Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 139


Note: Jiutian Sect > Nine Heavens Immortal Gate.

Note2: Taiwu Sect > Greatest Martial Immortal Gate.

As Ye Zhentian put away Demon Slaying Sword, he looked at Lin Fan in the eye and said, “Lin Fan, remember that life has its ups and downs, I will remember this, and one day I will return the favour “

“Hahaha, what are you all being polite for, Brother Ye? But I do understand that only those who are talented will be remembered. You may see more disciples clapping for you from now on.” Lin Fan said indifferently…

“Hmph!” Ye Zhen left without looking back.

The disciples around them saw Ye Zhentian’s complexion, and consciously make way for him then whispered among themselves after seeing Ye Zhentian left.

They seemed to notice that there may be an unspeakable secret between Ye Zhentian and Lin Fan.

“Thank you everyone for coming to the auction. I’ll hold another auction once I get a new item, so be sure to keep your ear open. Please leave in an orderly manner. Thank you. Thank you.” Lin Fan said while thinking how to spend the 250.000 spirit stones he just got.

It was a pain in the ass to think about it.

But suddenly Lin Fan had an epiphany

He could go back to the Nine Heavens Immortal Gate and give some of those spiritual stones to his master. He was so poor.

As the only hope of the Greatest Martial Immortal Gate, how could he let them down?

The spectators then left with satisfaction.

They witnessed a very impressive auction.

Xu Wushang bid farewell to Lin Fan respectfully and left the scene. They were all arrogant people. Unlike Ye Dong, who would welcome his guest politely although that was just him being foxy, that was still far better. Lin Fan smiled as he bid farewell to them one by one.

“I hope you will come again.”

He has been joining Taiwu Sect for quite some time, it made him wonder how to improve his cultivation. Since the chance to kill other disciples in Taiwu Immortal Gate was very low. It could even be said that it was impossible.

In the world of cultivator, he still had to build up his strength.

Whether he had backing or not, it won’t be as effective in the long run.

After everyone left Yang Gang exclaimed, “Senior brother, you really pull it off.”

“Well, yeah. But it’s not that much really compared to Ye Zhentian who found the spirit veins.” Lin Fan said in his toneless voice. He didn’t seem excited at all even after getting abundant spirit stones.

Yang Gang was helpless, his brother’s reaction left him speechless.

“That’s very admirable. I’ll follow him for the rest of my life.”

“Brothers, go ahead and take a thousand spirit stones, use it for whatever you want.” Lin Fan said generously.

Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu almost thought to kiss Lin Fan’s feet at that moment.

They made a resolve to always stick with Lin Fan from that moment onwards.

A dissonant voice was heard.

“Lin Fan, what do you think Mysterious Sword Peak is? Is this your peak, or mine?” From afar, Meng Qingyao walked with a cold face, unwilling to recall what happened yesterday, she considered it never happened at all.



Yang Gang and Chen Zhiyu greeted their elder sister respectfully.

Meng Qingyao glanced at the two of them and snorted, meaning she was really angry at that moment.

Lin Fan, “Come on, I’m just borrowing this venue for a while. But yesterday you were quite assertive, don’t you know that you…”

“Shut up.” Meng Qingyao yelled angrily, glaring at Lin Fan as if desperately trying to shut Lin Fan’s mouth.

Xi Xi pulled Lin Fan’s sleeves while shaking her head, in her heart, she was shouting, “Don’t say it, junior brother, don’t say it, elder sister will be furious if you do.”

“Huft…” Lin Fan sighed again it was another woman who could not face reality.

“Sister, I have just auctioned an artifact and made a fortune. I will give you two thousand spirit stones, just use it however you want.”

Lin Fan gave Xi Xi two thousand spirit stones, Yang Gang looked very envious as a result.

“Brother, what is this unfair treatment?” Chen Zhiyu said.

Lin Fan glanced, “Senior brother, you are so fat, you don’t need more spirit stones, if I give you more, you will gain weight for sure.”

Xi Xi froze.

Was that the moment she had to kiss Lin Fan’s ass?

Meng Qingyao stood still, she was so irritated.

She felt that she shouldn’t have come here in the first place

Lin Fan noticed that Meng Qingyao was looking at him in disbelief

Lin Fan gave a share of his spirit stones to Yang Gang, Chen Zhiyu, even Xi Xi who has just arrived, he deliberately didn’t offer Meng Qingyao any..

“Brother, did you just make a fortune?” Xi Xi finally responded and asked urgently.

Lin Fan said, “I sold a middle-grade artifact and earned 250,000 spirit stones. I don’t know how to spend these spirit stones, how troublesome indeed. But if you run out of spirit stones, feel free to take some, I have a lot here.”

Meng Qingyao felt out of place as if she was an outsider.

She came here to teach Lin Fan a lesson. But at that moment, she didn’t even want to think about it, she just wanted to leave that place as soon as possible.

