Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 140



It was a quiet night in Greatest Martial Sect.

During his time at the Greatest Martial Sect, he was kind of arrogant, but he was not actually an arrogant guy.


Never mind.

Those were not important.

Lin Fan grasped how strong he currently was with his metal spirit root.

The only thing he could do at this moment was accumulating qi and more talents.

Now that he had Sacred Beast Robe in his disposal, he should be safe even in the Immortal World, if he kept picking a fight with the Greatest Martial Sect’s core disciple, they will be backed into a corner, so he decided to give them some time.

His actions in Greatest Martial Sect must’ve left an impression in the hearts of those disciples.

He could bet that Ye Zhentian won’t forget him in another 300 years, considering what he had done.

The next morning.

Chen Zhiyu looked for Lin Fan as usual.

There was no response, even though he knocked on the door for quite a while.

He finally decided to push the door open in, and it was empty.

There was a letter on the table. When he opened it, he shouted in grief, “Brother Lin left…”

Lin Fan has been running at full speed since last night, he was long gone.

It should be impossible for them to find him.

In a small shack in the wood.

“Phew! Now that I’m this far, they shouldn’t be able to find me that easily.”

Lin Fan took out a map, which he had procured last night, the map marked the dangerous and secret places in the Immortal Realm.

Based on years of his experience, he believed selecting which route to take will influence how fast he’ll arrive. If he chose the right one, he would arrive in no time. If he didn’t, he might be delayed.

He took out his pen and circled some dangerous places.

Those were the places that were too close to Greatest Martial Sect. There must be many disciples practicing around there. There were more people who recognized him than those who didn’t at this point, some people might be able to recognize him at first glance.

He must lay low.

“The closest path to take without taking any detour from here is only Jade Mountain.”

He picked his route, Jade Mountain.

This place was not a secret realm, but there were demons here and there.

The demons in that place somehow acted coordinatively, they will lurk in the dark, waiting for the prey and ambushed them, yet he still decided to go there.

Lin Fan put back the map, and the head iron generally rushed towards Jade Mountain.

After a while.

Jade Mountain.

“I’m finally here.”

Lin Fan looked at the big mountain in front of him and walked straight to the entrance.

There were many ancient trees outside, it looked very spooky.

But as an immortal cultivator, nothing will scare him, for he was invincible and courageous, that was how he tried to convince himself that he was not afraid.

“Let’s see what this mountain had to offer.”

Lin Fan was cautious. But he kind of loved this thrill of adventure, it won’t be possible if he was with a bodyguard that his mother assigned for him.

He observed the ground, if there really was a demon there, it will inevitably leave some footprints, all he needed to do was follow the footprints to find the demon.

He believed that as long as he kept his eyes peeled, he’ll find some sort of clue.

After a few hours.

“Fuck! How can this be?”

He was astonished, he stared at the ground, he has been looking for a while, and he didn’t even find a wild boar’s footprint.

He figured that there might be something wrong with his method.

Lin Fan then pretended to be scared of the demons and walked around shiveringly.

“Demon, are you there.”

“Demon, I don’t want to live anymore, can you just kill me?”

He shouted in such a simple and clear manner

“You can come out, you know.”

“I know that I am not alone here.”

“Hmm, something smells good is nearby.”

Lin Fan smelled the scent of a barbecue, and instantly his eyes lit up as if he found some sort of treasure

He immediately ran as fast as he could to the source of the smell.

He arrived at the scene and saw a campfire on the ground with an unextinguished fire and scattered chicken feathers around it.

“There is a guy roasting chicken here, and it hasn’t been that long.”

He then observed the surroundings and looked for any traces left.

No matter who it was, as long as it was not human, he’ll beat it to death for sure.

He hasn’t obtained any dropped item for quite a while.


A shadow that has been lurking in the dark jumped into Lin Fan’s blind spot.

That was a weasel demon.

Seeing that Lin Fan hasn’t realized that it was behind him yet, the demon smiled, thinking that man’s head was as good as gone.

“Seems like I can have a proper meal tonight.” He muttered as it swung its sharp claws.

The weasel demon’s pupils dilated as if the time around him seemed to slow down. He saw his claws were shattered into pieces.

