Inadvertently Invincible

Inadvertently Invincible Chapter 142


Wu Ji was a talkative person who liked adventure, for example figuring out the secret of a demon lair. Even if his body was not in a state that allowed him to do so, he couldn’t stop being attracted to something that smelled adventurous.

“Fellow cultivator wait a moment, I have an epiphany.” Lin Fan interrupted Wu Ji’s sentence, he actually wanted to leave as soon as he could after saving Wu Ji and checked what items he just got, he didn’t expect that Wu Ji would stop him, Lin Fan who didn’t want to waste his time on Wu Ji’s nonsense quickly checked his inventory.

Here is the most interesting dropped item.

[Obtained the Earth Spirit Root Fragment. 】

[Obtained Thunder Spirit Root. 】

He was surprised by what he saw. He knew that the most common spirit root was metal, wood, fire, water and earth. He has never seen a spirit root of that element. It seems that there was one exceptional demon among the herd of demons he killed earlier, too bad it died at Lin Fan’s hand.

[Obtained 102 qi. 】

[Obtained Mystic Art: Smelly Fart (Pseudo-Gold)]. 】

[Obtained the Immortal Method: The Real Mantra 】

[Obtained the Golden Spirit Root Fragment. 】

[Obtained 80 years worth of qi. 】

More than a dozen of weasel demons dropped these kinds of items, it seemed most of them didn’t drop any useful item in particular, even some demons did not drop anything at all.

With this, Lin Fan had a total 884 years of qi, he was on the verge of broke through.

[Smelly Fart (Pseudo-Golden Level): The weasel demon’s mystic art, spraying a strong poison, paralyzing those who inhale it. Had destructive qi. 】

[Weasel Demon’s cultivation method. 】

Lin Fan frowned when he saw that mystic art, when he read through the description, he felt like there was something wrong, but he didn’t know what it was.

A mystic art which allowed him to fart anytime he wanted, imagine what would happen to his ass when he used this mystic art continuously.


Lin Linfan felt the change in his Dantian. His immortal seed emitted pure light and slowly grew into a flower with petals.

Lin Fan finally broke through to the Trinity Immortal Stage. This petal symbolizes qi.There were three steps in Trinity Immortal Stage. Integration of body and qi, integration of heart and qi, and integration of consciousness and qi.

Some people may be stuck for several years in these three steps. And currently Lin Fan has succesfully cleared the first step.

It was not that Lin Fan couldn’t integrate his body to his qi prior to this, he definitely could, but as of that moment he has mastered it.

Wu Ji saw Lin Fan have been closing his eyes and meditating for a while, he was curious what was Lin Fan doing, but when he saw the immortal seed bloomed into a beautiful flower, he was dazed.

He was surprised that Lin Fan could break through in a place like this

Moreover, he noticed that Lin Fan’s qi was very dense. As the immortal seed bloomed, the atmosphere around them suddenly changed, rocks were slowly lifted in the air, an amazing scene indeed.

Break through needed a bunch of preparation, but Lin Fan easily did it, not to mention in a random place like this too.

“Fellow cultivator Wu, go ahead, what were you about to say earlier?” Lin Fan said.

Wu Ji who was surprised almost said “did you breakthrough? Just like that??” It’s only a little time have been passed, but because of his adventurous nature he decided to stay calm and pretended that he was not interested, he then got up and approached a stone bed beside the wall.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, when I was detained here, although i was really scared, but i remembered clearly everything that happened around me. When that old lady slept, a really weird thing always happens. First i’ll hear some sort of sound, followed by a dark energy coming out of the ground below the stone bed as if helping the old lady to cultivate.”

“Based on that, i believe there must be something suspicious here.”

Wu Ji approached the stone bed and started looking left and right while investigating the stone bed in hope of finding something.

Outstanding people really was attracted to one another. Lin Fan was thinking how calm and level-headed Wu Ji was, even after going through such a scary experience, he still fully grasped the situation around him, most people would’ve lost their composure and screamed.

Not long after.

“I found it.” Wu Ji suddenly said.

Lin Fan approached him to check. Under the stone bed there was a beast skin with complicated drawing on it. Anyway, he could not understand it at all.

“Well, this is a twelve-day reversal array, a very powerful array.” Wu Ji said it was a powerful array, and then added: “However, this level of array is no match for me, i can destroy this easily, and we’ll be able to witness what those demons were hiding.”

Lin Linfan stared at Wu Ji, he saw him in a new light, he was quite strong and versatile yet he wasn’t arrogant.

