s master back then, he might understand.

They were satisfied When they saw Ye Zhentian couldn’t do anything against Lin Fan.

“I think we already have enough crowds here Brother Lin, when will the auction begin?” Someone asked, from the looks of it, he might have quite a lot of spirit stones on him.

All disciples would be lying if they say they weren’t envious of Ye Zhentian, he was so lucky, he had a bunch of artifacts, he even found a spiritual vein. Not to mention it was above the third grade.

So when they could clearly saw Ye Zhentian’s rage, they couldn’t help but feel slightly relieved.

“Okay, fellow students, brothers and sisters, the auction I hereby declare the start of this auction. Let me begin by introduce our first items.”

Lin Linfan took Demon Slaying Sword and put it on the table.

“This is a middle-grade artifact called Demon Slaying Sword. As you all probably already knew, this artifact once belonged to Ye Zhentian, the core disciple of Sky Peak. “

“Starting the auction now, may the highest bidder win.”

As soon as Lin Fan finished his little speech, a commotion started in the crowd. Many people looked at Ye Zhentian and found that his face was already pale.

“Ten thousand spirit stones.” Someone shouted.

A middle-grade that could damage the opponent’s soul was naturally expensive. Ten thousand spirit stones were just a starting price, of course, the final price would be way more than that.

Lin Linfan was overjoyed, “Okay, I heard 10,000 spirit stones from the girl over there, good one.”

But shortly after, someone else also shouted.

“Twenty thousand.”

A masculine man stated his price and glanced at Ye Zhentian at the same time as if to ask how did feel now.

Ye Zhentian, of course, couldn’t stand being humiliated like that.

Demon Slaying Sword belonged to him.

Ever since Lin Fan took it from him, he has been racking his brain about how he could get it back, but all of a sudden Lin Fan auctioned his artifact.

“Fifty thousand.” Shouted another unknown man.

The cost of a middle-grade artifact was way more than this, so of course, the bidder still competed with each other.



The price kept getting higher and higher.

The disciples at the onlookers all gasped, they couldn’t even imagine how 70.000 spirit stones looked like.

Having that much spirit stone was like a dream to normal disciples, even after years of saving there was no guarantee that they could get that much.

Lin Fan didn’t even have to live things up, so the bidders will keep competing with each other as those bidders really wanted Demon Slaying Sword for themselves.

He just wondered, will Ye Zhentian bid?

In Lin Fan’s opinion, Ye Zhentian came here personally simply to tell everyone that he’ll definitely get whatever he lost back.


Finally, Ye Zhentian couldn’t bear it any longer and joined the fray, but when he stated his price, he looked even scarier than before, as if wanting to swallow Lin Fan whole.

“Everyone, as you all knew, Demon Slaying Sword belongs to me, Ye Zhentian. If you can give up here, it will save me some trouble.”

He knew that there were quite a lot of disciples who could stand toe to toe with him in terms of resources.

The most important thing was that he didn’t want to give Lin Fan dictate the pace and keep increasing the price.

Lin Fan laughed, “As expected of our core disciple, most people wouldn’t be able to compete with you.”

“Hum.” Ye Zhentian snorted, he refuses to say anything to Lin Fan, as he knew that was what Lin Fan tried to do.


I heard a voice that didn’t quite hold Ye Zhentian in my heart.

“Ye Zhentian, I don’t care how much spirit stones you got. But a medium-grade artifact costs at least 150,000 spirit stones, and an artifact which can damage the soul at least costs 200,000 spirit stones. Don’t take us for a fool. “

“Moreover, the bidding price is still below the normal price, there’s no reason for us to stop bidding.”

“I’ll just put my last offer. 200,000 spirit stones!”

All disciples at the scene were shocked.

Just how much 200.000 spirit stone was, most people may have never seen that many spirit stone in their entire life.

“Who is he?” Lin Fan whispered to Nangong Jin.

Tao Nangong Jin said: “Brother, he is Xu Wushang, Void Peak’s core disciple. He has become an immortal since a very young age, he has both strength and wealth to back himself up.”


Lin Fan looked at him with the system and noticed that the possible item drop upon killing him was really extraordinary, it was on par with the item drop of a boss character.

Lin Fan didn’t care who he was.

As long as the bid continued, he didn’t care about anything else.

Soon, someone followed suit.

“Xu Wushang is right, this middle-grade artifact could pierce through the soul, and 200,000 spirit stones was indeed the right price. Now that it has reached its right price, we have nothing to argue.”

“It seems that artifact is as good as his.”

Some core disciples really wanted to get their hands on that middle-grade artifact, but judging from the current situation, that was probably impossible.

Xu Wushang bid for 200,000 spirit stones, which they couldn’t afford to compete with, they could only give up at this point.

No one knew how Ye Zhentian would respond.


Ye Zhentian stared blankly toward Xu Wushang, he didn’t expect this guy would participate in the auction as well.

“Who else wants to bid? This is a good deal. 200,000 spirit stones for a middle-grade artifact? I wouldn’t mind going for more, you know why? Because this once belongs to Ye Zhentian. Any disciple seeing you with this artifact will definitely be in awe, because they think you snatched it right out of Ye Zhentian’s hands. “

“You’ll be famous.”

Lin Linfan smiled, he didn’t care at all even though Ye Zhentian’s rage was already apparent to everyone in the vicinity.

The disciples thought that Lin Fan had a point.

But still, they didn’t have enough spirit stone.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand.”

Ye Zhentian’s voice was very low. He did not particularly need that Demon Slaying Sword either, he did this for the sake of his reputation.

That artifact was his and his alone.

No one other than him may have it.

Xu Wushang said, “As expected of Ye Zhentian. It seems like you’ve amassed quite a lot of spirit stones after discovering that spirit vein. I will let you have this one then.”

Other core disciples felt the same way, the current bid price was already too high.

250.000 spirit stones for a middle-grade artifact was just not worth the trouble

And they didn’t feel the need to bid even higher just to annoy Ye Zhentian.

Lin Linfan took the hammer and looked at everyone and said, “250,000, anyone else?”

Lin Fan was quite excited, that wasn’t a bad deal at all. He will receive 250,000 spirit stones in exchange for absolutely nothing.

“Okay, that concludes the auction, sold at 250.000 spirit stones.”

 “Let’s give him applause. Congratulations Ye Zhentian. Demon Slaying Sword is rightfully yours.” Lin Fan clapped, and everyone followed suit.

But the applause sounded more like an insult than a celebration

He paid Lin Fan 250.000 spirit stones in exchange for an artifact that belonged to him in the first place.

These are his goodness.

I hate it.

“Ye Zhentian, congratulate congratulations.” Lin Fan said.

Ye Zhentian threw out a treasure trove toward Lin Fan, which contained spirit stones.

250.000 spirit stones, such  a staggering amount of spirit stone.

Normal disciples only received ten spirit stones each month.

Just how long did they have to save their spirit stones from reaching that amount?

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