Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 14 Instinct


“Chase them!”

Wang Bao shouted and chased those demons who ran away.

He found that something was wrong, and he looked back. Everyone stood there, didn’t move, and looked at him as if he was a retard.

“Yeah, I know…” Wang Bao felt like a peerless master who was going to fight the demons with his life on the line.

If the tiger demon and the wolf demon knew a weakling was chasing them, maybe they would return and took Wang Bao with them.

“Good evening meals.” They would say.

Captain Zhao breathed a sigh of relief, and he was seriously injured, causing him to faint.

“Captain Zhao, hang on.” Lin Fan carried Captain Zhao, “Let’s go back!”

They didn’t have time to waste.

If several demons showed up now while they were in a bad state, they would be killed for sure.

And all of his underlings behind him were already exhausted because of the battle with demons.

“Let’s use a different route, don’t take the usual route.” Lin Fan thought for a while, and he felt it would be dangerous if they chose to head back with the usual route.

The underlings nodded with full of respect to him now.

Jiangdu City.

When he reached Jiangdu City territory, he felt so relieved.

His underlings smiled, that was a journey with their life as a stake.

Hunter Guild.

Wang Zhou talked to Li Zhiyong and others about the incident with the fox demon. The demon was vengeful. Even if Chen Zhong was dead, the demon wouldn’t stop seeking for revenge.

“The black fox demon is close to the transformation, and we need to report it to the higher-ups, asking the higher-ups to send a backup to guard Jiangdu City, if the black fox demon is fully transformed no one can stop it.” Wang Zhou said.

Li Zhiyong said, “I didn’t expect Chen Zhong will cause such big trouble for Jiangdu City.”

“We don’t need a backup. It should take years for that demon to fully transformed. Unless it uses some treasure to speed up its cultivation. Where can that demon find such a thing?” Said Liu Ru.

“We better prepare for the worst. Sometimes things will end up beyond our expectations. The only thing I worry about is the power behind the black fox demon.” Wang Zhou worried.

Everyone was silent.

What Wang Zhou said was reasonable. Demons might also have their own pack as humans do. The black fox demon was not a mere demon. It was not like any ordinary wild demon.

If the black fox demon looked for help.

It may cause so much trouble.

At that time.

Some of his underlings reported, “Reporting, Captain Zhao and leader team Lin Fan returned. Captain Zhao was seriously injured, unconscious, and now he is under treatment.”

“What?” Wang Zhou was shocked, suddenly stood up, and hurried to see them.

Li Zhiyong and everyone looked at each other. They naturally knew what happened to the caravan, but just by looking at the current situation, it seems like things didn’t go too well.

Inside the Clinic.

“Gently, gently.” Lin Fan talked to the doctor, who gave him a treatment.

“I know you have spiritual power. But still, you must pay attention to the wounds you might get in a fight. Fortunately, you are really tough, tougher than ordinary people. Any average people who suffer this kind of injury would have lost an organ or two, but you don’t have serious injury.” The doctor said.

When the doctor gave him medicine, his finger slipped on Lin Fan’s mouth intentionally.

Lin Fan wanted to kick the doctor right away.

Was that doctor gay?

Wang Bao proudly said, “That’s natural. Our leader is not an ordinary person. If you see it for yourself, I assure you that you will be scared.”

The doctor was the official doctor of the government.

Naturally, he knew demons really existed.

He already treated countless people who fought against the demon.

At that time.

“Lin Fan, how’s your condition?”

Wang Zhou came in and then glanced at the doctor.

“Nothing serious.” Lin Fan said.

The doctor said, “Team leader Lin’s injury is not serious. Just take some medicine, and he will recover after a few days of rest.”

“Master, I want to report something to you.” Lin Fan said.

The doctor packed his things and then left.

Wang Zhou watched the doctor left and closed the door. “What the hell happened?”

“We fought five demons.” Lin Fan said.

Wang Zhou’s heart trembled, but he did not expect that the demons were the culprit. There was a high possibility that humans involved.

He realized that it was not an easy task to come home in one piece after facing such enemies.

“Master, I feel there is something off about Dr. Sun, you must interrogate him.” Lin Fan said.

“Well, I’ll send someone for interrogation at a later time.” Wang Zhou sad, Dr. Sun didn’t know Lin Fan, and the others had a suspicion toward him.

“Master, when I fight against the demon, I found that the rabbit demon was like a pet when it saw a carrot. What comes to your mind?” Lin Fan asked.

In Lin Fan’s opinion, the rabbit demon was a pet, even if it became a demon, its nature might still remain.

“Is that true?” Wang Zhou said, “Maybe only its nature, just like humans, some die for money and some die for beauty.”

“But not all demons are like that one. With good luck, you may encounter demons that have that kind of nature, but many demons will not have these natures.”

Lin Fan nodded, maybe Wang Zhou was right.

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