“Lin Fan, I hope this is the first and last time. Mysterious Sword Peak doesn’t belong to you. If I ever hear you do something like this again, I will report this to the elder.” Meng Qingyao left in a hurry.

Lin Fan said as he looked at her back, “Look at her leaving, did she feel out of place because she couldn’t fit in and then felt a sense of inferiority?”

Chen Zhiyu stood beside Lin Fan and looked up, “Well, it’s possible. Elder Sister has always been aloof for as long as I can remember and she may be jealous seeing how close we are.”

Yang Gang looked at everyone else and said, “Maybe we should count elder sister in, or at least acquaint with her more often.”

“Ok.” Except for Lin Fan, everyone else nodded silently.

Sky Peak.

Ye Zhen placed Demon Slaying Sword on the table and stared at the artifact intently.

“You traitor, I waste 250,000 spirit stones on you just for the sake of my reputation.” He said hoarsely.

He was having a hard time to accept the reality

Demon Slaying Sword suddenly shook slightly.

“What are you shaking for? Do you think that will let you get off easily? You really disappoint me.”

Maybe Ye Zhentian was seriously “damaged” by Lin Fan.

Artifacts had souls. Although they had no intelligence and lied dormant, they could feel the human’s emotion. The slight shaking just now may not be because of fear, but because the Demon Slaying Sword couldn’t comprehend what Ye Zhentian was saying.

A figure then suddenly showed up in front of Ye Zhentian.

“Brother Ye.”

Ye Zhentian raised his head vehemently, his eyes were looking fiercely at that figure, “Ye Dong, what are you doing here?”

“Brother Ye, please save your anger for someone else. I’m here to console you and to tell you something important.” Ye Dong’s expression was so irritated that he couldn’t figure out the Ye Dong’s intention.

What was he trying to do this time? Ye Dong sure didn’t get tired of being foxy all the time.

Ye Zhentian smiled disdainfully, “Console? Aren’t you here to make fun of me?”

“No, no. You jumped too quickly to the conclusion.” Ye Dong exclaimed, “Yesterday Lin Fan came to my East Peak, I want to tell him that Brother Ye is a good and inspiring man.”

“But not only did he not listen to me, but he also decided to strip you off from the ownership of your spirit vein.”

“He told me that he knew that you have been recruiting disciples from the nearby small sects to mine the spirit vein you discovered, so he wanted to complain to Disciplinary Elder saying that you abused Taiwu Sect’s prestige to force the nearby small sect to submit to your order.”

“Normally, this kind of thing is Immortal Gate’s unspoken rule, but if he was the one reporting, the Disciplinary Elder would take it seriously for sure.”

“Brother, don’t let your guard down.” Ye Dong said that as if Ye Zhentian was his close friend who was about to be framed, so he felt like he could sympathize with him and told him.

F*ck your sister!

Ye Zhentian wanted to say that, But he held back.

“Really? Thank you for telling me brother“. Ye Zhentian calmed down and wanted to have a good chat with Yedong at first.

But he remembered that Nangong Jin once told him that Ye Dong was foxy and deceitful.

“If that’s all, feel free to leave.”

Although he heated that traitor with his guts, at least he got a good eye in assessing someone’s nature.

Ye Dong came to see the other party driving away guests, he had something to say, he didn’t know how to speak, he could only leave.

He had one thing on his mind.

Was his performance not good enough?

Or was it too obvious, and Ye Zhentian easily saw through him as a result?

Whether Ye Zhentian saw through him or not, he has achieved almost all objective with his visit just now. Let it sink in Ye Zhentian’s heart, and he’ll eventually figure it out.

Inside the house.

Ye Zhentian wanted to break his Demon Slaying Sword to vent his anger.

But when he thought about it… he changed his mind and put it away.

Ye Dong’s reminder really concerned him.

Thinking of how insidious Lin Fan was, what Ye dong said was really plausible.

If Lin Fan reported him, he would indeed be in trouble.

Although it was just an unspoken rules, if someone brought this matter to light, will people just ignore it?

If it was just a random disciple who reported this issue, they would be probably ignored.

But Lin Fan was another story, and he has even gone this far to pick a fight with him, clearly Lin Fan will jump at any chance he got to humiliate him.

Ye Zhentian thought about it carefully, and he realized that things have gone into an unexpected turn.

He was caught off guard, and it’s going to be troublesome.

He then remembered Feng Sihai who hasn’t returned, he wondered where that guy was.

He never thought that Feng Sihai was already dead by Lin Fan’s hand.

Inside the house.

Lin Fan wondered about one thing. He really wanted to get out and go for a walk.

He has been staying in Taiwu Sect for quite a while, yet he barely made any progress in terms of his own strength.

In his opinion, if he told the old hag that he wanted to return to his hometown for a bit, she will definitely be asked someone to be Lin Fan’s bodyguard. While it might sound luxurious, but that will restrict his freedom.

So, he decided to leave later at night all by himself, with the Sacred Beast Robe on him, no one will be able to harm him.

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