The weasel demon jumped back, just now, he felt that his claws seemed to collide with something absurdly hard, and at the same time an invisible air pressure shattered his claws.

Lin Fan turned back in confusion and saw the weasel demon was behind him with his shattered claws.

“What are you doing?”

When he saw that demon, he suddenly became ecstatic.

He took a closer look.

[Weasel Demon: Foundation Immortal Stage.] [Possible item drop: Earth Spirit Root Fragments, 105 Qi, and smelly fart.]

The weasel demon was desperate.

“My claw! How can my beautiful, smooth claws break? Oh, my God. Who the hell is this guy? Don’t tell me he was wearing an artifact?”

“Finally, after hours of looking, there’s a demon coming out to greet me. Although you’re not that strong, to be honest, I respect that courage of yours at the very least.”

After seeing the demon, Lin Fan was relieved.

Meanwhile, the weasel demon was trying to find an opportunity to escape.

It knew that it was no match for Lin Fan.

Then all of a sudden, the weasel demon ran as fast as it could.

“As I expected.”

Lin Fan had long known that there were demons lurking in there, but he pretended like he didn’t know where they were to bait them out.

If he killed that demon in one hit, he would only get a small amount of items, and that would be it.

But if he could scare the demon to the point where it will run and lead Lin Fan to its hideout, Lin Fan will be able to get more items.

The fleeing weasel demon was dispirited.

Its claws were its best weapon, and now it was broken.

But the human behind it didn’t use the moment where its claw was shattered earlier, so used that chance to run away.

It didn’t take long.

The fleeing weasel demon shouted, “Help, help me!”

Hearing this distress signal, a sizzling sound was echoed in the cave, and dozens of weasel demons rushed out to the rescue in unbelievable speed.

These weasel demons transformed into humans, but they couldn’t perfectly be transformed into humans, some part of their bodies were still of a demon weasel, like their ears and tails.

When Lin Fan saw those weasel demons, his eyes were sparkling.

“It won’t be easy.”

“Human! What are you doing here?” A big man with yellow hair asked coldly.

He had a pointy mouth, not because he couldn’t perfectly transform his body, but because he felt that humans were so ugly, so he kept some of his weasel characteristics.

Lin Fan, “Interesting, that demon over there failed to kill me. And you asked me what I was doing? Of course, I’m here to return the favor.”

The weasel demon shouted and said, “Brother, I was just eating a chicken out there, minding my own business. But then he attacked me out of nowhere. Just look at my beautiful claw.”

“Liar!” Lin Fan didn’t expect that demon would brazenly lie through its teeth so casually.

But before Lin Fan could say anything.

The weasel demons already rushed towards Lin Fan.

“Take him down.”

They were really fast. That was for sure, not to mention since there were a bunch of them, it looks really chaotic.

Lin Fan stood there calmly.



Some weasel demons that attacked him became the example for their comrades, they were blown away, some even spat out blood afterward.

On the other hand, Lin Fan was calm and relaxed, he didn’t even move.

“The human is wearing an artifact, don’t engage in close combat.” Huang Fa Dahan yelled, he took a deep breath then aimed his hip at Lin Fan, a thick yellow smoke instantly came out of its body, enveloping Lin Fan.

“Ah! It smells so bad.”


“What’s with this smell?”

A miserable cry was heard from the yellow smoke.

Not Long after, the yellow smoke dissipated.

Except for the weasel demon who just farted, the rest of them fainted on the ground, foaming at their mouths, their eyes turned white.

What are these demons even doing?

They were trying to poison Lin Fan, and yet they were the ones who got poisoned.

Lin Fan was dumbfounded when he looked at what happened around him.

He never experiences anything like this. He didn’t do anything at all, he didn’t even move from beginning to end.

“Don’t look at me with those eyes, your comrade is the culprit, I didn’t even do a thing.” Lin Fan gave a thumbs up and praised them.

“Well then, let me do you a favor and make it a painless death.”

With this, not a single demon in that place will be able to escape him.

According to his system, those demons’ cultivation was not really high, even the strongest was at Destiny Immortal Stage.

Provided a small amount of luck.

He could get more qi to break through into Trinity Immortal Stage.

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