Lin Fan touched his chin, pretending to understand what Wu Ji said, and nodded frequently, “So that’s how it is, interesting.”

“Fellow cultivator Lin, i’ll destroy this array at once.” Wu Ji stuck his fingers on the array.

Meanwhile, Lin Linfan was wondering how Wu Ji felt when that old lady bit off his manhood.

But he looked so serious at that moment, so Lin Fan couldn’t bring himself to ask that question.


Wu Ji shouted and light shone between his fingers, bursting out destructive force and destroyed twelve-day reversal array.


The stone bed cracked showing a dark hole, and suddenly dark gale surged out of that dark hole.

Wu Ji’s expression changed, he immediately shrouded his whole body with qi to protect himself from the dark gale.

Meanwhile Lin Fan didn’t move or do anything at all. With Sacred Beast Robe, that dark gale was nothing but refreshing wind.

“This demon spirit is quite troublesome.” Wu Ji suddenly worried. “Fellow cultivator Lin, that place might be dangerous. We should refrain from going in.”

“I think so.” Lin Fan said.

Wu Ji felt there was something off with Lin Fan’s tone when he said that

Wu Ji asked: “Where are you planning to go next fellow cultivator Lin?”

“I’m just going to check things up around here, Fellow cultivator Wu can leave first.” Lin Fan smiled a little.

Wu Ji hesitated for a moment and said, “Fellow cultivator Lin, i know you’ll go alone inside after I leave because you don’t want to involve me in such a dangerous situation, but I must accompany you. You’ve saved my life. Let’s go together, we don’t know how dangerous this place, two is better than one after all.”

The two looked at each other, as if knowing what was in their mind?

He wanted to take it all for himself.

He wanted to take it all for himself.

The more dangerous the place, the more likely there’ll be treasures there.

Based on the current situation, Lin Fan started to understand what kind of person Wu Ji was. He may look honest, but he was actually very cunning.

“Fellow cultivator Lin, let’s go in.” Wu Ji didn’t say much, he jumped inside the dark hole after enveloping his whole body with protection qi.

Lin Fan was fearless, he had a Sacred Beast Robe, who could harm him? Two streams of light glittered in the dark passage.

Lin Fan guessed that there was a treasure waiting at the end of this hole. Lin Fan hoped there better be better some demons in there.

Lin Fan didn’t care if he encountered a strong demon or a weak one later inside. As long as he could encounter some demons, nothing else mattered.

Not long after, they saw a glimmer of light below, indicating they’ll land soon.

It didn’t take long. “Aaaaa!”Wu Ji screamed while holding his feet. It turned out that there were a bunch of small stones where she landed, hurting his feet in the process.

Lin Fan then snapped “Fellow cultivator Wu, can you stay focused? We are in an unfamiliar place now, stop doing something stupid.”

“I’m really sorry, I will be careful from now on.” Wu Ji was embarrassed. This was the first time he was exploring an unknown place with someone else. He has always wanted to prove himself, but he never thought that he would humiliate himself like this.

Lin Fan felt something strange on his feet, his feet were sticky and he felt very uncomfortable, so he looked down.

He almost puked. he thought the it was mud that he stepped on, but when he looked closely, turns out, he was stepping on flesh and blood, even hair was mixed with it.

And it was not just under his feet, it was scattered all over the place.

Wu Ji suddenly got cold feet the moment he realized it, “Fellow cultivator Lin, it’s not too late to turn back you know”

He actually wanted to leave that place as soon as possible, but his pride got in his way. If he showed any sign of weakness, not only his own, but his sect’s reputation will also be at stake.

“Fellow cultivator Wu was right, you better leave as soon as possible. You may die if you stay here any longer.”

“And i know that you’re going to act tough so let me finish before you say anything.”

“Your face is pale, your yin and yang is not in balance, it’s too obvious that you’re scared so don’t even bother to lie.”

Wu Ji was stunned as he listened to Lin Fan.

“As expected of Fellow cultivator Lin, you noticed it, huh?”

Lin fan then said calmly: “I may be not that knowledgable, but my eyes never disappoint me. I believe that Fellow cultivator Wu will achieve greatness in the future, I don’t want you to die here.”

Wu Ji was flustered, he looked at the endless road of flesh and blood, and then looked at Lin Fan, and finally he said in lower tone.

“I’m leaving now.”

He was really scared at that moment, although nothing happened yet, the atmosphere in that place was really menacing.

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